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Federal court evidence needed (failure to file)

If you were being tried in federal court for failure to file and you had to have all pretrial evidence filed by this Friday the 17th. What video and or other resources would you submit? You know, your favorite stuff that you'd want the government to know that you know...The stuff that proves they are criminal theives.
We know it is based on War powers, we are aware that UCC defense is ineffective.
Thanks so much in advance.
For this cause we stake our lives, our liberty, our fortune and our sacred honor.
I sometimes wish we were not so alone but it is what it is.
God however is with us.
He is in control.
He is good.
Best of all He HATES unjust weights and measures.
Best to all!
Your prayers are invaluable!

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Go Here

Thanks Skipper

Love Truth Attack and Tom Cryer!!
Lotsa good stuff there!

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.

more info??

Failure to file taxes im assuming?? And you have to submit evidence you plan to use by friday? Im pretty familiar with criminal law... not tax law... but one thing i would wonder is.... its a crime to knowinly support terrorists/affiliates,etc. And knowing our government is sending aid to alqaeda in syria... you didn't want to be commiting a felony by paying taxes to a government supporting terrorists. Kinda wild bit just throwin it out there til i know more. .. Just wonder if theres exception anywhere that would cover that.

Great thought PmPowell

This brings up many religious objections as well. Unfortunately these have been tried and were not "deemed" satifactory/sufficient defense.
What is illegal for us is perfectly legal for gov't... this is the very definition of Tyranny!!
THank you for your input

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.