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Rand Paul On Mitt Romney's VP Pick

Here is what Rand Paul had to say about Romney's VP pick.

"The pick of Paul Ryan solidifies the Republican ticket's commitment to taking on the pressing issues like the deficit, entitlement reform and tax reform," Sen. Paul said. "Congressman Ryan's values and commitment to fixing our fiscal mess stands in stark contrast to Vice President Biden - and presents a clear choice to the American people."

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It's not about "playing the

It's not about "playing the game" it's about taking our country back!

And just how do you think we can do that?

By standing up and yelling "Ron Paul!" over and over again? No, my friend. That doesn't accomplish very much. We will never take our country back unless we have some very good people on the inside "playing the game".

"Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." (Matthew 10:16 KJV)



That was funny

I actually spit on my energy drink.. warning Granger: swallow before reading Nonna's posts or you may have to clean the computer screen.

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Rand just cut out his base of support. He's very alone now.

Ron Paul was never alone, although he must have felt like that many sometimes during his career. What he didn't have in shear numbers, he had in a 100% committed base, with 100% enthusiasm.

I don't know what Rand is up to (and that is the problem I have with him), but I do know that what he is doing will not positively energize the grassroots of Liberty at all, no matter what spin is put on it.

Rand's base support are Ron Paul REPUBLICANS

He is alone in that there are many Neocon Senators, NO Liberty Senators but Rand.

What Rand is up to is Restoring America to constitutional government while working within a government that is on the verge of bankrupting the GOP to give Americans ONE PARTY for a NWO.

GJ can have the grassroots. Grassroots is OVER for those of us who got committee seats. I can do more at a one hour meeting with my seat, than grassroots in MONTHS of hard work.

We are now a Liberty Tree inside the GOP. Grassroots has moved on to GJ, where they will remain marginalized.

Granger, I agree with you on

Granger, I agree with you on many and most things but I do not agree with you about the grassroots. They are the ones who get the voters to the polls.

Not my experience

Many here will NOT vote, more will throw their vote in the name of conscience.

Ron Paul asked us to join the GOP and they refused. That is their right and that's fine by me. What isn't fine by me, is that they bash Ron Paul, call him a coward, a sell out, bash Rand and Benton, ALL because THEY made the choice to NOT do what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do, thus they remain marginalized.

The people who are going to turn out this election are the Neoliberals and Neocons and they are all going to vote for Obama so he can end the GOP and give us a ONE PARTY dictatorship for a NWO.

Grassroots don't get it. They can post reams of YouTubes and articles and it's like they don't actually believe what they post, or have chosen to not do anything about it but bash those who are.

The parties need the

The parties need the grassroots. They kind of go hand in hand. I think you are wrong. They will vote. But most disagree with you on voting for Romney. Many, like myself would rather work hard another 4 years in informing and educating others and position ourselves for the 2016 election. This is where we need the grassroots. But the committee is where we get the work done. So, they are both very important. Don't disband the grassroots. We need them...more than ever now in Tampa. The world needs to see this.

They will vote for Obama or toss their votes and default for Oba

They are falling into the NWO trap set up, as the GOP gave them Romney knowing iot will give us 4 more years of Obama who can declare a ONE PARTY governement like Communst China.. all the pieves are in place.. they have nothing to lose. We do.

It's not up to me to disband grassroots, that's GJ's job.

What we needs are more committee seats filled.

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"Grassroots is OVER" ?.... Do you think Ron Paul believes that?

"Grassroots is OVER for those of us who got committee seats. I can do more at a one hour meeting with my seat, than grassroots in MONTHS of hard work."

Do you really think that you can do this on your own. You don't need grassroots behind you?

That's right

GJ is going to mow you down and dump you in the burn pile. What good will you be then?

Back to seeking the next Ron Paul who doesn't exist?
Back to insulting, bribing, begging, name calling and refusing to join us?

I respect your choice, which is far more than most grassroots can say about Ron Paul Republicans and the Liberty Tree they refuse to join.

Is Rand Paul so blind to his

Is Rand Paul so blind to his own ambition that he actually thinks he has a following outside the tea party circle and some Ron Paul supporters? He has lost all credibility while he plays his rookie politik "follow the leader" future wanna-be candidate. What does he bring to the table now?

The ones who are blind are not Ron Paul Republicans

My committee is now half Ron Paul Republicans and half assorted GOP, so we have the majority (though we don't have the offices yet, we will), and since Ron Paul's campaign was successful in getting seated committee members and office holders, Rand is in a very good possition to lead as a Jr Senator.

The only ones Rand "lost" credibility is those who never gave him any, didn't do what Ron Paul asked in the first or second place, remain marginalized and claim to support him by stealing his message, mottos and name calling it in honor while promising to vote for a candidate who was a Republican just a few short months ago.

What Rand brings to the table is credibility to those if us who joined the GOP as we are now equals in the party. Had the RNC ignored Rand, marginalized him, we would have had a much tougher road to hoe, but now, we can shut them up by simply saying "Rand".


Can you define the area(s)

Can you define the area(s) where Rand Paul has "credibility". His anti-establishment platform in everything except foreign policy that I can see has reversed to major puppetry in 180◦ support of the establishment
with a middle finger to libertarians. Who will be his base in his next election?


On every Republican Party Central Committee seat in the USA, epecially where Ron Paul Republicans are seated and batteling Neocons face to face.

We are his base, and we have his back, as we will work to restore America. And I'm sure Ron Paul will be there backing Rand and us.

The Libertarians that are sick of being marginalized have joined the GOP and are backing Rand who is not giving us a middle finger, but a hand in giving us THE opportunity to materialize Ron Paul's message.

But is Rand Paul now just

But is Rand Paul now just another neo-con who has been conned?

I don't agree

by a long shot, I mean I REALLY don't agree with you in any way shape or form.

Party on.

Wait, I'm confused.

Senator who?

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

I think it's Paul

I also think he's somehow related to Ron Paul, but I'm not sure. Can't tell from his speeches.


and the award for sell out of the year goes to...

why cant rand just keep his

why cant rand just keep his mouth shut, he doesnt HAVE to make any statement at all.


I think all of us understand that Rand has a different strategy than his dad, and he wants to change the GOP from the inside, but NO ONE expected you to make an endorsement of Romney while your dad was still in the race. It wasn't necessary to curry favor with the party that way. If your own dad is running for president, why would anyone expect you to ever support anyone else? And the bigger question, why would you?!

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."-Samuel Adams

Rand's overriding goal is to

Rand's overriding goal is to do ANYTHING that helps Rand. The only "movement" he represents or belongs to is a movement of one: namely himself.

Rand may have an alterior motive for that, you do not know...

His real loyalty may lie elsewhere, while it only appears on the surface he's backing Romney. Remember Rand got access to the legal database on all Americans, to see and view in his word 'gazillions' of abuses. Could he have done that otherwise?

Remember, Rand Paul has consistently stopped the Patriot Act vote and actions speak louder than words. Feel free to NOT support him if you wish, but his actions have done a lot of good in the Senate to free others from tyranny.

And he may be with-holding his applause for his father until just the right moment.....

While some of this statement might be true...

This seems like wishful thinking to me. Do you really believe that there is some secret plan?

While I agree with you that it is good for Rand to be able to "see" these things, it's what his actions are in the future with that info, that will tell whether or not he's showing his true colors or not. But that begs the question, why all the secrecy? And is that the way we want someone "representing" our movement to behave?

We are used to politicians

We are used to politicians who's actions (voting) don't match their words.

But in Rand's case, it's a strange situation because it's the opposite of what usually happens. He's been saying things we don't like, but his actions (voting) is great.

What, pray tell, was "great"

What, pray tell, was "great" about his votes (twice) for Iran sanctions or his vote for a Libya No Fly Zone, or his vote for more foreign aid for Israel?

1) He never voted for more

1) He never voted for more foreign aid to Israel

2) He never voted for the no-fly zone

3) You have him on the iran sanction vote, but... thats about it. Everything other vote has been pro-liberty.

See for yourself: