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Drinking Distilled Water?

I have complied this thread to share my recent research (and ongoing frustration) on clean and healthy water with all you DPers. If it wasn't for the dailypaul, I would still be drinking tap water all day, everyday and thinking I was doing my body good. I currently own a couple Berkey systems with 2 black Berkeys and 2 pf-2's. I've had these for well over a year now and I've been enjoying them. The Berkeys are the best system I have found simply because they don't need electricity. The only 'cons' are that it takes so long to filter and the reservoir is so small that I am constantly draining them into storage vessels and refilling them - due to the fact that me and my family and friends drink a lot of water and I cook with the water every night.

I am beginning to think that my pf-2's are needing to be replaced. They are tasting funky and I've primed them several times. When I prime them I turn them both ways (with and against the flow arrow) until they run clear and taste normal again (i hold them to the faucet and drink the results from a glass). But as soon as i reinstall them and fill the reservoir, the next day they revert to the old funky taste. This makes me think that My filters are past their prime and have filtered so much junk that they now cannot hold any more and are releasing it into the water.

That is not why I'm writing this; however, it does remind me of why I purchased these in the first place: self-reliance. If the power goes out and the city water stops pumping, I want to be able to purify my outdoor water. It dawns on me that I don't want to be dependent upon the Berkey manufacturers to replace my filters. If they only last me about a year while I'm using city water... how will they hold up to pond water? They are also expensive, so stocking up on filters... it just seems like my money could be better spent elsewhere.

So now I'm looking into distilling. I know it uses a lot of energy to heat a still and is very slow, but could be good info to know in a pinch.

So I arrived at the notion that distilled water is not safe for prolonged use as it depletes the body of minerals, furthermore it actually concentrates VOCs (volatile organic compounds). This mainly comes from this article by Dr. Mercola, but after reading a few DP threads and other websites, most people seem to agree.

Then as I was trying to find out which mineral solutions I need to add to distilled water (apparently Himalayan Sea Salt???), I found this compilation of sources saying just about the opposite. These sources all agree that distillation is fine by itself and agree that (summing most of them up with a quote from one source):

"Mountain spring water is not ideal for the human body because it contains inorganic minerals that the human body can neither use nor precipitate out. These inorganic minerals tend to hook up with cholesterol in the body and form a thick plaque in the arteries. Distilled water does not have this effect. When you eat a piece of fruit or a vegetable, you are consuming distilled water. The minerals are taken from the soil, the plant distills them, and then you consume them. You may have heard that distilled water "leaches" minerals from the body. That is partially true. The minerals that are leached(removed) by distilled water are the inorganic minerals that the body cannot use. The effect, therefore, is healthful. Distilled water will not leach (organic) minerals that have become part of the structure of the body cell system. Once a mineral has become part of the cell structure, it cannot be leached."

I'd love to hear some feedback on these statements. They reminded me of what I have heard about counterarguments to the old "marijuana kills brain cells" line, in that cannabis attacks only those cells which are old and in need of dying (lest they term cancerous) while not affecting the young healthy cells.

If that wasn't enough, next I found this article rebutting Mercola's original article, but not in the way I would have expected.He agrees with Mercola that Distilled water needs to have minerals reintroduced. However, he seems to think that I need to buy a counter-top/ plug-in still in order to vent out VOCs or filter them after distillation using a charcoal filter.

Then I read this study which agrees that many VOCs and pesticides which have a boiling point below or near that of water will be left behind in the distilled water. It did give a few good suggestions on preventing this (as they usually vaporize and condense before water does, a gas vent can be used early on, as well as discarding the first pint of liquid, or running them through a Active carbon filter (the very thing I'm wanting to avoid) prior to the process.
The pesticides are what scares me because I live on a family farm which is finally ending its lease with a gmo farmer this year, so sprays/ pesticides are an issue with my water.

I felt I was finally getting somewhere when I stumbled upon this woman who has been doing this whole distillation/ minerals/ water safety research for a long time. She seems to be genuine and has done her homework. She seems to think that this study is "reasonable proof" that distilled water is safe to drink. She also earns points with me by saying, "Perhaps the best research I have seen against the use of drinking distilled water is this report by the WHO. However, several researchers don't believe it's a credible report, at least not enough to disprove the use of Distilled water. One of the best rebuttals to the article was done by the Canadian Water Association."
This is an interesting excerpt from the short rebuttal:

"Dr. Daniel Menzel, on of the nation's leading toxicologists and the chairman of the Department of Community and Environmental Medicine at the University of California in Irvine, points to homeostasis as one of the reasons that the idea of leaching of minerals by consuming high purity water is an 'erroneous assumption'.
Homeostasis is the control of ion and water concentrations in the body's fluids. All organs and tissues of the body are involved in homeostasis. When the concentration of an ion such as sodium, potassium or calcium fluctuates, water moves across the cell wall or membrane to equalize it. Therefore, any changes in concentrations from drinking high purity water are quickly and naturally brought to equilibrium. These dynamic bodily adjustments continuously occur - they can be measured and are not an ill health effect."

does this mean that the water is not replacing the minerals from within the cell???

She seems to think that we should be getting a vast majority of our minerals from food (and I don't think that is a contentious assumption), that being said she is leaning towards distilled water to be totally safe, however she still does not drink low TDS (total dissolved solids) exclusively.

Finally, I decided to search the DP, the place where my journey began. I wound up on a recent and relevant thread created by Crickett.

This led me to a lot of interesting opinions which I thought were not expanded upon enough. Some were saying to be careful of raising pH because it could neutralize the acidity of the stomach acid. Others said that higher pH foods are better for you as the acidity leads to cancerous environments.

My favorite comment from this thread is this one Submitted by helios on Sat, 11/26/2011 - 13:47.

"...The thing is with water that although we now a lot about water at the same time it is one of the most mysterious substance. The electric charge for example have a great effect on the water. Some places the water has a very high mineral content yet it doesn’t cause any problem drinking it.
Scientists working on water for a long time and only now they realizing how complex the whole water issue is. So the water chemistry is just only one aspect that we need to be aware of. I hope this helps."

replied by reedr3v on Sat, 11/26/2011 - 14:15.

thanks for your input. Besides the complexity
you point out, each individual must find his/her own needs and ways through the tangle of known and unknown factors. Research, self-experiment and grow self knowledge.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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I distill using megahome

I distill using megahome (cheap, had it for over a year, quite but small.) I also add minerals using Concentrace brand. I don't know if it's bad or not, when i first did my research i came to the conclusion that it is bad to drink distilled water alone. At least the water tastes better with the added minerals and I don't have to worry about not getting enough minerals.

"you're a funny dude, but who gives a fuck about that? I don't care about someone's wit, I care about the courage of their heart and the honesty of their mind."

I drink distilled water.Both plain and mixed with juice.

I would recommend mixing it with your favorite organic juice.The juice adds great flavor and minerals.My favorite mix is 1/4 grape juice and lemonade and 3/4 distilled water.I have heard both sides of the argument,but it makes more sense to me to start with pure distilled water because you can very easily add minerals to it if you like.Of course,it would be helpful if we could see a lab test comparison of bottled distilled water vs home distilled water vs the filtered water of some of the popular water filters.You don't really know what is in the water unless it is tested,regardless of what any health guru tells you.Tap water quality varies greatly among different areas.Actually,it would also be helpful to see random tests of foods marketed as organic vs non organic.I wonder if any so called organic products would contain traces of pesticides?You would hope with all the thousands of channels of garbage on tv and the internet,someone could produce a show where they randomly test our food and water from different sources and let us see the results.I think that would be a great service to people.

Distilled Water

I distilled my drinking water for years. Loved that sweet water! I had a high end laboratory model which was a very nice unit. I personally would stay away from cheap models, unless you just can't afford a good unit.

Do a good bit of research to understand how the different models work. Distillers will require peroidic maintenance, they don't just run forever without taking care of them. A prefilter is a very good idea to help remove as much as possible from your tap water before it goes into the distiller, helps keep deposits from building up in the boiling pan.

I had researched all the talk about not getting minerals by drinking distilled water and all the other bunk. And, that is pretty much what it is...bunk. Most of the minerals we need for our bodies are obtained from the food we eat, if you are going to worry about it, just take a good multi vitamin and relax. As for leaching minerals out of our body...whoever buys into that one probably drinks their own urine..haha

I distill my drinking water.

I distill my drinking water. At first I had a Berkey's but I never did like the taste even when it was brand new. I could always taste something chemically even after filtration. I have put the Berkey's away for power out emergencies. I also was interested in removing fluoride since my city began fluoridation a year ago. Some research seemed uncertain whether distillation removed fluoride, but I found much in my research that affirmed it did.

I do add minerals back into the distilled water because within a couple weeks of drinking distilled water without minerals I began having heart palpitations. I did some research and saw some discussions that distilled water could affect this so I began adding mineral drops which seems to work since I only seem to get the palpitations if we forget to remineralize the drinking water. No one else in my household gets the palpitations though.

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Great topic

I'm distilling here in the big city because I want their dadblasted added Flouride removed... And I called the mfg of my Distiller today - Water Wise - asking about supplementing the minerals. And their rep entirely disputed the claim that distilled water would "leech" our bodies of any minerals. AND I'd already begun using Redmond Products...their clay and their "Real Salt".

Too bad we have reason to worry about our manipulated supply of water and food - but we do, and that's simply a fact of life, as I see it.

Susie 4 Liberty

Alot of misnomers and pseudo jargon

Concentration always flow from high to low. If you drink water that lacks minerals, you wash, or dilute out more minerals than non distilled water.
basic science.
The body can compensate some what. It depends on your diet and the source of minerals.
Water itself, is not primary source of minerals and the mineral content would vary from location and source.

Drinking DI water is absolutely safe. If you are going to drink it while run a marathon, you will probably cramp out before you finish.

to update... I found this model whch seems to suit my needs.

and guess where I found it? Ron Paul Forums... go figure.
and a very similar one on youtube:

This is a very simple design and all it really takes is a stock pot, bundt cake pan and a mixing bowl. this would work over an open fire as well as on the stovetop.
The only problem I can see is finding a stainless steel bundt cake pan. I suppose a glass one would be better, but I can't find one that has the tube/ hole in the middle... while I'm at it, i can't find a stainless one either, all i can find is aluminum/ nonstick.

Here is a different style distiller that runs off of solar power, might be just as easy to make as it requires only a glass panel and a stainless piece of steel sheet metal.

To clarify:

I'm looking for a cheap and easy to make distilling method that doesn't need electricity and could be useful/ easy to clean without power.

I drink distilled water. I

I drink distilled water. I bought a great one on the internet, and it only takes 3 hours. It has a special filter that supposedly adds some minerals to it but I have these metal rods that I keep in it that supposedly help ionize and put more minerals (trace amounts) in it. There is a good place to buy these on ebay. I bought the distiller from somewhere else but bought new filters for it from a Chinese guy on Ebay at a much reduced price that had much better customer service. One distiller on the internet sells for only $65.00! I paid $199.00 for my unit which distills into a glass jug. I have heard that the plastic will leach into the distilled water, if not.


An "organic mineral" is an oxymoron. And VOC is "volatile organic compound" (kinda like Ron Paul supporters).

It's a wonder our ancestors managed to survive: I rather imagine that many of them only drank water once a day, if they were lucky.

It's all very well to get minerals from food, but that presupposes the soil had the minerals to give the food in the first place.

I drink too much tea, which interferes with the uptake of iron, but supplies magnesium and tannic acids that prevent skin cancer. Sigh.

Look around at your fellow guinea pigs: if there is an epidemic of a mineral-related disease (hair loss, etc.), then supplement. Presumably, your local conditions will be exhibited in your area. Trust your organs to do some additional filtering. I like the idea of carbon filters as these, in effect, filter like the earth does.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I like Mineral Water

Gerolsteiner, San Peligrino, Crystal Geyser, Calistoga.
More refreshing than plain. Many people attribute health benefits.


"Not only does it quench your thirst, it also supplies the organism with many valuable minerals and trace elements that the body is not capable of providing itself. Here an overview of the most important ones: Calcium encourages growth and strengthens bones and teeth. Magnesium strengthens the nerves and stimulates the heart and circulation. And hydrogen carbonate provides for a balanced acid-base balance and protects against hyperacidity and heartburn."

"All of the minerals are already in a solubilized state in the water and can thus be absorbed and utilized by the organism without any problem (Keyword: Bioavailability)."

But what I am wondering

is perhaps it doesn't make much sense to be drinking all the minerals actually IN my water.
For instance, I consider myself to be eating a fairly healthy diet with plenty of vegetables and nuts which actually grow in my home garden. I have supply of fresh milk for my calcium needs.
I'm wondering if drinking minerals in my water is actually necessary?

I'm wondering if some people report benefits of mineral water, while some enjoy distilled because of the differences in their diet and body type?

Like I said, I'm looking for as much info as I can on both sides of the aisle so I can make my own honest opinion and go from there. Its Just like studying History, If we weren't there we can't know what happened for sure, but we can take as much info from people who were as we can, and then make our decisions.

All i drink i distilled

All i drink i distilled water. It's the purest form of water. Rainwater before it hits the ground is distilled water. People that say that it isn't good for you don't know what they are talking about.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Depends on what is in the water

You claim that rain water is is water is it's purest form is bogus.

On rainwater...

It is only as pure as the air it falls through. You might want to watch "What in the World are they spraying". Have it tested and then make up your mind.

I can't help but remind myself of Gen. Ripper

from Dr. Strangelove.
Gen. Ripper goes crazy and tries to force the gov't into dropping the atomic bomb. While in his bunker awaiting the inevitable, he explains to Mandrake the importance of pure water.

Absolute complete non-sense!

Not the OP, rather the idea that distilled water is not safe!

The article by Dr. Mercola about distilled water was not actually written by him, but he has distributed it for years. I am not sure why he distributes this non-sense.

My grandparents drink ONLY distilled water and have for more than 40 years! They are active and healthy and both in their late 80's. NO HEALTH PROBLEMS EVER!!

I drink only distilled water, as does my wife and all of my children.
Distilled water is what we should all be drinking, as it's the most pure. For the truth about distilled water, and a credible medical response to the ridiculous "Distilled water causes early death" article that Dr. Mercola circulates see the following link.


For more information about water from Dr. Weil see here: http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/ART00581/water-an-essential-part...

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Interesting, Thank you

Thank you for providing a source, However i wish he would go into more detail.

To summarize his claims:
He seems to say that we aren't sure that the body is actually absorbing minerals from water in the first place.

Also, he seems to agree that distilled water only removes the minerals and contaminants that our body has already eliminated or cannot use. He adds that it is not possible to leech out beneficial minerals which have become part of the cell structure.

He adds that the pH of distilled water is neutral so there is no need for baking soda, salt, etc...

He agrees with my natural tendency to believe that we should be getting our minerals from food and not water in the first place.

But... You have also provided what I am really looking for: first hand accounts.
From the woman at the link here: http://www.procyclingwomen.com/Distiller/Distiller.html ... Apparently there has never been a decent study done on more than a few people who drink distilled water exclusively like yourself and your family. I've read the main drawbacks could be that when you work outside and get really hot and sweaty (like I do often) that this is when distilled water is a disadvantage (the whole electrolytes argument. any thoughts?

What is your source for distilled water?

I have never heard about

I have never heard about distilled water concerns over being hot and sweaty. In fact, we live in Arizona most of the time and are outside often and for hours at a time. I have come to really trust Dr. Weil. When he gives answers to a question, he not only relies on his own medical knowledge as a physician but also checks with experts in the field. Both traditional and non traditional.

Again, my grandparents have been drinking only distilled water for more than 40 years. They live in Arizona. They work tirelessly in their garden, and still play golf and tennis every week and both are in their upper 80's. They are the reason I have been drinking distilled water since high school.

My family drinks only distilled water and my daughters play outside getting hot and sweating all the time. We are sick far less often than most people. My daughters have not had a cold or flu in more than 3 years. I am not attributing that to distilled water as we eat healthy also, but distilled water has not leached our bodies of minerals or made us sick. LOL I believe we are healthier and less sick, in part, because of it.

I believe any distiller is probably fine. This is the one I have installed at my house. http://www.purewater4health.com/Products.html - the PW4H-D3 Under Counter Drinking Water Distiller.

My grandparents use this nifty machine and LOVE IT. It's called the Aquavie, and is small and quiet unit and it works perfect for them. http://www.amazon.com/Westinghouse-W15120A-SA98910-Aquavie-H...

When we travel we just buy distilled water in the store by the gallon. The types of containers that milk and water come in (the one gallon standard containers) have no issues with plastic leaking into the liquid and are also BPA free.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you so much.

You have certainly made me feel more comfortable. A few years ago when I was in college I actually spent about a year drinking only distilled water from the plastic jugs. I would also drink a lot of milk and occasionally some sweet tea from restaurants. I remember feeling like I was very healthy. I eventually quit that and switched to the berkeys when I got tired of paying a dollar+ for each gallon jug.
I'm now looking into home distilling while trying to find a feasible method that i can incorporate without electricity, ie: wood burning.
Again, thanks!

Yes I suppose alot of us have been pondering all the options

and not really happy with any solution on the market yet. If you do R/O I suggest up to 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. that makes it alkaline and it quenches your thirst. Take minerals and eat organic.
Great book about Hidden Messages in Water by a japanese gentleman. He's proven undiscovered power - a group of people chanted over and purified the most polluted lake in Japan. It's a formula of love and gratitude (2 parts). He has many other demonstrations - water frozen crystals -microwave, polluted cities, human involvement, etc. Since you are mostly water that purification can happen to you. Perhaps that is part of the mystery of water. Facinating creation we live in. I also think they can cleanse the gulf of mexico with an opposite sound frequency.


water has no mineral content and little oxygen.

It's used for batteries and steamers is all.

Marijuana rots the frontal lobe of your brain like a lobotomy would it fries it...

Have fun figuring it all out.

You could drink mineral water and quit smoking.... LOL ez as 1-2-3

Keepin' it real.

I am interested to read your explanation...

...for the whole 'frontal lobe' thing.

I am aware of the fact that distilled water has little mineral content.
By 'little oxygen' are you referring to the one molecule in h20? if i'm not wrong, please correct, if it had more oxygen it would become hydrogen peroxide (h2o2)???

thanks for the bump.

Yes, I heard distilled is not heathy and can lead to death

Not something to play with as it can be dangerous. Get as much info on it first.

And I heard Ron Paul dropped

And I heard Ron Paul dropped out of the race!! Not everything we hear is true. :)

Distilled water is not only safe...It's the safest of all because it's pure.

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