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Ron Paul Email - The Fight Shifts to the Senate

Just got an email from Ron Paul. As I've been saying, Ron Paul wants us to focus on audit the Fed, and I think we should really help him out on this. Contact your Senators now!

Dear Mike,

For years, the Fed has been shrouded in secrecy as it manipulates markets, bails out its allies, and corrupts our currency.

But we just took a major step toward finally reining in the Fed. Audit the Fed passed the U.S. House 327 to 98, setting up a showdown in the Senate.

I’ve led the fight throughout this Congress on Audit the Fed – and we’ve been joined every step of the way by Campaign for Liberty.

As the Senate battle draws near, it’s vital C4L be able to activate millions of grassroots supporters from around the country.

The vote will be close. Your action today could well make the difference.

So please, read the email below from my friend Matt Hawes of Campaign for Liberty. Lend them your support and your action today.

For Liberty,
Congressman Ron Paul"

From C4L
"Dear Mike,

Our first major battle in the fight to pass Audit the Fed this Congress has been won. At the end of July, the U.S. House passed Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill 327 to 98.

Now our second major battle – and our toughest one – gets fully underway. The U.S. Senate awaits.

And if you’ve seen Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke smiling recently, I’ll tell you why. He thinks he has Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his Fed-loving, statist allies in his pocket.

That’s why it’s vital you act today to help push our momentum forward in the U.S. Senate and prove them wrong.

Senator Rand Paul stands ready to lead the charge on the inside. What he needs the most now is our critical grassroots backup.

I'll give you a link to the petition urging your senators to support Audit the Fed and insisting the Senate bring it up for a standalone, roll call vote in a moment, but let explain why this fight is so crucial.

This battle will NOT be easy. There are many “Wall Street” senators who depend on the global elite for their campaign funds and their Senate seat.

It is up to you and me to show them that seat is at risk if they stand with the renegade Fed this time.

Patriots like you have helped win battles all across the nation these past few years - passing legislation to protect liberty at the state level, defeating statist schemes on Capitol Hill, and taking party positions as we work to make a lasting impact.

AND you have helped C4L bring the Federal Reserve right into the center of the political debate. Thanks to your hard work and that of so many other Patriots, the Fed sits in shadows no more.

For years, the Federal Reserve has toiled in secrecy, with its propping up of world banks, bailing out of cronies, and printing of fiat currency not just unregulated, but largely unknown.

Those in the Washington establishment and global elite knew all about it, though. They knew the Fed propped up Wall Street bankers. They knew it floated loans to third world dictators. They knew it was devaluing the dollar and risking our entire economic system.

They were just hoping the American people wouldn’t find out.

But from coast to coast, Americans are waking up to the Fed’s disastrous history and actions. They’re not only learning about all the problems the Fed causes in our economy, but they’re so outraged they’re demanding Congress take action.

The Fed put you and me on the hook for trillions. And remember when the head of the Fed refused to tell Congress where our money went just a few short years ago?

You and I – and our Audit the Fed effort - have the banksters shaking in their boots. Desperate to hold on to both their power and their secrecy, they’ve done everything they can to stop our fight for transparency.

But we’re not backing down. We’re turning the pressure up.

You and I are already fresh off a major victory, as Audit the Fed passed the House without being watered down to make the banksters happy.

Now we stand on the verge of making history in the U.S. Senate.

Campaign for Liberty is planning a massive grassroots tidal wave of action for the time surrounding this historic vote, but only your help today will make these plans possible.

We want to make sure millions more Americans hear about the outrages perpetrated by the Fed and realize they can take action.

*** If we have the resources, we will launch hard-hitting TV ads, web ads, direct mail, and other targeted communications.

*** In addition, we will blanket the air, print, and web with earned media, tapping our vast network of reporters, editors, and opinion-makers to help shine the brightest spotlight possible on our Audit the Fed efforts in the Senate.
It is my goal to contact 5 million Americans in the coming weeks and rally them to help us make this massive push to Audit the Fed. None of this will be cheap, though.

In fact, if I can count on our members to stand by us now, I’m hoping to raise $1.5 million in the coming weeks to spread the word far and wide.

It’s no secret that money is tight for most people these days, including Campaign for Liberty. And we certainly know there are other worthy places to put your money. Believe me, we understand.

But time is running out to put all of our plans into motion. I am afraid if we let the opportunities we have this year slip away, our fight to Audit - and then END - the Fed will be set back years.

You and I have never had a better chance to win this battle.

Our issue has never had a bigger spotlight, a broader appeal, or more public evidence on our side, thanks to all of your hard work and C4L’s efforts to spread the word these last few years.

The American people heard all about the TARP bailouts.

They heard about QE 1 and 2, and they know another round could be on the way soon. They saw the Fed bail out the central banks of Europe.

They see our debt mounting and our dollar crumbling. And they’re angry. It is time to rally them to our cause and finish this fight.

Campaign for Liberty must move forward with our grassroots activism plan in order to win in the Senate.

So please, help Campaign for Liberty take advantage of our historic opportunity to pass the Audit the Fed bill by filling out your petition, and make your most generous possible contribution of $100, $50, $25, $10 - or whatever you can afford - to C4L today!

With the public spotlight of our victory in the House, and with the Fed being a major topic of political discussion and debate right now, the first part of our plan has come together, after years of hard work.

Now you and I must finish the job in the Senate. Senator Rand Paul stands ready to fight, and Campaign for Liberty is working to mobilize the critical grassroots backup he needs to advance Audit the Fed.

So please, complete your petition to C4L today, and make your most generous possible contribution today.

Thank you for all you do to help C4L Reclaim the Republic and Restore the Constitution.

In Liberty,
Matt Hawes
Vice President"

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This is total BS

There is so much BS in this email it's no surprise Ron Paul had someone else write it because he knows it's a pack of lies just like I do.

The Fed has put you and me on the hook for trillions? Under what authority does the Fed have to hold me or you responsible for anything they do. I'll give you the answer to that since Ron Paul refused to, the answer is NONE, this private corporation who calls themselves the Federal Reserve deserve nothing other than having their criminal asses thrown in prison for the terrorist acts they've committed against this country. If anyone is on the hook for trillions in assets owed to this country it's those who work or have worked for this global criminal terrorist group known as the federal reserve.

And if those in Congress continue to ignore the national security threat this private corporation is to this country than they too should be held accountable and prosecuted under the federal RICO Act and terrorist laws of this country for being accomplices with these evil doers.

That's the only discussing which needs to be taking place on this subject. These frauds never had the constitutional right to issue money in this country, only Congress was given the power to coin money, the constitution didn't give Congress the authority to turn over this power to private global corporations.

And then to have the nerve to ask us for donations in order to help fight this farce, you don't need money to fight these criminals, federal criminal charges are all you need. The Revolution has already donated tens of millions of dollars to these campaigns which have brought zero results from them. Any results you have seen are because of the grass roots movement and what they have accomplished. I see no reason to give these useless campaigns any more money as they've proven themselves unworthy.

How many co-sponsors are we up to now?

....We need the official roster tally to see just how many turncoats have yet to co-sponsor Audit the Fed!!

Someone give us the updated numbers for the senate.

By the way, you should all be pushing competing currency law no matter where you live.

Call your representatives and

Call your representatives and tell them to support Audit The Fed bill S202!

This is our opportunity to take on The (non)Federal Reserve! Let us not be silenced!!!

"Prince" Harry Reid cannot stop us!

Support Audit The Fed S202 !

Make handouts, posters, stickers and plaster them everywhere

¶~~*~~Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth. ~Ludwig Börne~~*~~¶

Send more money!

Jesse Benton's bank account is running low!

allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

I don't advocate giving any

I don't advocate giving any money to the campaign or C4L, but I highly recommend everyone contact their Senators along with Senator Reid!