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What do Liberty minded people think of Reagan?

I do not know much about Reagan other than what the Rushs and the Becks say about him.

Some minor research shows that he infact grew the government much like anyone else. What do DPers think of him?

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I think he's dead

I also think his wife's astrologer made most of his policy decisions.

An Actor

I think he was an actor who set the stage for what we have today. He said the right things and rallied conservative devotees to the Republican party. All the while the neocons were waiting in the wings for act 2, and the Republican Congress did their own bidding instead of the people's.

I am hoping and praying for that curtain to close and a new stage set with Ron Paul in the White House with Liberty and Justice for all.

Reagan or bust---us?

As I recall Reagan's shrink the gov't agencies campaign ended when he tried to eliminate the department headed by John Towers' wife. He ran into a buzz saw and never tried again---as I recall. Towers was a very powerful Republican Senator.

Like the liberals, the conservatives need a hero too.

Total federal expenditures grow under Reagan (first trillion $ year):
1982 - $1.058 trillion, 1989 - $1.6993' trillion, increased each year after 1982.

Deficit spending grows under Reagan:
1982 - $127,977,000,000, 1989 $152,639,000,000.

Federal employment rose under Reagan
1982 - 2,77 million, 1990 - 3.06 million

Federal employment shrank under Jimmy Carter:
1978 - 2.87 million, 1982 2.77 million


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Two words on Ronald Reagan:

Brady Bill. Ronald Reagan believed in "common sense" gun control. Oh, and what about Iran-Contra? Ollie North took the fall for him (which doesn't let Ollie North off the hook, and why is HE such a patriot?

The teflon president and tool

The teflon president and tool of the bankers. Every president since and including Lincoln has been a federalist.

george III

VERY insightful, I learned a

VERY insightful, I learned a LOT. Thank you.

"The result: the monstrous deficit, now apparently permanently fixed somewhere around $200 billion..."

Wow, look at that. ~1% of where we are now. Monstrous. What.

End The Fed!
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Bush tried to kill Reagan and

Bush tried to kill Reagan and that put him in line...

"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." Ben Franklin

Looks like it worked.

Poppy had dinner with Hinkley's family the night before the assasination attempt.

F*** Reagan

Reagan Armed Saddam with Chemical Weapons, NOTHING CAN JUSTIFY THAT!, he knew exactly what he was doing, He gave the green light for Iraq to invade Iran, Once you get into the business of selling these instruments of death, You are not a human, How can anyone say it is ok to give a psychopathic dictator weapons who is killing Kurds and Shiites?, I will never embrace a president like that, no matter what kind of polices he makes, fuck him

Reagan WAS rock solid & talked a good talk but...

he ended up doing the opposite of everything he said. The REAL question that no one asks is WHY did Reagan do a complete 180?

This is the guy who talked about sound money, possibly the gold std, auditing Fort Knox, abolishing the Dept of Education, cutting spending, etc... Additionally, he was the only modern president who wasn't a member of the CFR & the Trilateral Commission.

Sadly, he did the opposite of his goals. Though, he did create a Gold Commission which was headed up by Ron Paul but RP was outvoted by others on the committee bringing the audit to a halt.

Going back to my original question...why did Reagan do a complete 180? In order to answer this question you need to understand:
-everything behind the assassination attempt by Hinckley.
-That opens a can of worms--namely the MK Ultra Program.
-And the connections between the Hinckley family and the Bush family.
-And lastly, Reagan did not want his GOP primary opponent & CIA director George HW Bush as his VP!

Just do a little brief research and it's blatantly obvious what happened. There really aren't any dots to connect. It's all right there hidden in plain view :-\

What do liberty minded people

What do liberty minded people think of Paul Wellstone from Minnesota? Many think he was murdered.

Reagan was good, but naive

Until about 1984

Senator Peter Schiff 2016


Personally....I don't know enough about him to say one way or the other. Who has the time to research past Presidents when our current dictator and his closest competitor are in the news every 10 seconds proving their lack of character and their lack of Patriotic motivations.

Ask Dr. Ron Paul!!

He knows the failures of Ronald Reagan. He left the republican in part because of Reagans failures

Interesting comment. Perhaps

Interesting comment. Perhaps because Reagan compromised rather than stuck to his supposed principles? I wonder how hard Ron Paul is praying for his son who has yet to learn and experience what has Dr. Paul.

Ron Paul's resignation letter

From the Republican Party


allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

Reagan did not bring the Soviets

Communism can not exist for long periods of time. We now know the soviet system was in shambles long before Reagan took office.

Was one of the better presidents of the last 100 years

He cut taxes on the living, and taxed the unborn. He gave us trickle down theory, which lead to less competition, and therefor less efficiency and more corruption.

I CRINGE around all

the positive Reagan crap. I was a democrat at that time & I'm glad I was. I ONLY registered republican because I HATED Clinton & wanted to to change to something & still vote in the primary. Now, that decades have gone by since Reagan, he's acquired a saintly glow, which he didn't earn.

I HATED Reagan!


Don't know much about him but

Don't know much about him but he seemed to me like an incompetent man with a good heart.

"Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot."

Reagan sucked

tripled the debt, raised taxes, war on drugs, South American contras, weapons for hostages in Iran, lots of BS talk about small government... but just talk.. He seems to be the model for modern Republicans.. no wonder he is their hero.


I just want to add that at the time it seemed like eternity that he was President. I was so thankful for the term limits. Of course we have largely gotten more of the same. Now I am numb.

Reagan 'talked the talk'...

but he didn't 'walk the walk'.

He gave us the drug war. He did nothing to end the newly created Department of Education. He didn't stop intervention in the Middle East. He didn't...

Actions Speak Louder than Words - http://www.dailypaul.com/249009/actions-speak-louder-than-words

Simply find out for yourself.


From a Ron Paul perspective, Ronald Reagan was the third or fourth best president we had in the 20th century. The deficits during his administration were outrageous, but, not wholly inexcusable. By starting an arms race, Reagan was able to force the Soviet Union to practically bankrupt itself and therefore won the Cold War without firing a single shot. All Conservatives support Reagan's arms race. Where Paleocons and Neocons differ however is that those of us that are Paloconservatives believe the government should have cut defense spending and greatly downsized the military once the Soviet Union collapsed, whereas Neocons believe America should be in a perpetual, militarized state in order to bring Democracy "freedom" to the world.

Here's the Wikipedia link to what Reagan did as president:


Reagan's Cold War Arms Race

Reagan's Cold War Arms Race did not bankrupt Soviet Union http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_HGZGbooPw&feature=plcp

But if graded on a scale, Reagan's foreign policy doesn't seem too bad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liIlS1Rhezk&feature=plcp

And here's something you can use for those neocons who say Ron Paul is crazy for wanting to have friendly relations w/ Iran: Reagan wanted to have friendly relations with the Soviet Union http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpfXw2Nj_Wk&feature=plcp

He was an actor

He auditioned and got the part, and never waivered on the script. Bush was in charge from the get go!
I lived in Cali during his governor years and we called him Ronnie Ray-gun. He certainly didn't represent the people or do the state any good. He spoke the talk but his actions didn't stack up! He was a puppet like all the rest!

Just look at what he did

to the protestors when he was gov. of California.
A regular tyrant!

I was to young to remember

but, in my mind he was a good man who was in way over his head. I don't think he had the capacity to understand what he was up against and then they tried to kill him... after that he was completely ineffective.

Either way his presidency was a huge failure.

Reagan talked real purty,

but his actions spoke louder than his purty words.

Speak boldly and carry a wet noodle