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To ALL Romney Delegates - Part III

I know that many of you want to win and defeat Obama.

Likewise, there is nothing that WE want more, than to defeat Obama.

You blame Democrats for electing Obama into office. You blame Democrats for not properly vetting their candidate. Look what we ended up with.

But look at who preceded Obama. Yes, it was GW Bush. Bush was as bad for this nation before as Obama is now.

Please do not let "party" or "politics" influence your decision.

Romney was not properly vetted by the media. The NWO (which Bush Sr. openly promoted) has attempted to squash our rights and that of the media. They do not care if Romney gets in, or Obama for a second term. Either way, they will accomplish their goal at eradicating the Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

If you honestly care about this nation and our god-given rights, please just take a few moments to watch these short clips:


Remember: the person you elect this year will affect not only our lives, but yours as well, as has been proven under both GW Bush and Obama.

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President Ron Paul 2012!!!!The only candidate that has actually served!

This needs to be seen!

Thank you for the bump GBAmerica.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Your welcome!

Anytime!President Ron Paul!