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Rand Paul On Mitt Romney's VP Pick

Here is what Rand Paul had to say about Romney's VP pick.

"The pick of Paul Ryan solidifies the Republican ticket's commitment to taking on the pressing issues like the deficit, entitlement reform and tax reform," Sen. Paul said. "Congressman Ryan's values and commitment to fixing our fiscal mess stands in stark contrast to Vice President Biden - and presents a clear choice to the American people."

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You have no proof he did it

You have no proof he did it without his blessing. I guess time will tell.

No I don't have proof. I

No I don't have proof. I only have the obvious contradition between their positions, most notably Ron has refused to endorse Romney and Rand has endorsed him.

Ron did not play the game

and that is why we are in the "mess" we are in today, though had he played the game he wouldn't be where he is.

Ron Paul's "army" didn't join the GOP, but hoped he would drop out of the GOP and when he didn't, Republican GJ put on a LP pin and stepped up to lead Ron paul's non-GOP army.

Those of us who did do what RP asked ALL of us to do, see Rand as dealing with what we are dealing with, and he is showing us how we can work within, and hang in there to win.

13:1Let every soul-mind willingly subject itself to authorities which are governing. For there is not authority except by God, and the existing [authorities] have been instituted by God. 2The result is that he who is resistant to the authority has resisted the ordinance of God, and the ones who have resisted will receive a verdict on themselves. 3For the officials are not a terror to the good work but rather to the [work of] evil. But you (singular) desire to not fear the authority, [so] do the good; and you [singular will have praise out of it. 4For [an official] is a minister of God to you [s] for the purpose of the good. But if you [s] do the evil, be afraid! For not in vain does [an official] wear the sword; for he is a minister of God who punishes the one doing the evil into wrath.

5Therefore it is a necessity to willingly subject oneself, not only on account of the wrath but also on account of the conscience. 6Because of this you (plural) are also paying taxes, for ministers of God are continually devoting themselves to the very same practice. 7Render the obligations to all: the tax to whom taxes are due, the revenue to whom revenue is due, the fear to whom fear is due, [and] the honor to whom honor is due.
—Romans 13:1-71

I used to surf, and when I did, I liked BIG waves. To catch a big wave, you have to take the rip tide out to the outside break. Most people avoid rip tides. Some beaches have warnings, "RIP TIDE NO SWIMMING" The risk you take is if you pearl or fall off your board, you can get caught in the impact zone. The rip tide and impact zone are two places that are turbulant (an undertow is just as dangerous, but it's calm water on top, as the action is under the surface) in both cases, you go along to get along as resistance is futile.

So if you have joined the GOP, which is in a rip tide stage, seeking to catch that big wave of a NWO, the only way you can survive right now as a Ron Paul Republican, is to go along to get along. Many will parish, as many don't know much about surfing, let alone the difference between rip tide, undertows and impact zones. Rand is politically surfing and leading our team through the rip tide to beat the Neocons to the big wave so we can ride it to restore America, not go into a NWO.

He has given us our direction and we are with him.

Where are you? smooth water? undertow going to take you to the impact zone?

You misunderstand Rand. This

You misunderstand Rand. This not just a matter of playing the game. It is a matter of old-fashioned self-advancement. A blunt question for you: how would you feel if your son endorsed your opponent on a show hosted by a man who had recently smeared you as a racist? How you would you feel if your son claimed to endorse you but did not lift a finger to help you at the state conventions before your endorsement. Face it. The facts are obvious: Rand's number one priority is Rand.

I don't agree

Don't get me wrong, I think self advancement is a good thing, because in this world, if you don't advance yourself, ain't nobody gonna advance your ass for nothing.


Never mind, Granger.

You're arguing with Frederick Ewing.

If it is a good thing, then

If it is a good thing, then you must think each and every Congressman is doing a good thing. If self-advancement trumps principle, as it does for Rand, it is especially dangerous.

Voting records. That is what

Voting records. That is what matters here.

Okay....I'll play. Since

Okay....I'll play. Since that is what "counts" let me give you these examples from Rand's voting record: FOR a Libya No Fly Zone, FOR (two times!) sanctions on Iran, and FOR More aid to Israel.

Please note that each one of these are major and fundamental foreign policy votes.

Oh no

Many congrespeople are working for a NWO ONE PARTY rule, for a global government that finds people a cancer to THEIR world and need to be elimanted. So I THANK GOD for Ron Paul, Rand Paul and the opportunity they have given me to fight those who have lost their way, inside and outside the establishment.

We don't know the story of Rand Paul yet

We don't know the story of Rand Paul yet.

Was he and his family threatened?

Was he promised wealth and power beyond his wildest dreams?

Is he a stealth liberty politician and is buying his time until he can unleash the surprise plan of his father?


I know all I need to know

I know all I need to know about Rand Paul.

Like hell we don't!


Rand is showing Ron Paul Republicans how to survive within and thrive against those who would out us faster than a toad tongue on a butterfly if we give them any opportunity.

He's teaching us how to

He's teaching us how to survive and thrive? You might want to personally explain that to the disfranchised delegates of Louisiana and Massachusetts....though I don't think you should do it without a few body guards.

Be happy to

The uncredentialed delegates made a HUGE mistake by not attending their central committee meetings, better yet, getting a seat.

You see, you can petition, become qualified, duly elected, and if the committee doesn't know you, under the state laws, as a central committee doing it's job under the by-laws, they have every right to disenfrancise you.

That's why I'm keeping my seat, even if I have to vote for Romney to do it, because I'm going to credentail Liberty candidates so they don't get tossed out next time, IF there is a next time.

We are the future. We hope.

We are the future. We hope.

We very well may be the future, but there's no guarantee Rand Paul is. I hope he is, but we just don't know. The Ron Paul virus has been injected into the system and will eat away at the establishment one cell at a time.

But...you can rest assure they still hold the power, have the control and will not give in easily. You must know that they are glad to see Dr. Paul retire, and that the plan is for him and his movement to either wither away OR be infiltrated by FAKE liberty candidates just like they did to the Tea Party. Honestly, it's not that hard, and it will be hard to recognize and distinguish between who's real and who's not. No one will have the past history and voting record like the good doctor did.

So, with so much on the line and the economy on the brink of collapse, the police state advancing in high gear, the vicious all out coordinated dismissal of Ron Paul's campaign etc.... Perhaps it was time for Rand to go hand in hand with his father?

It's like Lord Vader said. "You don't know the power of the dark side".


I have NO doubt about it, Rand is going to lead Ron Paul Republicans as he has been, showing us how to stay in this fight and win.

I think we are all aware of the power of the dark side. Some have followed Ron Paul into the GOP to step up to fight, others have decided to follow another Republican because he put on a LP toe and said, I have Ron Paul's message and you don't have to do what Ron Paul asked you to do to win.

Of course that Republican will return to the GOP and try to befriend us the way Rand is "befriending" the Neos now.. except, Ran's "befriending" is actually a message to us, and what we need to do to beat the Neos at their own game.

Knocking off two incumbents,

Knocking off two incumbents, and getting reelected by overwhelming votes each time is an example of "thriving." That is the record of Ron Paul, one of the most successful POLITICIANS (in terms of getting reelected) in the Congress. The gaffe prone Rand barely won.

You think that that Rand will "thrive" if he kisses Hannity's ass but there is no evidence of that. Certainly Rand will not be a player this year. Whether he will be reelected in 2016 is the ultimate proof, at least in crudest political terms, and that hasn't happened yet.

Ron Paul knocked off 9 inclumbants

Ron was not successful in that he may have stood alone voting NO to a NWO, but that NWO is here anyways.

Rand is picking up where his father is stepping down, may be going out with flags waving a major sun dome speach and cheering crowds, but he's not where any of us want him.

Rand is facing that NWO and showing us how to win.

Hannity who?

Rand is a player and the fact the RNC gave him a speaking role validates Ron Paul Republicans.

Hannity who? He's the guy

Hannity who? He's the guy who had Rand's nose up his arse. Remember now? Giving a fawning pro-Romney speech at the GOP convention is not an example that "validates" Rand. In fact, the opposite is true. Other than that, Rand has yet to get a bill under his name.

Rand will get a bill under his name

And I'm gonna help him!

Remember OUR Tea Party?

What happened? If ya can't whoop 'em, join 'em and then take control of it all. Remember? It wasn't that long ago.

This is a war that must be fought on more than one front, if we are to grow to the unbeatable force we must become to secure our Liberty!

Again, you have NO evidence

Again, you have NO evidence that Rand has a adopted a "strategy" of any kind, except for personal advancement. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar e.g. Rand really prefers aligning with the Levins and the Hannitys.

The Tea Party got hijacked just like...............

The Tea Party got hijacked / infiltrated by the power elite...the establishment GOP just like all 3 branches of government has, just like high positions in the military, FBI, CIA , mainstream media, Big mega business etc....

The original Tea Party, Ron Paul's Tea Party was a good thing.

If the powers that be actually believed in good, actually believed in a constitutional republic, actually want all Americans to prosper, they would have gotten behind Dr. Paul, had the media back him so that all the "sheeple" would go for him and he'd win in a landslide.

Waking the American people from the matrix and going against world forces of power is a monumental task at hand. One way or the other, somethings gonna give.

I agree with you.

My point is that is what Rand is doing and what the rest of us have to do to them! That's why Ron told us to join the GOP. Otherwise, it won't work out for waaaaay too long a period of time. Time is running out and we can't afford to wait.

You are right

the rEVOLution is being co-ipted / hijacked by GJ who will dump them to rejoin his buddies in the GOP that want Ron Paul OUT.

This darkness is gonna give by the Ron Paul Republicans who are in this to restore America to constitutional government and won't be sidelined by tea party infiltrations, GJ mutations, Neocon fabrications or doubters, doom sayers or downvotes from Obamabots.

Gary Johnson? Really?

Do you really believe that? I would say from reading this site everyday that almost no one is going to vote for GJ or Ryan/Romney for that matter.

I KNOW that

GJ is a Republican in Libertarian suit to mislead the weakest among us in an easy out to Ron Paul's request for ALL of us to join the GOP, to "vote for their conscience".