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Rand Paul On Mitt Romney's VP Pick

Here is what Rand Paul had to say about Romney's VP pick.

"The pick of Paul Ryan solidifies the Republican ticket's commitment to taking on the pressing issues like the deficit, entitlement reform and tax reform," Sen. Paul said. "Congressman Ryan's values and commitment to fixing our fiscal mess stands in stark contrast to Vice President Biden - and presents a clear choice to the American people."

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Thank you for the posting guildlines

Maybe you could point out where I used profanity, or other disrespectful or divisive language?

On the few ben Swann posts I've bothered to look at, I have posted my opinion as to why he is not telling the whole truth, making it drama, not news.

Ok it is your opinion

but "disinfo agent" - the disinfo not only in my opinion means "to deliberately disseminate false informations".
Please elaborate specifically (what and when) Ben Swann did something like that. (It is nothing against you - if your strong words are true, then people here should learn the details) Otherwise your initial post clearly could be considered being disrespectful divisive language or what usually is called libel.

For one off the top of me head

When he talks about the big bad mean old GOP who disenfrancised the poor little hurt, qualified and duly elected delegates, he fails to tell anything that the central committees in each sate have the power by law, covered under contract with their state, to "vet" AKA credential delegates. It doesn't matter if you have petitioned, qualified and were duly elected.. what matters is that the central committee vets you. If they don't you're out. Ben wants to blame the RNC, the RNC has nothing to dio with it until somet=one like Ron Paul challenges them. Otgher than that why wouldn't the RNC back the committees? Of course they would.

But Ben never says central committee, and the shot he shows of a delegate, Ben misleads by making the viewer think it's the RNC again, but if you KNOW how it works, you hear the delegates say it was the state committee. So who was telling the truth? The delegates who had three seconds with a 5 second intro from Ben, or Ben?

Ben is under contract with Fox and he is not going to say anything they won't let him.

That is a fact.

Presently, in CA we are looking at Prop 32, the area council (operated by our gov. past presidents and secretary of state and all the major CEOs of corporations that control CA are pushing for it.. to the GOP they tell us it will take away the voice of those basty unions, and to the Democrats they tell them it will take away the voise of those nasty corporations, but what it does is make MSM THE voice. For the most part, that is already happening. So if you depend on folks like Ben to tell you the truth, you don't and won't know the whole truth.

That's why I press folks to go to your GOP central committee and learn the truth, see for yourself. If you're a Libertarian and can't stomach the GOP, then check out your LP central committee, IF you have one, as most places don't. LP is neutered by design.

Anyways, I don't own a TV, never did, have seen a few of Ben's vids and I'm way not impressed, nor was I with Glenn Beck, as many here were, and we found out what a traitor he was, eh? No one mentions Glenn anymore in a good light.

Yeah the Glenn...

I also don't have TV for like 10 years. I'm from and living in Europe. From what I see here from the distance the GOP dog&pony show of the nomination is really a disgrace for USA (although I have experiences from top politics here and I can say EU is nothing better). And because I was keeping my eye on 2008 campaign I never much believed Ron Paul could be nominated by GOP in 2012, although I very much appreciated he gets his exceptionally consistent word out on key issues using this pretext and I think he would be able to defeat Obama if the GOP would stand on his side.

I learn everything from internet, so I compare different reportings trying to see the larger picture. And I must say Ben Swann FactChecks sometimes are of help sumarizing informations. I don't expect more and I'm far from believing he can report everything, especially everything sinister going on in the US politics and he surely doesn't.

But I don't agree with your assesment of Ben Swann. To me your case still doesn't look to fit into the category "disinfo agent". For such strong words you would need much stronger arguments than repeating he has it wrong with pointing blame in the GOP nomination process in wrong direction.

And I'm quite sure the RNC influences state commitees and they mutually do everything possible within their reach to avoid the Ron Paul threat - which is really mortal threat to the American fascist establishment in general - and they clearly do it even for the price of losing this presidential election for GOP.

Sorry, but to me an idea that this all is just state commitees which make this mess looks like a pretty naive one. You're right that state commitees vet the delegates and some of them scandalously decertified some of the Ron Paul delegates, but that's just one outcome of the concerted effort from the very beginning back in Iowa to push the Rmoney guy, even it was quite clear already during 2008 primaries he has no chance to win presidential election in USA and especially not now against the democratical incumbent Obama keeping the country running for the price of really massive debt rise - which unfortunately is hardly understandable for a traditional democratic voter what does it mean for their future.

With the LP I agree.

Good we can agree to disagree

Ron Paul asked us to take committee seats. I did. I don't regret it. It's working for me, I could care less about Romney, it's Ron Paul Republicans who need MY support and that's why sacraficing MY vote as it is no big deal, the trade off is a huge bennifit for the future.

That's the way I see it, and lucky for me, I'm far from alone in the Ron Paul Repoublican camp.

Why, because he says things

Why, because he says things the MSM is told not to talk about?

No because he twists things to make it appear he's talking about

He tells half truths, and if you don't know the whole truth, you buy his BS.

I'll vote for Ben long before

I'll vote for Ben long before I'll vote for Rand.

All Rand had to do was say nothing.

BTW, oh smhat one, whats the "whole truth" since you know. Where's your soapbox?

My soapbox?

Why it's on my GOP Central Committee silly.

Clarify for the record.

Clarify for the record.

Swann employs drama

He is not telling you about central committees, or how things work... he's telling you the drama.. oh bad GOP (lets dump them so we can go into a NWO where Fox has a place and Ben keeps his job).. he doesn't give you all the facts, he gives you what they let him.

He knows his audience and so do his bosses, and so he's building his nitch off drama, like Rachel Maddow.

MSM is MSM. Either you buy into it or not. I don't.


Same reason Glen Beck was popular, feed them a morsel of truth and they will continue to follow looking for scraps.


Actually, Ron's other sons

Actually, Ron's other sons are pretty good on the issues...compared to Rand.

Kudos Rand!!

It is not easy to face a vast and dangerous opposition and find what is good within it, isolate that, in forming an allience, but Rnad is doing it.

Ron Paul stood by himself, watching our government crumble. Tptb, laughed at him, made jokes about him, stole his ideas for their own, twisted his words, marginalized him, avoided him, attacked him, and betrayed everything he stood for, yet, he was left standing, and for this, they further marginalize him, censored him, attack him and his supporters that followed him into the GOP. He formed a message to wee the people that few of us got. Many of us liked this or that, but too many, like the establshment, did not follow his lead, but worked in trying to FORCE him to do things their way.

Rand has watched his father's failure and success, and has evaluated the government we have today, which is not the same government Ron Paul was voting NO against, as he voted NO alone, and those changes he voted NO on passed. That is the government he is leaving service and Rand is beginning. The government is, as everyone here has seen, meaner, bigger, stronger, and determined to give us a NWO.

Rand is like his father in that he is ALONE, not as a congressman, but as a senator, a junior senator. He must constantly seek what good there is that he can work within it, and he has, in this speach given Ron Paul Republicans our que for our central committees and offices.

We are going to FOCUS on reducing the deficit, entitlements and tax reforms. We will find the means to end wars, incorporate cannabis for food, feed, fiber and fuel, reduce the size of government and end the police state with this focus, under this umbrella. This is our mission and now we understand how we will work within the system to achieve our goals.

Thank you Senator Rand for bridging the gap between Ron Paul's message, and our duty to materialize it.

Poof !

that didnt take long... ;)

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

I see you put allot of thought into it


No need,

It is working itself out...just a little longer... :)

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

Excuses excuses


I agree with you. Rand is

I agree with you. Rand is doing what he needs to do as a politician. People just need to look at his voting record. He's one of the good guys.

Thanks Granger

Some people can't see the forest for the trees. I have to admit though, there are some very large trees.

Ron Paul 2012! There is no other choice.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

True, very large trees

good thing Ron Paul has some books to help us see past those trees.

Thank you for the kindness.

Kudos to you, too, Granger.

You "get it". I read these comments and wonder how long some of these people have been interested in politics because they sure don't understand how the game is played. Ron Paul refuses to play the game on that level, which is precisly why Rand Paul must, if we are ever to grow into an unbeatable force.

Most of the people who feel an obligation to ridicule you in one form or another don't even have a clue about what it takes to make any significant advancement of our cause for Liberty and Constitutional government.

Kudos to you, Granger. You have just posted the most intelligent comment I've seen here. You traveled a long and rocky road to get things going in the right direction again.

Can't listen to this and not think about your plight and that of our people who are on the rocky road to Tampa: http://youtu.be/9JW_z9MED7c

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

TY Nonna!!! <3 <3 @>->----------

This is for all those anti-Rand individuals http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJdTbp6ZubQ

"Playing the game" is exactly why ...................

"Playing the game" is exactly why we are in the mess we are in today, and it's getting worse. Going along to get along and doing the will of the worlds elite who have hijacked the United States ( the world for that matter ) is going to eventually destroy the way of life we are all so used to living.

To repeat Ron Paul "An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government".......or media for that matter.

He would have nothing if he

He would have nothing if he didn't play the game. Then we wouldn't have anyone fighting for us in the senate.

Why are you people

so short sighted. He would have nothing?


He had us, 100% of us behind him all the way. Now he is lucky to have 50% Open your eyes and look at all the comments. Its 50 50. It used to be 98% - 100% of Ron supporters were also Rand supporters.

Yes his voting record HAS been good. His main supporters were us duh, we woulda called foul long ago had it not been. But now that he is trying to please other people, we shall see if it STAYS good. I agree that we need to wait and see longer, but lets not pretend that Rand's actions as of late have not been questionable. He got there with our help, we would have made sure he stayed there. Now he is losing us and once the establishment is done with him, they will get rid of him. I hope otherwise, but we shall just have to see what happens.

What I'm saying is he would

What I'm saying is he would never get anything done in the senate if he made a martyr of himself. He needs to play the politician card or he will end up like his father...

The reason we love his father is just for the opposit reason but let's face it, that is the same reason this election has been such a battle.

Don't you think Rand could be positioning himself? Perhaps for a presidential ticket in the near future.

Oh....I'm sure that Rand

Oh....I'm sure that Rand "blind ambition" Rand is positioning himself for self-advancement. No argument there.

And I'm so sure that Rand

And I'm so sure that Rand would go as far as spiting his own father. He endorsed Romney with his fathers blessing. Yes, his record should be very significant in this matter, it shows his intentions. You don't think he endorsed the front runner of his own party to position himself? I said position himself...not advance himself. Checkmate.

You have NO evidence that he

You have NO evidence that he did it with Ron's blessing. Repeat NO evidence. Ron Paul is not a double dealer or liar which would have to be the case if your theory is true. Unlike Rand, he has consistently refused to endorse Romney. Unlike his son, he has consistently refused to support Iran sanctions. Unlike his son, he has consistently opposed aid to Israel. Unlike his son, he opposed the Libya No Fly Zone. Quit making excuses for Rand, especially when these excuses are at Ron's expense.