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What Did Rand Paul Gain?

Editorial | The Daily Bell
by Anthony Wile, Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mitt Romney has picked the youthful warmonger Paul Ryan to be his running mate.

From my point of view, this leaves the junior senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, standing near the altar like a jilted bridesmaid. Not a very pretty picture.

And now what has Rand Paul got?

I'll tell you in four words at the end of this article.

No peeking.

First, the bigger picture ... So far Rand's gamble – endorsing Romney – doesn't seem to be paying off. And there may be a salutary lesson in this.

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Anthony Wile,

You don't speak for me. I've been a Ron Paul supporter for a while now, and I still support Senator Rand Paul... but then again the "Paul Festival" people hate me and Adam Kokesh called me a "bad seed" or something or other on his show....so maybe I'm just r3volution establishment scum? or maybe I just don't count for much?!:)

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Maybe just a winer

Or maybe you are an Air Force Personna working with HB Gary like I thought when you joined Meet-Up Groups on both sides of the country. Or maybe you are a good guy and I have seen you do good things. I hope you are a sincere Ron Paul supporter. I am not here to judge. But suspicious for quite a while myself.

Air Force?

Never. Army, most definitely. I did work for candidates (John Dennis and Chris Simcox and a few others) that wanted national support, hence the meetups...but I have no idea who HB Gary is....

If you want to know who I am, these 2 videos cover that and I would hope clear up any suspicion -



Do I make bad hasty decisions sometimes? I'll be the first to tell you yes, and I'm a lot of things, but definitely not one to whine.

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hey, you know one of my nicknames!

Your point is?

I got it doing this - http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-63000832.html

Hope you're having a great day by the way Gary!

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Jefferson's picture

I'll attest

to that!
You are definitely NOT a whiner.

Hope all is well Zak. Sorry to learn AK said those things about you. You've been an inspiration for a long time. Sorry I wont get to see you in Tampa as I am back in the hospital. In fact I have surgery @ 8am in the morning.
We'll talk soon.

Oh man, Jefferson..

If anyone deserves a bit less time in the hospital it's you. You may not get to Tampa, but I just started working with a business that will have me traveling quite a bit - so will definitely let you know when I'm in Austin again! Heal up my friend, the r3volution needs you healthy!

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accused me of libel (yeah he believes in free speech) when I criticized him for saying all Christians support slavery. Anything Adam says is for his diehard Ayn Randian cult. He is the new Ayn Rand. My father, who is a vet, says that he does not represent the him even though Kokesh claims to represent the veterans who support Ron Paul.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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I suppose Rand thought...

..he could change the GOP from within? Perhaps he can.

Ron Paul couldn't change the party from within -- I'm sure he tried for years to do that. So, instead, he eventually went straight to the American people and has, in just a few years' time, won over a great many converts (me included).

Ron Couldn't

Because Ron Refused to support those he didn't agree with, so they refused to support him back and that's why he ate lunch alone for over 20 years... not that he cared. Rand is not riding on his father's coat tails but still applying principles and giving to the party.. where is as a Jr Senator has a speaking spot at the RNC, THAT's HUGE.

How many other freshmen senators have that?



With all due respect,

With all due respect, Granger, you sound as if you hold the Republican status quo (who, to me, are looking down from their thrones and throwing Rand a bone) in reverence when you say this.I cannot believe you really feel that way...??

It makes my skin crawl to think about it. I agree with you so often, and I logically understand your intent, but this is where we diverge. I just cannot bring myself to contribute one ounce of my self, my effort, my 'goodness' to benefit that evil party.

I am just not willing to play "the game" and have so much respect for Ron Paul strength to walk into that cesspool and come out with clean shoes and smelling like a rose. IMHO, that can only be done when you stand like a rock on principles.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Plenty people here call Ron Paul a coward

There are plenty of people here saying Ron Paul is a farce, a fraud, a BS artist, a misleader, and they've moved on to GJ.

Ron Paul picked the GOP for this rEVOLution, not me. I didn't join in 07/08. I held out praying, hoping, he would see MY light and go Indy or Libertarian Party, start his own party.. anything but the GOP! It was in vain, he didn't. So I KNEW, this election, he wouldn't.

If you think it was easy for me to join the GOP, you would be WRONG. It made me SICK. I felt like I was betraying every principle of my being, and I'm no shy, stealth, private person. I'm an open book. My family and friends were like, WTF????? YOU, Ms Hippy Deadhead, activist, Granola cruchy flower power Granger a Republican? What IS the world coming to???? Ron Paul??? Jeeezeus Chrystler!!!

But I joined the GOP, and then I showed up at the central committee meeting. The night I joined, I sat in my car and breathed real deep before I wanlked in. I had NO idea what I was up against. Maybe I had lost my mind?

So what do I find? Two people eating Lo Mein at a chinese restaurant. When I introduced myself, they nearly barfed, and definately lost their appitie... I've cut my hair since then.. I could sit on it, as it was always long, and maybe the patchouli oil knocked them out? I've been a HIPPY CHICK my whole life.

Everything I thought about the GOP I found out was a bunch of MSM BS and LIES. MSM has said what it says to drive people OUT so no one will join so they can reduce that empty nest into a third party and go on with their NWO.

And you better believe my county, Mendocino, where we actually have hippies in our museum, are getting an earfull from me about it, and maybe why we now have 5 Ron Paul REPUBLICANS?

As far as I'm concerned, this beats a civil war. maybe you don't agree? Anyways, that's why I say it takes guts, it does. The thing is, when you get there, you find out it's just more MSM LIES about the GOP. TWO people... and oh yeah, they called all their old friends to the next meeting... all three of them... I was so afraid and sick over NOTHING!!!!!

And all these dirty tricks they play now... they better watch out because the tables ARE turning!

We must learn from his

We must learn from his mistake. What makes us free? Money? Bribery? Power? Violence? No, no, no, and no. Scripture makes it clear that the truth makes you free:

"Jesus, therefore, said unto the Jews who believed in him, `If ye may remain in my word, truly my disciples ye are, and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.' They answered him, `Seed of Abraham we are; and to no one have we been servants at any time; how dost thou say -- Ye shall become free?' Jesus answered them, `Verily, verily, I say to you -- Every one who is committing sin, is a servant of the sin, and the servant doth not remain in the house -- to the age, the son doth remain -- to the age; if then the son may make you free, in reality ye shall be free.

Of course Jesus spoke of spiritual freedom, but the idea, the principle is true.

Ron Paul has said, "You can not make anyone better by force." This begs the question, then what can make someone better?

So we must seek the truth, learn the truth, understand the truth, live the truth, and teach others the truth.

The mistake Rand made when endorsing Romney, unless he truly believes what he said about Romney in his endorsement, is lying. If truth makes us free then what does lying make us? Jesus said that the pharisees were doing what their father was doing. The father of lies is Satan. Now if Rand was not lying then was he deceiving voters into thinking he supports Romney? The father of deception is also Satan.

Martin Luther King said that the ends are wrapped up in the means. We cannot achieve good ends through corrupt means. Compromise is a corrupt means.

Agreed 200%

I also agree with the article. Although I only kind of liked Rand. There was something about him though that made me not trust him completely. Could not put my finger on the reason, but I feel justified now for how I felt then. If Rand had stood for the same principles his father holds dear than he would not be in this mess and would have an immense amount of support. Now, if there is a future for liberty in this country, it cannot be him.

Isaiah 2:4
And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

Opinion piece.

I cannot stand opinion pieces. The writer comes across as an all-knowing wizard. Pure speculative crap, and poorly written.

ummm isn't that true of all journalistic media

Regardless, most people probably share the same opinion. Rand didn't get much out of the deal at all.

It seems Maybe Rand is still searching for his own path

there is a saying "Avoid Stepping into a Great Man’s Shoes", I couldn't agree more that it applies to Rand Paul and his father, rand is finding his himself, I never really reacted to that decision he did because to replace his father is impossible, too much expectation, and lastly he has to believe in what he is doing, Ron Paul has that passion and drive, he's a damn great record of saying no to unconstitutional laws, and always gives us whistle blowers too, but not always, He must be the most frustrated man in the movement, just an opinion though

If he's looking for himself

If he's looking for himself or principles at 40+ years old than he's never going to find them.

Some ppl find their calling at a

late age, even 60, 70, late bloomers. I would say though having Ron Paul is enough for me, and attempting to emulate or duplicate one's father's actions can be a fatal mistake, as mentioned above

A taste like ashes

It is fitting that Rand (and Jesse and Trgyve) got exactly what he (and they) gave all of his Dad's hard-working, money-bombing, ever-faithful, never-say-die supporters.

I'd like to wash that taste out of my mouth, but with our country now doomed to endure another four years of economic dissolution and worldwide war, I'm afraid that we are all going to be experiencing a taste like ashes for years to come.

Rand Paul has got Ron Paul Republicans Backs

Ron Paul Republicans who are seated on GOP Central Committees and in offices and running for offices in the GOP don't have to sweat the Neocons, as all we have to say is, "Rand Paul".

Rand Paul gave us ALL credibilty, and his speaking at the RNC has made us equals to the neocons. We are no longer the new kids on the block in the GOP because of Rand, but gaining POWER and taking it from the Neos in the GOP who hate us with so much passion, they are abanding ship, as they don't like Romney either, but prefer Obama.


Are you kidding me?

All they have to say is "Rand Paul"? What planet are you living on? They say that and then they get what exactly? He gave us "ALL" credibility? I thought the consistency of our ideas and principles gave us that, not Rand Paul.

And we're "equals" to the neocons? What are you suggesting here, that those "Ron Paul Republicans" will have just as much influence on the convention as the supporters of Rick Santorum, or Marco Rubio or any other other neocons?

This post is so vague, superficial, and irrelevant that I can't believe anyone would vote this up. Get your heads out of the sand and realize that this is an attempt to co-opt the movement and bring it into the republican fold, think the Tea Party, so that leaders of the campaign can have a future in the establishment.

No I'm not kidding you

Try going to a central committee meeting. Maybe not this convention, but furtutre conventions, YES. WE ARE THE FUTUE.

Get you butt out of the house and to a central committee meeting and then tell me something besides what you think having NO experience.


A central committee meeting is going to get me what? And I have no idea what furtutre means or futue for that matter. Experience in what? Groveling at the feet of Neocons obsessed with never ending wars and corporate welfare, So that I can become a cheerleader for a party that could care less about Ron Paul and our supporters? Give me a break.

I went to caucus for Ron Paul, Lake Stevens Wa Precinct 16, but only because it was Dr. Paul not because I want to be part of this Left - right paradigm that is destroying this country.

And weren't you the one who posted that you'd vote for Romney if Dr. Paul doesn't get the nom? Yeah that's right just get Obama out and everything will be A Okay. I guess now I'll get my "butt" out of the house.

What will a central committee seat get you

The opportunity to read, discuss and vote on issues for the ballot concerning the GOP in your area, state and during presidential elections, the nation. It gives you tos opportunity to run for other offices and to pull this country into constitutiuonal law.

This country is where it's at becuase too many of us didn't know these committees existed, and so we petitioned and rallied and protested, and got nowhere. Ron Paul invited us in, to take back our Republic. That's what I'm going, which beats groveling at the feet of the neocons and neoliberals rushing our Republic into a NWO, despote the petitions, rallys and protests.

Good luck doing nothing but bashing those who are doing what Ron Paul asked all of us to do.

He gave you nothing

If anything, liberty minded people who are gaining power are gaining it because the gop wasn't as organized in corruption in some states as others. But be sure, they will get around to your state and make sure people like you don't get to out of hand..Anyways..most of you don't have the backbone Ron Paul has(just the way it is), and will probably capitulate to the machine just Like Rand.

That is NOT TRUE

Before Rand made his endorsement, I was alone on my committee and the Neocons were out for me.. I was sick of hearing about Kenny Rogers, our former GOP Chair who was put in prison for 25 Years on a framed job, as they kept trying to threaten me with that story..'Well, you know what happened to Kenny...." http://theava.com/archives/5409

Now they rarely show up and Ron Paul Republicans are showing up, and the tables are turning. It's not that those who have the main seats are letting go this instant, but they have backed down, especially when I say one word, "Rand".

Are you on a central committee as a open Ron Paul Republican like I am? I don't think so, so don't tell me what kind of backbone I have, I'm a very strong person, and will admit my weaknesses and faults as that's how I become even stronger.

I'm not ditching this seat, just because GJ gives an easy out.

I'm committed to two years, what's your commitment?

What have you done?


Could you be anymore pompous and self centered. ME, ME, ME! Look what I've done, Lookie Lookie! I've done this this, what have you done. Obviously that committee allows you to be on it because you roll over for the establishment.

Hence: http://www.dailypaul.com/243617/why-i-will-vote-for-romney-i...


Seems saying ME! ME! ME! is way better than saying YOU! YOU! YOU! as in

YOU are crap
YOU are stupid
YOU suck

All I'm saying is with my ME! ME! ME! is: Hey, I'm doing it and this is MY experience, so maybe YOU can too. Maybe YOU can't. That's up to YOU.

I take those who say YOU YOU YOU as the same as who can't won't and don't, and why they can't, won't, and don't say ME! ME! ME!!!!!!!