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Ron Paulstock - August 24 2012 Atlanta Georgia

Ron Paulstock r3volution pit stop event on the way to Tampa!

Liberty speakers / musicians including but not limited to Jordan Page, Tatiana Moroz, TMOT, Gigi Bowman... All resonating the message of Dr. Ron Paul from noon to 10pm August 24.

FREE thanks to the successful fundraiser event Liberty Jam, the Liberty minded people at Matilda's Cottage & Liberty volunteers.

  • Tatiana Moroz invites you to Ron Paulstock
  • Jordan Page invites you to Ron Paulstock (video forthcoming)

    Additional speakers / musicians & tentative lineup :

    The Industry
    The Remedy
    Axis Experience w/ TMOT
    Patrick Sowell Project
    David Lee Williams
    Maddie Haze
    Charles Gregory Georgia Ron Paul coordinator & Liberty Rep. District 34 elect.
    Carter Kessler

    If a mod could embed the Ron Paulstock Logo & the invitation videos from Jordan (when available) and Tatiana at the top of the post we would appreciate it.

    For details go to ronpaulstock.com & for questions use the comment section.

    In Liberty,

    Ron Paulstock committee.

    PS : From the same people that brought you Liberty Jam & Ron Paulstock, The Liberty Rock.

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    RON PAULSTOCK -Have fun, break the tension before this weekend

    Went to Liberty Jam it was a great time! Jordon Page was incredible, I blast his cd on the way to work each day. I taped TMOT's speech, love his message. Family friendly! Thank you all for working so hard to put this on and give us a place to chill out with other Ron Paul



    Awesome! Best wishes for a kickin event!

    I remember hearing about Paulstock! Hope you make this an annual event.

    -Paulfestival Security

    Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

    The plan is to make it an

    The plan is to make it an annual thing.

    "Give me Liberty or give me death." Patrick Henry

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