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RNC ‘Committee on Challenges’ ignores the will of Massachusetts voters. MA Liberty Caucus Objects!

On August 10th, the RNC’s ‘Committee on Contests’, chaired by Mike Duncan, former RNC Chairman and National Committeeman for Kentucky, released their recommendation and upheld “Romney for President, Inc.” decision to ignore the caucus results and uphold the transparent manipulation of arcane rules to decertify sixteen duly elected delegates. Today, August 14th, the Massachusetts decertified delegates filed a Notice of Intent to Object with the RNC prior to the 5PM deadline, and look forward to an impartial hearing in Tampa prior to the convention.

The duly elected, and now decertified delegates are very disappointed that the RNC and Team Romney have rejected yet another opportunity to unify the Republican Party and energize the rank and file grassroots activists needed for the 2012 General Election.

These sixteen duly elected Liberty delegates wanted to participate in the Republican National Convention to promote three platform issues, specifically Auditing the Federal Reserve Bank, Requiring Congressional Declaration of War for Funding Wars, and Protecting Internet Freedom.

This flagrant violation of the foundation of American Democracy has not killed the spirit of Liberty, but rather strengthened the resolve of activists to continue to reform the Massachusetts Republican Party, by actively supporting the removal of leadership that undermines fair elections, promotes cronyism, and whose policy positions clearly infringe on personal liberty. One example of the lack of liberty in the current state Republican Party Leadership is the recent endorsement by Republican State House Minority Leader Bradley Jones of ‘price controls’ on health care that every small government Republican should be opposed.

The tactical purge of duly elected delegates by the Romney Campaign’s top attorney, Benjamin Ginsberg, sends a clear message that grassroots activists are not welcome to participate in Romney’s Presidential Campaign. The grassroots activists that organized, worked hard, and campaigned to elect those decertified delegates can take a hint, and while committed to defeating President Barack Obama and his policies that promote poverty, not prosperity, moving forward, will pledge their time, talent, and treasure towards supporting local candidates.



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Let this sink in. THIS is the REAL WAR. Not Iraq, not Iran, not Syria, nowhere but HERE. THIS is IT. Get that through your heads people! THIS is the REAL WAR! AND, it's not just about the US, it's about the WHOLE WORLD. The battlefield is the US and it's fight to take the government back from the corrupt pigs running the show. We are fighting a revolution that is deep seated. Keep up the work!


I'm just not even shocked any

I'm just not even shocked any more.


Please all Ron Paul delegates please attend the convention

Don't let them say we didn't show up.
Demand to be seated you are in the right.
We can't allow evil to prevail it is to important our country
is at stake. Go Ron Paul I don't believe we have another four years
if the problems America has continue.

Damn the torpedoes, man the ramparts,

It is looking more and more like going to this convention isn't going to be a very pleasant experience. I only hope the Ron Paul delegation can salvage some modicum of influence at the state level after the convention but I'm not very hopeful. Romney and his Establishment enforcers will attack the Ron Paul people after the convention in every state and do everything to drive them from the party.

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

who needs establishment to

who needs establishment to drive them away,plenty of dp'ers and ron paul purists are doing it for them everytime they attack a ron paul supporter for voting for someone other then romney if ron paul is not the nominee.

Ron Paul 2016

Excuse Me But

The will of the Massachusetts voters in the primary was overwhelmingly for Romney - he got 72% of the vote. Ron Paul won the delegates by swamping the caucases with his supporters - the problem with your campaign is that you are committed and engaged but the PEOPLE DON'T WANT RON PAUL OR YOU!!!!! So the RNC and Romney play rough, maybe unfair but noone outside your little world cares because to the American People you are at best silly kooks and at worst (to the more informed) intolerant and nasty hearted buffoons. I will get a million down arrows from this comment and a ton of rebuke but no truer words about your movement could be expressed than those I have just made.

These comments do not apply to Ron Paul who I personally voted for but to the people in this blog who are more similar to Christian Scientology cultists than to leaders of a serious political movement. I think Ron Paul himself is looking for a way to disassociate himself from his most irrational supporters. But you guys are like stalkers - you can't take no for an answer and you blame Benton for expressing the will of Ron Paul.

Let's Do It

I highly doubt that the majority of the people supported Romney in MA or anywhere else. Voter fraud has been widespread across every state and even on top of that the Romney Gang have outright cheated and lied to obtain delegates. How could anyone trust him to become the next President? The GOP has been taken over by thugs who could care less about the Party or the constitution and they are using money stolen from middle class Americans from the banks to intimidate and harass them into voting against their conscious. Encourage everyone that you know to come to Tampa and defend America. We need to be sure that the delegates are for real. They will probably bring in fake delegates and the process of voting must be completely transparent. It is time to band together and take back what belongs to us. Anyone who tried to become a delegate should take any proof that they have and demand to be heard. This is the time and place with the whole world watching. We will take the convention by storm and show these phony creeps what patriotism is. WE CAN DO IT.

Your reply can be summed up very easily, with two words.

Psychological Projection.


If you feel that way then why are you here?

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

If Romney won by such large amount why didn't his supporters

show up at the caucus were they uniformed?
I say yes or they would of never considered voting for him
in the first place.
The facts are we did nothing wrong abide d by the rules won those states fair and square you can't say that for Romney or should I say cry baby.


They are the normal folks - the ones whose jobs and family obligations come first - they went to the polls to express their political preference and it means so little to you that you feel like you have the moral authority to override their opinions. You are not promoting liberty - you are promoting something very ugly - the view that a very small group of motivated zealots have the right to determine the political life of a country - this is something more attuned to Communism or fascism than America. Don't disrespect our Founding Fathers by claiming that your passion gives you the right to rule this country against the will of the people. They would have nothing to do with the likes of you - on that you can be certain.

and the Republic for which it stands

"you feel like you have the moral authority to override their opinion"

Long live the republic, I will not be ruled by the mob.

Open your eyes, this country is already fascist!

If you keep going in the same direction, you will eventually arrive at your destination. Obviously you like the status quo.

That won't fly look at the voter fraud and debold machines

Romney rented a football stadium and only had about 300 supporters.
He could hired many more than that to attend.

In a democracy - all citizens get to vote

Not just the zealots - so what if the crowds are small for Romney - so RP is a cult leader whose mindless followers will show up wherever he appears - that does not mean that the vast majority of people feel the same - the absolute worst people in history - Hitler, Mao, Lenin - the ones who stole freedom drew huge crowds - so what if you zealots are willing to show up at rallies - I suspect that many are willing to do much worse to get RP elected.

Thank God it will be all over at the end of the month - you guys can complain about the election to each other ad nauseum after that but you will fade into the trash bin of history soon enough. At some point some will withdraw from politics, others will turn towards other political outlets and a small core will be left fixating on RP well after the man is enjoying his retirement with his family and friends.

You can stop trolling now

You have completely exposed yourself with this one. You can never be taken seriously ever again.


There are names used by ignorant, intolerant people that become positive because of their source. Thank god I am a troll and not one of you.

MLJ, it appears you get all your

It appears you get all your information from the main stream media that is controlled. Check out the internet. Try reading "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" by John Perkins. It will open your mind to the bigger picture.

In the words of Mr. Lebowski...

"That's just your opinion, man"

You calling people "cultists" isn't benefiting anyone. These are people who are devoted to Dr. Paul for all of the right reasons. I would rather be considered a kool-aid drinker than a brainwashed robot Romney supporter. Chill out.

My Comment

Was that you guys were viewed by the vast majority of people as I described - I stick by that statement - if you are different then you need to convince some people otherwise. But you are delusional if you think that the mass of the people want the RP agenda at this time - this is simply not true.

Unfortunately, the mass of

Unfortunately, the mass of people are fooled by the controlled main stream media. The good news is that more are waking up every day. Hopefully, that will include you too. Your being on this site is a good sign, though you are currently greatly misinformed.

Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul 2012

What you have said is worth considering.

Ron Paul does not seem to bother with his supporters here. I did not think we were as radical as you say ...you called us stalkers in the following paragraph????

"I think Ron Paul himself is looking for a way to disassociate himself from his most irrational supporters. But you guys are like stalkers - you can't take no for an answer and you blame Benton for expressing the will of Ron Paul."

and you also say: "the PEOPLE DON'T WANT RON PAUL OR YOU!!!!!"

Now I do not think that is true. What about the thousands that show up to the RP rallies? And time alone will tell how many show up in Tampa! YOU might be VERY WRONG!

Attendance at Rallies Means Only

That your core is energized - The Bolsheviks in 1917 and the Nazis in the early 1930's drew huge crowds too but I don't think that the majority of the the Russian and German people supported either. So it might be possible to seize power with enthusiasm but it is not possible to win an election on enthusiasm. Biggest and most enthusiastic crowds attracted in my lifetime by presidential candidates were those in support of George McGovern on the left and Barry Goldwater on the right but both got slaughtered at the polls. THE PEOPLE AREN'T ON BOARD WITH RON PAUL - and a large crowd here or there does not change the fact.

The media tells the public very little TRUTH.

Do the majority of the people know what they will be getting if Romney or Obama are elected as president? There is little difference between the two in policies, and next to NO discussion of the important issues. Both represent:

- a continuation of wars that have nothing to do with DEFENSE of the homeland
- possibility of reinstating the Draft; every young person has to serve time in the military, as with Vietnam,
- an increase in the national debt to support those wars
- increase in the debt our children/grandchildren will inherit at birth
- drones over America
- loss of civil liberties: you can be arrested without a warrant, detained indefinitely, executed by presidential order, without a trial
- loss of freedom of choice; forced to take part in government health care
- the police state; organic farms invaded by SWAT teams with guns drawn and food and products taken from their homes - people not allowed to choose what foods they will eat
- the list goes on

This is more fundamental than all your arguments

Do you believe that the RP movement has the right to impose its will on the American people who do not want it? Do you think that your list of grievances are sufficient to steal the country from its people. Zealots have done this in other countries - do you want to just take over without the consent of the people? Or do you want to convince the people that your policies and ideals are best? I actually believe in RP's policies but I don't agree with the very ugly opinions expressed by his most radical supporters. Sell the ideals and you will win one day - try to seize power now and even if RP got the nomination he would get slaughtered - it would be easy pickings for the MSM to claim that the RP movement had committed an offense against democracy - a taint that would stick because it would be true.

And another thing,

For you to come here asking stupid hypocritical questions like "Do you believe that the Ron Paul movement has the right to impose it's will on the American people who do not want it?" LOOK AT THE ARTICLE UNDER WHICH YOU ARE COMMENTING UNDER!! We aren't imposing shit! We're spreading the word, getting out here and voting and abiding by the party rules and winning delegates, which was winning us states. That's how an election goes! Why does the GOP think that THEY have the power to impose it's will on the Ron Paul (AMERICAN PEOPLE) who don't want it? You do understand the amount of election/vote fraud we've been fucking dealing with, right? It's not us, my friend, imposing our will. We've done nothing but play by the rules to get who we wanted elected. And we did. But Romney and the GOP have been stealing our voices. Removing our duly elected delegates to the convention for unelected delegates chosen by the GOP/Romney. The people, did not choose THEIR delegates. So why don't you stop and actually think about what you're preaching and get yourself up to speed on the facts. Here's a link that may help, but you might want to first settle in somewhere comfortable, maybe get something to eat before you start educating yourself to the truth because there's a LOT to read/watch up on. http://www.dailypaul.com/238098/great-compilation-detailing-...


I don't need to educate myself

I come very educated already - with a long history of political involvement in conservative causes - someone who voted for Ron Paul - someone who is more a libertarian for sure than a social conservative - Rp won 10.9% of the votes in all the primaries and caucases - that is a fact - you used organization and passion to leverage that support into more delegates than you would otherwise have won - all good but then the establishment struck back as would you if you were the establishment - you claim to want to take over the party but if you fail you promise to support anyone but the party's nominee - well good - that is your right but don't be surprised when the establishment strikes back and you lose many of your hard won delegates but you are the only ones who care because the vast majority of Americans don't support you. And you are not on this planet if you don't understand this fact.

You know what else is fact?

You know what else is fact? Diebold controls the voting machines and they are an Israeli company. Guess who is best friends with Netanyahu? His real name is Willard.

"the establishment struck back.."

They cheated because they were outnumbered. Their guy didn't have as much support as our guy at those particular conventions. And we won, by the rules, fair and square. That's tyranny, and an imposition of a select few's will over a majority's will. The delegates that were initially chosen were duly elected and were a representation of all present members' will. My argument still stands. And most people I talk to, haven't the slightest clue that Ron Paul is still in the race, because the media is bought and paid for, particularly the right wing media. And who owns that? Mitt Romney. Possibly our next dictator in chief. Mitt Romney has been shoved down the throats of all republicans. He was never ANYONE's first choice. It all started as anyone but Romney. So again, instead of implicating that I must not be of this world If I'm not understanding of your very well educated opinion, I'm still hoping that your comment of us RP supporters are imposing OUR will on the people has any facts behind it? I've supplied facts to the contrary, but apparently you're too educated on the facts of your own opinions.