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It's not about the Democratic Party winning, but rather about the establishment GOP losing.

And THIS is the reason why so many inspired Ron Paul supporters will be either voting for, or writing-in Ron Paul.

That is my answer to anyone who tells me that my vote for Ron Paul is just a vote for Obama.

The establishment couldn't figure out why they lost when they nominated McCain/Palin in 2008, and they still can't figure out why they're going to lose with Romney/Ryan in 2012.

They have shunned Ron Paul. They have lied, cheated, blacked-out the Champion of the Constitution, and the masses that rallied and fought for him. The establishment GOP is corrupt big goverment, big spending, interventionist, and shows zero adherence to the Constitution and/or liberty.

And this will be remembered in November.

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the establishment always wins - that's the point

doesn't matter what the 'establishment GOP' 'loses' ... completely irrelevant.

they own both horses

The Republicans have been known to shoot themselves

in the foot before, but this time they exceeded all expectations. Never before have I voted for a candidate I did not want to see win, so the party I supported would lose.

3 losers running

So i will cast my vote against the one i hate most!
Gary Johnson cant win BUT he sure can keep Romney the GOP establishment from winning !

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams




Romney, Obama, or Johnson have not "Earned" my vote.

As it stands now, I truly look at the swing states more than anything, and realize that my vote or write-in won't matter anyway.

Blue states should remain blue, and red states should remain red. So, in my case, my write-in for Ron Paul is just for my own personal satisfaction. I could care less about political consequences at this point.

The GOP Establishment Party falling flat on its face will hopefully lead to the dissolving of it.
The Libertarian Party can't win anyway, and really doesn't have a candidate in Gary Johnson that I can truly say that I want to vote for.
The Democratic Party won't win by much, still proving that people are still just fed up with the way our country is being ran.

We are going to have a tough next four years. However, it is going to be all about finding more local candidates that heed Ron Paul's messages & Constitutional stances. Getting more governor's, senators, congressmen, etc. into office will lead to hopefully turning our country around. As for president, Rand Paul is out for 2016 or 2020 for me too. He represents the GOP establishment that will steal any good ideas from the TEA Party or Liberty movement, but he is GOP establishment in sheep's clothing... nothing more.

I don't buy into the notion that "We are finished" if we get Obama for another 4 years. I think what Ron Paul's purity has done, is grown a rEVOLution to about 10-15% of the American population, and his ideas that are still growing. It may just take some more oppression for 4 more years by Obama for the rest of the nation to truly wake up, and all call for someone like Ron Paul to be our next president.

At this point, if it's not Ron Paul as our next president, I could care less who it is.

Forget writing Ron Paul in,

Forget writing Ron Paul in, it's a gesture that not only won't affect anything but will also go unnoticed since realistically nobody's going to report how many people scribbled the name "Ron Paul" on their ballots.

I'm tempted to just vote for Obama... If the GOP wants to F me over then I'll turn around and F them over

I Agree. Vote for the Next Best Alternative

Write in names are never counted unless none of the other candidates has a majority. If you want to have an impact that is noticed, you got to vote, and vote for someone other than Romney. We're lucky to have that choice this cycle, in Gary Johnson, who ideologically is identical to Ron Paul and he will be on the ballot in every state. American history shows that anytime a 3rd Party starts polling double digits in national elections, things change, as one of the major parties attempts to attract that voting block into its fold. So, if you really want the R party to change for the better, you should vote for the Libertarian candidate in the presidential race.

"The more laws we make, the more snares we lay to entrap ourselves."
- Sir Francis Bacon, Nov. 1, 1601

The NWO/Global corporate government

The NWO/global corporate government wants ONE political Party to Represent the USA, and they want that to be the Democratic Party. They are using MSM to render the GOP to dust so they can establish ONE PARTY, like Communist China, to rule over us indefinately.

This is why Ron Paul chose the GOP. There are seats available... what most people know about the GOP is MSM BS.

So if you want ONE PARTY, the Democratic Party, to dictate to you for the rest of your life, vote Obama, vote GJ, do anything and everything to do what MSM wants you to do, and don't vote for Romney, as they are running him to LOSE the GOP and give us a NWO.

Many say there is no differences between Parties... Ron Paul Republicans are working to make the differences so we can restore constitutional government. It's not about Romney, it's about Ron Paul Republicans chance to restore the republic.

Cut the bullshit.

The one-party thing will never happen, as the GOP and DNC both depend on the phony two-party construct to keep their stranglehold on American politics. Not to mention, without even an illusion of choice, people will just stop caring about elections altogether. That's not good for the crooks that dominate both parties, because they all love the attention that comes from having a large audience.

Furthermore, your insistence on shilling for the crook GOP has grown tiresome. They're resistant to any change at all, proven by how they ignored us in '08 and changed the rules to screwed us over this year. Our hope lies in the younger generations: Gen X, Gen Y, and the Millenials hate the old, out-of-touch GOP. As those generations continue to grow in political influence, there are big problems ahead for the GOP, because they have done nothing to appeal to younger voters and have saddled us with their debt. Let the GOP destroy themselves and laugh from the sidelines - stop rolling around in the GOP's shit and expecting it to start smelling like roses.

I don't play, I commission the league.

I don't agree

Your excuses are lame. Stop lying and saying you support Ron Paul YOU DON'T!