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Media and Liberty Activists Seek Help for Tampa Project

Right now, Aaron and Nate, activists with iroots.org, are asking for your help to raise $3,500 (our goal) for expenses/equipment and travel for upcoming events in Tampa including the RNC convention, Paul Festival and the official Ron Paul Rally.

Aaron Jones directed video for RevPAC and is the creative director of iroots.org. Aaron co-founded YAL at IU (Students for Ron Paul) and, working with the Leadership Institute, started over 15 conservative and libertarian groups across the country–including YAL at UC Davis.

Nate Vigeant, is a photographer and activist now living in L.A. Check out his photos of the recent Ron Paul rally at UC Davis, here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150812145791575.4...

Beyond bringing you high quality journalism and media, we will be providing ready-to-use activism tools, such as a survey for evaluating future liberty candidates.
Our mission, in short, is to hold the Republican party’s feet to the fire.


Read about their overall mission here: