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Stop the Senate Online Sales Tax

Congress, censors, tyrants, lobbyists, businesses, free individuals, and internet freedom activists around the country are buzzing about the latest rumor of tyranny from the Capital, a government sales tax on internet sales, known as The Marketplace “Fairness Act”.

Legislation centered around internet taxes and taxes in general will always exploit the public’s definition of “fair”, which is most definitely not defined by the delivery of authority to the state to steal from the salary of free individuals and the income and output of various businesses online.

There is nothing “fair” about a sales tax on internet sales, just like there would be nothing more fair about the mafia stealing a higher percentage of your salary because you decided to earn a higher income by utilizing online sales with internet wired through “their” neighborhood.

According to Senator Jim DeMint, who is in opposition to tyrannical internet taxes and internet tax legislation like the Marketplace “Fairness” Act, S. 1832,

“The Marketplace Fairness Act recently introduced in the Senate would require online retailers to collect and pay sales taxes to states where they have no physical presence or democratic recourse. Overstock.com, eBay and the like could have to pay sales taxes to any state from which an Internet user placed an order, even if the company’s headquarters, warehouses and sales staff are located entirely in other states” [Source: Wall Street Journal]


LINK: http://livingnotsurviving.com/2012/08/15/stop-s-1832-the-gov...

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