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Video Update: Lew Rockwell on Alex Jones 8-14-12

Lew comes on around 2:11


The interview will occur in the third hour of the Alex Jones program. Hopefully, Lew will provide some more information about Tampa.

"On the Tuesday, August 14 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with political commentator, activist, proponent of the Austrian School of economics, and chairman and CEO of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Lew Rockwell. Rockwell served as Ron Paul's congressional chief of staff from 1978 to 1982."


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Here is the whole today's show. Lew Rockwell interview starts at 2:11.


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Could someone please explain

Could someone please explain to me what they find in Lew Rockwell that is so appealing? The guy is sketch. Full of way too much hyperbole for me. Also.. I think he's the guy who developed that strategy to bring paleo-conservatives into his tent and was the "brains" behind the racist writings in the RP report.

for the umteenth time, the only ones who have EVER made that

"was the "brains" behind the racist writings in the RP report."

accusation are from a single source, and single 'source' only: the KOCHtopus whores at CATO/Reason Mag, Nicke Gillespie, Matt Welch, along with former Reason Mag contributors: Julian Sanchez, and Dave Weigel, coordinated with TNR's Jamie Kirchick.

It's too long to get into; it's been flesh out here, and elsewhere ad infinitum.

The only true ally we have over at Reason is Brian Doherty, and I believe Doug Bandow is still at CATO.

while we don't expect all to be aware of the internal political sub-faction infighting, to those who know the score, this is not news; the Kochs/Reason/Ed Crane now formerly of CATO always had it in for Lew AND Dr. Paul, ever since the Rothbard split, and ever since the doors to Mises Inst. opened.


It's quite alarming how rumors become 'fact' even within r3VOL, unfortunately.

Frankly, by now, the fact that all the "newsletters" brouhaha were instigated by KOCHtopus/CATO/Reason mag, coordinated with then a media nobody Jamie Kirchick of TNR, timed released on then MSDNC's F*cker Carlson's show on the eve of NH Primary in 2008, should be like 'R3VOLution Guide to our Political Enemies101.'

Predictions in due Time...

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OK... I just read all of the

OK... I just read all of the links you left. Seems like the libertarian movement has been full of wierdo personalities for decades. So I'm kind of right.... I didn't realize that Rothbard argues that we shouldn't have entered WW2. That's almost offensive. There was a declaration of war, the Axis attacked at Pearl Harbor, Hitler was slaughtering millions of people and invading the whole of Europe. The fact that the guys at Mises actually admire Rothbard for making that argument is disturbing to me. I can totally understand why the guys at CATO wanted the crazy, old, inflexible, high-maintenance and probably going somewhat senile intellectual out of their association. Problem is that "libertarians" don't really have a platform. I would be PISSED if Ron Paul had come out and said something like "we want to privatize the police department and the court systems" because that's SO extreme that it turns everybody off, even if he's sincere. You keep that to yourself! I don't agree with Ron Paul on the issue of abortion. I think it's the choice of the woman, but I wouldn't publish a letter signed by other libertarians disavowing his statements as Rothbard did to his friend who came out against nuclear energy. I am equally disgusted however by the current actions of reason and Cato. We should all be supporting each other. The guys at the Ayn Rand instate, the guys at Mises, the guys at Cato, John Stossel, the Judge etc... But why can't libertarians get together instead of always criticizing the other for not being "pure" enough.

And it all hinges on an "unnamed" source

Anyway, glad you are here AM to explain this. Rockwell should be all over DP. It shouldn't be once in a blue moon that something from LRC gets on the front page. Ron Paul, himself, visits that site everyday--it's the one site that most aligns with his views--but thanks to the machinations of the establishment the Lew crew are practically personas non gratas.

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This. He runs it.

Ya.... I know of the Mises

Ya.... I know of the Mises institute. And it's good that he has that, but as a person, I think he's sub-par. He had almost ZERO success in promoting libertarian ideas until Ron Paul came along in 2008. His strategies have been one failure after another after another to get the message out. And I think it's in part because the guy's a jerk. Libertarians have a personality problem... Too many libertarians are cynical, arrogant and aggressive when they discuss their ideas ( example: Peter Schiff/Lew Rockwell). Even my personal favourite, Nick Gillespie comes across as arrogant at times. But he's so funny and smart that it's a "wash". We need more people like Andrew Napolitano who know how to talk to people like a human beings! I think the reason for this is decades and decades of libertarian thought being pushed to the fringes and therefore many of the people who labeled themselves as libertarians were a bit "fringe" themselves. I think it's changing in a big way since Ron Paul took the stage, but it's going to take some time until we have surrogates and pundits who push for libertarian causes AND have nice friendly personalities. Libertarians have always just "preached to the choir". We need to convince people who are not in line with our ideas, and that's when a friendly face makes all the difference.

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We are not lacking in personable libertarians;

what we lack is open access to popular media. Stossel has his own successful show now, but he had a rough ride too. Most of our people including the Judge have been barred or dumped, and the problem was bias against our philosophy, not personality.

We have delightful and erudite spokespeople, but you find them only in alternative media. Look for Mary Ruwart, Patri and David Friedman, Tom Woods, Joel Salatin, Walter Williams, Jacob Hornberger, Israel Anderson, Dr. Mercola, Gardner Goldsmith, Russell Means, Tom Palmer, Doug Casey, Gary North, Wendy McElroy to start, and you'll find many many many more.

The ones who make it in mainstream media are the hacks, the sellouts, the puppets.

OK.... I'll reword what I

OK.... I'll reword what I said. We don't need more intellectuals. We need more TV and media personalities.
It's just marketing. I hate saying it... But we need someone good-looking, funny and knows how to explain libertarian ideas in a way that normal people (i.e. democrats/republicans/sheep) can understand.

Peter Schiff is good for me. But not for someone who only agrees with good-looking nice people. In my experience you convince people NOT only through logic (which is unfortunate) but through a combination of logic and very importantly... empathy and personality. Peter Schiff is far too load and aggressive. He's RIGHT... and I like listening to him, but he always gets in people's faces. We do the same thing here at the Daily Paul all the time. "Stupid neo-con jerk!!!", "sheeple", "warmonger" etc... How many times have you seen those comments posted? It's ok here on the Daily Paul where we can vent/bitch and complain to ourselves about the situation, but the movement in general needs to turn a corner. For 5 years now it's been a bunch of angry people screaming loudly. Not that we've got their attention, we need to be a little "softer" with our message.

it's apparent you're unaware of the political sub-faction

infighting within the American libertarian movement's history (not that it's 'required of anyone TO know,' but if one were to comment on it, one should be aware of it), otherwise you couldn't possibly make the following statement:

"He had almost ZERO success in promoting libertarian ideas until Ron Paul came along in 2008. His strategies have been one failure after another after another to get the message out."

If you're new to the 'game' how could you possibly quantify it?

You think the intellectual backbone for Austrian school just poppped out of nowhere, overnight, post 2008??

How do you think what Dr. Paul inspired in 2007-2008 could be translated into intellectual Renaissance, without the tireless works of those like Lew, who essentially had the 'infrastructure' ready for those newly joining the movement to explore?

You think when Dr. Paul spoke about the Fed, the Austrian School, Hazlitt, Mises, Rothbard, they all went running to CATO or Reason?

Frankly, this tells all one needs to know:

"Even my personal favourite, Nick Gillespie comes across as arrogant at times."

Nick is not only arrogant, but if one were a casting director looking to fulfill a walk-on part in a B-movie for 'Douchebag #5 at nightclub,' it'd be an over the hill hipster wannabe wearing the Fonz jacket in 2012 who looks and talks just like Nick.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

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Any youtube segment for . . .

simple system people???

only thing....

Only thing I like about Alex is his interviews..... if he actually shuts up long enough for them to talk. :P

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Lew Rockwell interview is in now.


Why is this On the front page

Why is this On the front page over the Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Connecticut Primary's today?

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To get the word out about this interview.

As soon as it's over, the primary info thread will no doubt be back at the top.

These are always great

Lew never pulls any punches.

hey LEW :

... how 'bout you reverse your advice to not vote and drop out of the system for the next couple of weeks? also note that by capturing the hearts and minds of the Christian vote in America in the next 12 days ... we could pull off a miracle upset in Tampa.

Lou Rockwell on T-Minus 56 minutes

Be there!

Always enjoy "Big Lou"

I was going to post, but i was reluctant because the interview airs on the AJ's show..

Thanks for posting SteveMT

gravelly voice

... stunning truth info

I'm a proud supporter of prisonplanet.tv

Now with more listeners than several large corporate news agencies combined.

Thanks Steve


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Should be interesting.

Thank you!