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Unblinking Surveillance Stare Armys 7 Story Flying Football Field Size Blimp

Unblinking surveillance stare: Army's 7-story flying football field-sized blimp

The U.S. Army has a 7-story flying football field-sized blimp with a 21-day unblinking surveillance stare. The LEMV, described as a "Revolutionary ISR Weapon System" completed a successful 90-minute test flight directly over New Jersey where the fiery Hindenburg disaster happened.

By Ms. Smith on Mon, 08/13/12 - 8:06pm.
When you think about high-tech "intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance" (ISR) breakthroughs, does a gigantic $172 million blimp immediately come to mind? If not, then join the club. In fact my first thought when learning about the U.S. Army's new blimp was Hindenburg.

It's not fashionable to call this flying spy (hybrid military airship) a "blimp," but a Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle (LEMV). You are no doubt familiar with the Goodyear blimp that hovers over football games, but the LEMV is almost the size of a seven-story flying football field; it's meant to fly at speeds between 30 and 80 knots without ceasing for 21 straight days while providing an "unblinking" eye of surveillance

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