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I got a phone call last night

It was one of those delayed response to hello marketing calls. The young sounding man immediately went to reading quickly from his prepared script. I listen for about 2 sentences worth of his hurried pitch about some tea party organization and conservatives taking control in D.C. when I stopped him in his tracks.

Interrupting him, I said in a firm voice, "Do you know when the Teaparty was started?"

After a pause of about 5 seconds he answered, "No," rather timidly.

I responded again very firmly, "December 16th, 2007 by a group of Ron Paul supporters re-inacting the original Boston Tea Party. I'm a Ron Paul supporter. Nobody but Ron Paul! GOT IT?!"


Let me tell you folks. It felt good to proclaim that and maybe just maybe thru educating this young man a little he'll take the time to look it up and learn about the R3volution.

I'm an opinionated SOB that will always take a moment to educate the ignorant or apathetic.

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He's prolly apolitical

And just there for the paycheck. Come on. You lost a chance to educate. Hit the gong bell on this thread. LOSE.

(he'll remember that and hate RP for it) jeebus.

Keepin' it real.

Um...Hate to bust your

Um...Hate to bust your bubble.. But I was going to TEA party protests several years before I had even heard of Ron Paul -- and I became an avid follower in Summer of 2007.

TEA parties actually happened for several years prior EVERY April tax day. Many of us should remember the stories on the news of people protesting at the post office on tax day. They were trying to educate people. At the time, TEA, stood for Taxed Enough Already.

Ron Paul co-opted the 'tea party' movement when a bunch of his supporters all got together to have another 'Boston tea party' where they symbolically dropped tea in the Boston harbor.

Here are some links to validate my claims:

Hey Guess What

We're all in this together now. I started out in the TEA Party movement in 2008. Didn't know a thing about Ron Paul. Thought he was crazy because Fox and NBC told me so. Since then I've learned so much, and guess what -- it was YOU GUYS who taught it to me!

We are all under a lot of stress right now. I'm actually fearing for the safety of my comrades in Tampa (can't make it for P.A.U.L. Festival), and most of us are in the dark about what will go on, presumably due to the secrecy of the situation. We do still need to focus, however, on working together. There were "seeds" of our movement and/or the TEA Party movement years and years ago. But here we are now.

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Bust away Adam

These are all april 15th protests references. And They go back many years. Thats is not what I'm talking about. The so called TEAPARTY which rose to fame recently as a so called political force is what I'm talking about and is what that telemarketing guy was referring to. The event which gave it life was the Dec 16 2007. A staged event by DR Paul supporters ...FACT!
I guess you or the next blogger is going to say they were involved with the original Boston Tea Party in 1773. The point of the original blog(co-opted movement by Neo-Cons and other being uninformed ) was lost when the debate started and everyone wants to lay claim to be against taxes long before dec 16 2007.. WTF people...
Hey I don't like being unfairly taxed anymore than the next person, but I'm not claiming to have started or being involved in April 15th tax protests.
Oh I'm sorry Adam. You are actually the first man...How's Eve doin? haha


really Dec 16th 2008 (really like November after the elections) and Dpers, disenfranchised old world dems, a group of Palin supporters called team palin all banded together whether you realize it or not and held rally's in cities with only about 100 people in attendance each across the nation..... It's documented and it wasn't Paul supporters idea anyway. Hate to burst your bubble.

Why those 3 unlikely groups? Because no one was listening and we all needed to come together regardless. The disenfranchised felt they needed to teach the Rpers and the TPers how to fight.. They first used real Tea bags but nixed it cause the cities complained that they were polluting so they sent the tea bags to congresss peeps in the mail. There is a whole long story to it and the rules were in place but once Bachmann was allowed to join it became infiltrated.....It was taken over by the neo-cons via the press and their meme that it was a Republican group when it was not.....

But hey......it's old news...move on

Keepin' it real.

It's archived

and there are pictures of it for proof even of the t bags sent to congress peeps.

Keepin' it real.

Negative..you are so wrong : Go look at the Videos Troll

The Tea Party as it has been co-opted today was started by Ron Paul Supporters on Dec 16th, 2007 on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.
It wasn't per say by designed to set of a "Tea Party" branch, coalition, or anything else other than REPEAT what the Ron-Paul-Supporters had invented as the MONEYBOMB to raise money for Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

This was to repeat the success of the first ever MONEYBOMB which was on NOV 5th, 2007, based on the Gun Powder Treason movie "V for Vendetta" which raised 4.3 million dollars online on a single day(the month before).

Following the success, and the media coverage, a new date was picked which was the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. This happened simultaneously through out the country. I know this because i was there, even the local bar that we gathered created the Ron Paul Drink.

Sure enough, the media at first ridiculed and made fun of kooky people etc, but when they found that people were not buying it, started giving the credit to Palin and made her the figure head of the Tea Party.

By its very nature the Tea Party did not even have a leader, as though a day would have a figure head. But the media wanted to disenfranchise Ron Paul's success and people flocking to him. So they co-opted and started labeling it the Tea Party movement and gave credit to Palin. So more and more people started flocking to Palin. She was invited to give speeches & interviews - often introduced as the darling of the Tea Party and never clarified the truth but continued to skewer the efforts of the people bringing grievances about their government.
As you can continue to see, she continues to do so through her support to defeat actual grassroots Constitutional candidates. So long as they give her time on air, she is willing to run her mouth. She could have very easily made a difference in this election with regards to the true "Tea Party" support by supporting Ron Paul, but she didn't - EVER! Even in south carolina, she said something to the effect that "she does like to tell people who to vote for but if it was me, I would support Newt" She is a look-at-me scumbag.

How quickly was the movement

How quickly was the movement co-opted?

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

On a Friday morning on National News ...

A spokesperson for "Occupy" stated (to their absolute horror) "We have common ground with the Tea Party". Amazingly the next day Homeland Security shut down Occupy in a coordinated sweep across 17 cities. The enemy is American people united.

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About five minutes

The takeover popped out of Sara Palin's cleavage very quickly

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Ha... so true.

: )


It Started Before That

Of course, the Libertarians held Tea Parties every April 15th for years, before that. It would not surprise me if there were others who did the same over the past 200 plus years. It certainly catches the imagination.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Technicalities... but when did the brush fires start to rage

It caught on with the 2008 Paul campaign. It continues to rage on and it will continue after this election if we stay focused . You want to splinter off and vote Romney? how about Johnson?. No this cause ;the cause of LIBERTY is Dr Pauls cause.It's the cause that I fight for.
This nomination process is not about Johnson bailing out and becoming a Libertarian, just like it's not about pulling a Santorum and taking one for the team and vote for Romney or is it against Obama. NO! It's about a movement which drafted a man to be it's leader. I'll cast my vote for that man, that leader. Thank you all the same.

Wanna know why I'm so Pissed

Go over and read Doug Weads blog. nuff said!

Wug Deads

blog has been hijacked by co in tel pros

Keepin' it real.

Wanna know why I'm so Pissed

Go over and read Doug Weads blog. nuff said!

Why not at least talk to him?

Why not at least talk to him? The kid was obviously nervous about calling random people. You had a chance to inform him and it seems like he would have listened.

I'm all for sticking it to the man, but you have the realize that the powers that be will never hear about your response. All you did was act rude to some poor kid probably trying to pay off his student loans.

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Wouldn't it have been better

to have a discussion with him rather than hanging up on him?

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

No I don't think so

Making a point , making it clearly to someone who interupted me at my house at 9:30 at night is exactly what I should have and did do!
People who proclaim to be "teaparty" people or who hire on to a telemarketing firm who was contracted out by the RNC or some PAC in order to co-opt Ideals and spew a pre-written script without knowing of what they are selling is not teaparty.
I told him like I tell everybody. Nobody but Paul! You mister solomon might have chosen to listen to his entire pre scripted line of crap and entered into a discussion but I for one am fed up with the daily Romney Mail, emails and phone calls from Team Romney/RNC wanting me to contribute. I maxed out my contributions to Dr Pauls campaign and they slapped me and you in the face by their cheating , shenanigans and fraud. No I won't reward them or debate them in my pajamas Mr solomon. see ya in Tampa

I happen to like my Tea party

While we don't agree on everything, there are things we do agree on, like Constitutional Sheriffs, which my sheriff is one, and the Tea Party hosts fundraisers and events for the Constitutional Sheriffs. They have sign waves at the court house where they pass out the Constitution and work to educate people on the Constitution.

The guys from WWII have a problem with Ron Paul's foreign policy. I tell them, "Do you know where Ron Paul got his foreign policy?" They say "No", so I tell them, Ron Paul's foreign policy is Thomas Jeffersons. That shuts them up.

So, I find we have a lot in common, and it's better to build bridges with what we agree on than what we don't.

Also, before Ron Paul rEVOLution had their tea party, I used to attend The Sons of Livberty and Redman's society tea parties on the Noyo River, where after flues and drums, and speaches about the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we through crates marked "King George" into the Noyo shouting "Down with King George", whihc felt great when Bush was in office.

I know someone who is...

...a regular in a Michigan Tea Party and a Paul supporter. How are Paul supporters supposed to change the minds of neo-cons if they're not in the middle of them? It works! Kudos to you!=)

Most "Teaparty Groups"

Have been co-opted by Neo-con Johnny come lately's.
Does Dana Loesh and Dick Armey ring a bell.... People that want to be relevant or want to try and stay relevant. If you listen to what they say You'll see that they don't have a true teaparty bone in their bodies.
I hope your group isn't one of those that have been singing the praises of Paul " I can balance that budget in 30 years" Ryan.
Ya see?


People are still people, and Armery is an easy one to knock out of the ballpark as he never fought a war: "Why are you allowing someone represent you who wouldn't stand with you and join the service?" I ask them.

Instead of avoiding, the trick is to get in there and make your case. Sure, first they are reluctant, but eventually, they respect your determination and then then wind up agreeing with you.

They are grassroots, and by this time, we Ron Paul Republicans/supporters, are the best in that department, so offer up ideas... "Hey, let's buy some tea and relable it with our facebook page for the table when we have events!"

Wow good idea Granger.. well, I may not agree with Granger but at least she's trying...

They wind up coming around... maybe not 100%, but they also stop fighting you and start listening, now they tell me, they really like Ron Paul and it's too bad he can't win. So I say, "What do you mean he can't win? He is winning, you just keep listening to the same phoneys that never went to war but never saw a war they didn't love."

That young man

dont give a darn about anything except getting a Federal reserve Fiat COMPOUNDING USURY NOTE. As long as the majority of people see life through a debt note and believe with out that false debt note they will die there will always be plenty around to do any type of imorality.

The truth is everything that you can purchase came from a free natural resource. Its time to stop buying at the company store, it only increases you debt and makes you into a huge debt slave.




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