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The Modern Day Boston Tea-V Party

Ron Paul is being glossed over by the main stream media as being the 'fringe', 'second-tier', 'non-electable' candidate. We know that's not true. So, let's have a Boston Tea-V Party. The plan...set a date nationwide (4th. of July). Pick up every used TV you can, at garage sales, second hand stores, etc. In the spirit of the Boston Tea Party, set up a staged event where the Ron Paul Patriots come together in one high-profile place and 'dump' all these Tea-V's into one massive heaping pile. After the symbolic point is made, a dump truck with signs all over it saying, "Dump the Main Stream Media" will symbolically receives the sets after they served their purpose. Ok, I'm lacking sleep...it's just an idea.

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great idea!

Long live the Spirit of '76! ('73 technically, but you know what I mean...) It certainly feels like something revolutionary is going on, doesn't it? This is a great idea, I've got 2 TV's to dump!

(and btw... on myspace I'm "Son of Liberty"... I'm especially loving the symbolism of this idea...)

Carpe Liberatum

Carpe Liberatum

T-Vee Party Taking Off

Ideas like this stimulate all of us. At almost anytime, there are fifty some-odd people on line. Bill (Modern Day Boston Tee-Vee party fame ) thought perhaps he was sleep deprived when he blogged his idea.
I had the same thought about my "Virtual Debate" idea and didn't write it down until I read Bill's Blog. I encourage more of you to brainstorm "out of the box" ideas...all in keeping with the dignity of Ron Paul. Obviously there are some very sophisticated net folks behind Ron Paul. They visit these sites. They read our ideas.

Top of the head thoughts about "virtual debates"

-Let Blog and website administrators submit questions. As they monitor their sites and blogs, they have a good idea of some of the unanswered questions.
Our main point is to inform and educate the voting public, not cleverly bury opponents. We don't have to be old-school political and ruthless, because Ron Paul is right. As more people understand where he is coming from, contenders look ridiculous, self and party-serving. They all of a sudden have no clothes. It becomes apparent they are not representing the public.

Major point that needs clarifying: Many of Ron Paul's major stances cannot be accomplished overnight and that needs to be articulated. Shifts in thinking and return to the Bill of Rights and Constitution is foremost. For instance, abolishing the income tax is not a frivolous stance once Ron's position is understood. Doing away with the Department of Education is better understood when one becomes educated about how education used to work (when it worked), how Agenda 21 has undermined education,, how history books have been rewritten, how the very young young are being indoctrinated with global ideas to line rich pockets and enslave the masses, etc. Remember Ron Paul stated that Neo-Cons wouldn't be so bad if their global plans were for bringing about peace on earth, not inslavement while lining the mega-rich pockets.

Protest is good...education alongside is crucial. We are up against a brain-washed public. We woke up...others can too!


Good idea

I like it, especially since we no longer watch our TV, except for when we rent a video every now and then.

can we...

contact the RP campaign and get them to help organize this?

I've got my TV to donate

Ok, let me know where to donate my TV.

BTW, here's someone who thinks Fred Thompson will get rid of the "Kucinich Knock off, Ron Paul". Let him know what we Republicans think of that.


great idea!

I hope the orininator of this idea of a Boston Tea-V party doesnt mind, but i brought this up in the RP Myspace group and they seem to think it's great too. I asked them to come here and co-ordinate with us on here to see if it garners enough of a reaction to possibly contact the RP campaign and run with it.

RE: Use of the Boston Tea-V Party idea...

All Ron Paul (or any other so-called second-tier candidate) Meet-up groups are welcome to run with this idea - let's brainstorm for the maximum PR benefit that this could bring to Dr. Paul's campaign. It would simply be stunning to see this done is a huge way...maybe a crane could lift each TV high in the air...and then drop it from 50 feet into the back of the waiting dump truck (with the "Dump Main-Stream Media" signs) to the cheers of the onlooking patriots - heck, I'd even shave what hair I have left into a Mohawk to participate in this one!

Bill Kosloskey

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

Virtual Debates

This election leaves a great deal of room for creativity. I like the Boston Teaparty, Michigan.

I was wondering also if the Ron Paul video/utube team couldn't put together some "Virtual Debates." Just take opponent's clips...let Ron Paul answer and tag the whole thing Virtual Debates (...since nobody wants to take Ron on.) Utube viewers (peppered with us )could, then, respond politely regarding if they feel the "contenders" answered the questions to our satisfaction. Others would join in.

The contender targeted could then politely be given the opportunity to respond/rebut "real time." We could even "demand" meetups between say Rudy and Paul...other pairings as well. All done politely, gentlemanly, etc. The power of the internet has just begun.

I encourage others to think outside the box. A hundred out of the box ideas ... and Eureka!...some grest ideas will emerge.


Precisely my thought...

Give Dr. Paul the podium to address, not only the questions posed to the GOP bunch, but to the Dem's too. Since his YOUTUBE viewership is so high, and so many people are NOT watching the debates, to take the time to stage this would be well worth it. Some slick editing and the next thing you know, Dr. Paul will have his fair say on the things Americans need to know.

YOUTUBE is proving to be the TRUTH NETWORK of this campaign. I applaud that and pray that they continue along that tack. They must know that they are garnering lots of publicity from this and hopefully it will translate out into more revenue for them...they deserve it!

Bill Kosloskey

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

The Tea-V Party

More than likely the best Idea I've heard as of yet! We got appoximately one month to get this organized. Local papers in each area plus possibly local T.V stations may enjoy a snap shot or two of an event like this. This is a good idea and will bring it up at my meet-up meeting tomorrow.

Yeah I agree this is great

Yeah I agree this is great idea, someone should post promo video, and start sharing news, put it on digg, it could work

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