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Republican Voter Registration Firm Turns In Thousands Of Fake Registration Cards


The California Secretary of State’s Election Fraud Division is now reportedly investigating a GOP firm hired by the Sacramento County Republican Party charged with submitting thousands of fraudulent voter registration forms. According to a report today from Sacramento ABC affiliate News10, a private, for-profit firm calling itself Momentum Political Services, hired by the local Republican Party “to boost GOP registration ranks in key battleground communities” has turned in more than 3,100 hundred invalid voter registration cards during their recent drive.

This is one more crime in the GOP’s long and shameful history of voter registrtion fraud and vote suppression, documented below

Note: They deny Acorns fraud entirely but it is still good this is being exposed because it shows both partys at the top are criminals and they need to be eliminated entirely.

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Can't do the time... Don't do the crime!

We need to start putting people in jail cell for extended stays for this kind of stuff!

I ought to have a monument over me when I die. Not for anything I've done, but for the foolishness I've put a stop to!

Grover Cleveland — our 22nd and 24th president

Crooked as hell on both sides

Crooked as hell on both sides of the aisle. Of course, they had to pump up the voter rolls before they could assign all those votes to Romney.

Blessings )o(

I wonder what a full audit of the voter registration rolls

in every county in the nation would show right now? I'd be willing to bet that there is no difference in the amount of this type of fraud between the dems and repubs.

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