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Reading a bit of the old stuff!

I decided to look back on the first few pages of this website. If you go all the way back we are only 85 shy of 1000 pages.

I came across the article posted on here shortly after the debate that woke many of us up. The Rudy vs. Ron on 5/15/2007. I remember the date because it was the day before my birthday. To know I had a candidate who cured my apathy was one of the best presents ever...
Anyways, just reading this link, http://www.dailypaul.com/137/media-manipulation-against-the-... made me realize that we really have to thank the MMS in their arrogance it created the youth movement. And here's what I mean.

Ron Paul shook a lot and I mean a lot of people that night. He flat out told the figurehead of NYC during 9/11 to shove his warmongering up his u know what. A bunch of younger tech savvy people began to research the good Drs words about there being more to the story than what was being fed to them.

Thank you media arrogance and bias. When the MSM decided to effectively delete Ron Paul from the internet all together it justified what people were questioning. And effectively started the R3VOLUTiON!

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Blessings arrive in surprising packages

Things look so bad.. in the shortrun. Great post!