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Financial Help for Delegates to get to the Convention

There are a lot of scam artists claiming to be delegates and screaming about some campaign email saying the bill is on them. These are cointelpro. You should ignore them.

That is always how it was going to work in the first place. Ron Paul is not your daddy. He is not going to hold your hand.

However if you seek you will find, the DP can be a charitable place.

So ask, coordinate, carpool, bunk up, and so on.

To those who complain. In the 1988 campaign, Ron only ate lunch meat sandwiches and crashed at people's houses during that run. Just saying.


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Talk about co int el pros (code)

Everyone view this. It's important.

Internet Shills & Hired Trolls-What You NEED to Know [X-SecT] Anonymous (v1.0)

I should make a post of it but putting it here is right on topic.

Everyone needs to listen to this. Bloggers take note-Heed. We have had this occur one too many times here on DP.

Not sure which one will work here. You could try them both.



Keepin' it real.