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What do You Think Rand Will Speak About at Convention?

After Rand's endorsement decision I was a little dissapointed (to say the least). I understand his arguement of trying to play ball to have more influence and still think his views are the same. Although the timing of the endorsement made me want to vomit.... I thought he could have waited at least till after it was official.

But that leaves me wondering, even if he still is promoting liberty, how will he be able to spread that message when endorsing a canidte that cares little about our rights?

Should we expect anti-obama rhetoric? Generalizations on how to get the economy on the right track? Will he dare to mention the opressive laws that the 'presumptive nominee' supports like the NDAA or PATRIOT Act?

Rand may find himself in a tough spot. While trying to please the party, I don't see him giving a rousing speech against many of the issues the establishment supports. So his once loyal supporters may feel hes becoming like the rest.... and he may never really get the full support of the 'establishment rebuplicans'..whih leaves not a huge following ...I still have a lot of respect for Rand after watching him be the lone voice of reason in the Senate time and time again.... i just hope he knows what hes doing.

Predictions? Will he bring civil liberties and constitutional government to the forefront? Or will we be hearing how important it is to beat Obama?

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"Ladies and

"Ladies and Gentleman...er..and you puny rogue RP extremists,

Let's not bomb the Iranians, let's just besiege the entire country and see how many we can starve out. It's more lasting fun that way. I propose we should crack down on the 'Internet Extremism' too. Their are way too many dumb plebs out their that "think they own the Internet".

I am in full support of every issue Romney claimed he was at least once. And Paul Ryan, what a budget genius, I mean, balancing the budget by 2040, who'd of thunk?

And thank you oh great and powerful GOP for giving me my 15 minutes of fame"

First off

He'll enter the venue in a clear bullet proof bubble so none of the little people will be able to shake his hand or touch him.

He'll be surrounded by body guards too.

Then he will speak about how wonderful he and oromney are because they do want to do...(fill in the blanks) all while the convention goes to commercial in the late night hour when everyone is asleep or early morning when people are at work.

But when he first takes the stage he will shake that curl on his forehead from the wig he wears and look down at his elevated shoes just because......he's short and arrogant.

He'll have an air of self importance because hey he has a daddy who is revered by the little people and he is himself a doctor like his daddy. He'll end his speech by asking for money to pass a bill we don't even care about.

People in the audience will be asking "who is that now? Isn't that the guy who endorsed Romney when his dad was winning the primaries?"

(sorry Carol)

Keepin' it real.


He's got Caesar/Pepin the Great syndrome. No hair, petite, and wants to run the world because of it.

LOL! I think your prediction will be pretty accurate!

I hope people will turn their back in protest on him. Don't boo him. Just turn around and play a game on your cell phone or something.

he'll read from the RNC

he'll read from the RNC memo...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Constitutional government

I predict he will speak about constitutional government, and anything about fiscal responsibility that doesn't involve cuts to the DoD.

Since the central theme of the RNC seems to be anti-Obama rhetoric, I'm sure Rand will mention beat Obama, but he will be one of the few, if not only speaker who brings up anything of substance.

Oh, I don't know...

...something about how 'politicians are empty vessels that are to be imbued with the..yada yada yada.." or "The rise of the tea party was a loud message to congress, and electing Mittens Romney will send a loud message to the world that the US is back baby! Yeah! America! Fuck Yeah!"....or something like that.