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Ron Paul Release your TAXES!

I could not let this pass. I have been a member of the Daily Paul for
over 4 years. I have never known that Ron Paul has not released, or from what I have just found out, filed taxes in 10 years. It is time to call on the good Dr. to set the bar once again going into the convention.
I know some of you do not like Bix Weir, however, I completely agree with him on this one.

August 15, 2012


Hon. Congressman Ron Paul
203 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone Number: (202) 225-2831

Re: Release Your Taxes NOW...RON PAUL!!

Dear Sir:

I recently received SHOCKING information from a very reliable inside source in Washington stating that YOU HAVE NOT PAID ANY INCOME TAXES IN TEN YEARS! If this is true...I am speechless! Normally I would brush off such wild "conspiracy" stories but some of my best sources were saying it's actually very common amongst those in Congress to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. I even contacted your campaign office and when I asked about this topic all I got from them was "NO COMMENT".

Who do you "Washington Insiders" think you are? Do you think you are not accountable to the American people when you run for the highest office in our land?! I am stunned and saddened to hear this news and I DEMAND that you release 15 years of tax returns IMMEDIATELY to clear it up!
more here at http://www.roadtoroota.com/public/978.cfm?awt_l=Ek8No&awt_m=...

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Hmmm, I wonder if these guys

Hmmm, I wonder if these guys are actually serious. Anyways, this letter did give me an interesting idea. Why not go along with this and have RP release his tax returns? Not only would it be good publicity, but imagine the headlines saying RP released his tax returns, yet ROMNEY did not. Extra pressure on Romney, especially if you can pull it off before Tampa.

Before you

sound off on something about which you are obviously uninformed, you better do your research.

I wonder who this "reliable

I wonder who this "reliable source inside Washington" is? I am not very concerned about this latest smear campaign against Paul, because I can say with certainty that should Paul release his taxes, there will not be any conflicts of interest. The man is as honest as they come and has never opened his door for lobbyists.


Release taxes

I do not think this is a smear tactic...... Sincerus link shows what the members of congress are supposed to file, to be legal, some don't.
I don't want to fault anyone posting, but the majority of the people in the US won't understand those PDF documents, they want to see the IRS form, you know with the 1099 etc stuff...... they are not in the business of knowing much more.
I do not pay a lot of taxes for what all I do, why, well I hire people, taxes there, get work done, pay someone to do the work, more taxes, purchase products for my business, etc, and by the time the "income" I receive gets to my bank account I have less than some of my employee's. Many small business's are like that.
Then we pay a CPA to do our taxes, another expense to do business...... a huge difference than the majority of the welfare receivers, and the ones who have no idea how much work the Boss must do to just make ends meet, especially if he is a honest person.
If we weren't trying our best this whole country would be on welfare, then where do you think the money would come from ?
I don't want to live that way.
I am and have been for years a Ron Paul supporter even when my family said I was crazy, oh better add my friends also, but they don't try to vet any candidate. They just listen to tv.... and learn only what the Cabal wants them to know. They are MK ultred.

The link I posted is a great

The link I posted is a great resource for those who want to research things for themselves. It provides people with a resource to see how much money elected officials have invested in industries they regulate and how they might stand to benefit from decisions our government makes. Politicians are prime targets for contributions from industries that they regulate, and this is where one can seek out those connections.

I get what you are saying, it might be too much for the average Joe to sort through. Just trying to be helpful.

RP taxes

Your link was very helpful!
The Cabal, MSM, Wallstreet, Banking, messing with our food, GMO, not only here in the US but all over the world, and all the other means of dumbing down the minion public, has taken its toll. People are closer to puppets, not really trying to investigate and take control..... if someone else will do it let them attitude.....
Ron Paul didn't go to Washington to make his fortune he did it in Texas, oh, and he is one great economist.

Spanks!!! You nailed it.


You nailed it. The let someone else do it attitude kills me.

Maybe it's Harry Reid again,

Maybe it's Harry Reid again, haha.

LoL, of course Harry!

LoL, of course Harry!

I agree

I don't think is a smear either. This could be fuel going into Tampa to help all the Paul delegates to prove the integrity of the good Dr.
I think it is valid and could really offer another way to show the GOP how full of S*** they actually are.

Humility is the cornerstone of a Warriors Strength.