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Assange reportedly going to Ecuador

Looks like I might have Julian Assange for a neighbor in Ecuador.

Ecuador to Grant Julian Assange Asylum, Report Says
BY KIM ZETTER 08.14.12 4:55 PM

After weeks with his fate hanging in the balance, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is about to be formally granted asylum in Ecuador, according to a news report.

Ecuadorean president Rafael Correa has agreed to give the WikiLeaks founder asylum, according to an official in Quito who spoke with the Guardian newspaper.

Unnamed government officials in Quito told the British newspaper that Assange had in fact been given an offer of asylum by Ecuador months ago, and that the offer had followed confidential negotiations between Ecuador and senior London embassy staff. But according to one Ecuadorean source, the British government “discouraged the idea” of offering Asssange asylum, and the Swedish government also was “not very collaborative”.


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UK has now directly threatened the Ecuadorian embassy...

... with revoking their diplomatic status in order to get to Assange. Police trucks are stationed outside the embassy right now. A storming of the embassy is definitely a possibility here.

This story may be about to get huge, guys.

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The Swedes and Brits and Aussies and Americans

need to stop out of control global police persecution of heroes and innocents.

Rape in Sweden is a very loose term.

Regarding the alleged rape. It was the fact that Assagne didn't wear a condom that actually pissed these women off. One of them was quite a big shot social democratic politician... or at least groomed to become one. These womens internet traces actually proves that it wasn't a "normal" rape. They tried to delete it all but failed misserably. He may be a slime bag in that sense but don't fall for the head lines.

Almost correct

The women went to the police after Assange refused to do a test for STD. They were "curious" if the police could help them force Assange to take the test. In Sweden the victim does not press charges, techincally the govt does. Even if the women wanted to, charges would not be dropped. Even if they took back their testimony or made up a new story, the old testimony from the interrogation is still valid.All the victim does is report the crime. These women actually play very little part in this judicial circus at the time, they started it but their role is very small at this point. It has all been taken over by Claes Borgström, the womens attorney and prosecutor Marianne Ny. They are the ones who have spun this. View my previous post for more background info, links and sources.

And rape is actually pretty specific, even here in Sweden. Molestation is bungycord term. The reason rape may seem to be thrown around losely is that according to swedish law the prosecutor have to try for the highest possible charges. So if there is suspected molestation, the charges will likely be rape and molestation since it COULD be rape and the prosecutor wants to cover his ass. Same with assault, it's always "severe" assault.

False start....Prior to the snap . . .

There is no decision yet:


August 15, 2012
President of Ecuador Rafael Correa has this morning strenuously denied stories published by the British media on August 14, 2012, suggesting a decision on political asylum application for Mr. Julian Assange had been reached.

President Correa made clear that no decision had been reached at a press conference in Guayaquil-Ecuador on Tuesday 14th of August when he said: “a decision has not been made yet, we are awaiting a legal report from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Mr. Assange’s case and we will analyze if we proceed or not with his asylum application”.

And he went on to say “However, when we make a decision, we will explain all the legal arguments to grant or not asylum”

More: http://www.ecuadorembassyuk.org.uk/news/president-rafael-cor...

A good way to defend your freedoms: www.libertymagazine.org

Ecuador isn't the US biatch,

Ecuador isn't the US biatch, one of the few South American countries allowing US military bases on it's territory?
Assange is just a US tool, what the f*** he exposed after all except some useless gossip?
The attention Assange gets from the MSM should make everyone skeptical about this douche bag, when was the last time MSM talked about something opossing the big banksters and corporate agenda? When something or somebody is pro-liberty or pro-truth, they get censored or attacked by MSM, not paraded for years on their news stories, for example, did MSM ever covered Alex Jones stories?

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I can understand those who are cautious and

skeptical after all of the false flags used for nefarious purposes.

But I would hope that when a real and true hero emerges he might be recognized by those with ideals and principles still intact. Jumping to negative conclusions on the basis of mere speculation, against all obvious facts, puts you in danger of missing and even denouncing the rare ones left in this world.

IMO it is best to tread with care on the side of support for apparent heroism rather than risk betraying greatness.

Good for him

Funny story, the two girls who pressed charges for sexual assault actually didn't want to do that to begin with. They where both attracted to Julian and had sex with him voluntarily, which is also stated in the (leaked) transcripts from the interrogation (I can translate and publish here if anyone is interested). What happened was he had sex with both these girls who where friends but unaware that the other had a relation with Assange as well. When they found out they where worried that he had an infection and he refused to do a test, the girls went to the police to see if there was any way to force him to submit to a test.

The girls contacted their attorney, arch slimeball and prominent social democrat Claes Borgström http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claes_Borgstr%C3%B6m. This is when charges where filed.

Just a little background on Borgström: Borgström founded his career as a lawyer by defending famous alleged serail killer Thomas Quick http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Quick (use google translate) who was convicted of numerous murders commited in Sweden and Norway. This is one of the greatest scandals in the Swedish justice system since there was no technical evidence. Quick was convicted based on his confessions only. Those confessions are most likely false since Quick is a compulsive liar and drug addict. During the interrogations he was on a heavy dose of Xanax. On top of that it was considered stressful for Quick to admit so he was given a lot of Xanax when he admitted something, and almost none when he didn't. This prompted Quick to research about old unsolved murders which he could admit to and get more Xanax. This might be hard for Americans to understand but in Sweden, even murderers get lots of unsupervised parole so there was plenty of time for him to do his research. Claes Borgström was aware of the heavy Xanax doses but did not object or bring it up in court. Rather, he wanted Quick to be a serail killer so that he could advance his career by being the one who defended "Swedens first serial killer"

A quote from Borgström on the Assange case (translated)

"Sometimes it is difficult to know what sexual assault is. The women who have been subjected does not always define it that way. It is a severe problem in our society and it can be hard to judge what really happened if you are not a lawyer"

So the girls went to the police not to press charges but to get Julian tested. When Borgström got involved, the situation changed.

Article in Swedish MSM http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article12695728.ab
Again, use google translate.

EDIT: In Sweden the justice system does not allow for withdrawal of any charges made. Technically the victim just reports the crime and then the police pass it on to the prosecutor who is required by law to press charges if there is any chance of a conviction.

He's still got to get safe

He's still got to get safe passage from the Embassy to the airport.. he could easily go missing in a MI6 car crash.

For Whom the Bell Tolls.

Better watch his back!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

If they wanted him they would have had him