Surveillance Society USA

The reality is we are fast approaching a genuine surveillance society in the United States - a dark future where our every move, our every transaction, our every communication is recorded, compiled, and stored away, ready to be examined and used against us by the authorities whenever they want.

• Powerful new technologies
• Weakening privacy laws
• The "War on Terror"
• Courts that let privacy rights slip away
• A president who thinks he can ignore the law
• Big corporations becoming extensions of the surveillance state

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1984 all over again

I'm re-reading George Orwell's '1984'. I recommend each you do the same. It's a scary reminder of what can happen if we continue the course this country has begun to travel. Unfortunately, we are well on our way to a 'Big Brother' society. We all need to do whatever we can to get Ron Paul elected and reverse this dangerous trend!

Is there an Achilles Heel?

There was the moment in Stat Wars when Luke, piloting his X-wing through the Death Star canals, fired his last rocket. It was aimed at the one vulnerable spot on the gigantic spaceship: an exhaust portal. Or maybe it was a waste portal. Tiny little hole, impossible to hit. Anyhow, Luke, who had a fine reputation for blasting swamp rats, managed to hit it, and the Death Star blew up into millions of glowing specs.

The awful things that Michael has listed above are very similar to the things that Alex Jones talks about in his radio show and in his movies. Similarly, Aaron Russo's movie, and several others, all have a similar theme: to point out the horrendous things that are happening to our Republic and its citizens. We are facing a similar Death Star, and it is not enough to point out the bad thing that have occurred, are occurring and will occur. It must be stopped. There must be a way, or series of ways that the NWO plan can be disrupted. I have no idea what they might be. But the day of pointing fingers and saying, "Isn't this just terrible?" is over.

We - someone, anyone, you maybe - need to come up with some kind of plan or suggestion or idea. Forget about getting the public to go along with you, this can be done by a few. What it is, I haven't a clue. But this might make for a cool thread. How do we stop the increasing loss of freedom and surveillance? Is the answer in technology? I am stumped.

Video: It's Not Just Pizza

At the "Click here for more" link above, which is the ACLU website, check out the subject video. Aaron Russo had included this piece in "America: Freedom to Fascism", which you should also view if you haven't yet (youtube).

Neo Con Strategy

The Neo Con sales pitch for Homeland Security is for US citizens to surrender their individual freedoms so that, the government can better protect us ......from what......why, of course terrrrrror. Have you seen any "terrorist" in your neightborhood lately? Maybe that gal the cops Tasered 7 times was a terrorist, but she looked OK to me. Now, we're getting in a pickle because, we don't even have to "voluntarily" surrender our individual freedoms, they just "vote" them away in congress. People who still buy in to the traditional rhetoric from the Republican and Democrat (note, I said traditional, not RP) are already brainwashed by years of media controlled slop - pre internet. #9, #9, #9, #9, it's time for your flu shot, #9. (who says you need a flu shot - you gotta wonder)

Ron Paul's movement is so refreshing because we can see some clarity and truth in America - and some hope, if we can break the shackles of the dumbass jackass party - and the neo-cons that have seized the GOP.

alan laney

You fail to realize

You fail to realize how unsafe you are.

The terrorists want to end the way you want to live for good. You want to live in the largest, most dominant empire ever, right? Well the terrorists want you to move your guns back to your own country, and that is unacceptable. How are we supposed to protect our oil without a military presence?

What's wrong with a little world domination? (As long as us neocons are dominating, huh. snicker snicker)

"You guys are disgusting doing what you are doing. Where is your patriotism? How are you supposed to support troops when they are home? Do you want to make them hug their families, now?"

Neocon F. Dweeb

"You guys are disgusting doing what you are doing. Where is your patriotism? How are you supposed to support troops when they are home? Do you want to make them hug their families, now?"

Neocon F. Dweeb


I just watched the Zeitgeist movie yesterday.

Some people may not agree with part 1, but its the rest of the video you need to see, if that doesn't open your eyes to what our near future will be, then nothing will.


Ya, I really thought the last part was excellent. If it wasn't for that troublesome first part, it would be a great movie. There were some pretty broad generalities and a broad brushstroke as well used in the first part to attempt to cast doubt on the Christian faith. I guess the author had more than one agenda.


zeitgeist and Operatoin Vigilant Shield

WOOHOO! Just broke 483,000. I know a lot of people waiting on Friday to come. If we could get 50,000 people from across the country to just contribute on average $10 we could hit a million. That's crazy!

BTW Rudy fired his Money Lady, guess they couldn't compete with things like mass email and a hundred thousand people contributing what they could. GO RON GO!!!

I watched it a few weeks back and I really don't see what part 1 has to do with it. At least they could have put it in the back somewhere right? The rest of the movie is very good and I can definitely see us heading that way. I just don't understand why they put the whole religion thing in the beginning. I discredit that just like a book I bought "101 Myth's of the Bible". Just because something is similar to something else, doesn't make it not true in my book. UPS is similar to Fed Ex, but they both exist and are both true entities. Anyway, check it out, but if you want to save some time skip the first part.

Has everyone heard the new "NationWide Catastrophe Training" that will be happening October 15-20, 2008? Just makes me wonder what's going on seeing how on 9/11 and during the British bombings there just happened to be training scenarios going on that were exactly like the tragedies that unfolded. It's called Operation Vigilant Shield, and is it just me or is that right before elections..hmmmm See you behind the barbed wire guys! LOL

That could be why

That could be why those nukes were being shipped down from North Dakota few weeks back. Someone in the inside leaked this information out to the press. October 1st is also a day that King Georges gains even more power. So if there is a "terrorist act" using a dirty bomb , we know right now who is behind it.

literacy rates

Sorry I previewed that thing two times and still didn't catch Operation in the headline. What can I say, 483,000 got me excited!

Ada, Oklahoma loves Ron Paul!!