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The Analogy of Truth

A While ago, I saw a thread posting about "the message that we got" or something like that. It was about what not to do to bring others into the liberty movement, 9/11, Agenda 21, etc, because those will scare people away, and give use a cult-like name.

And a few weeks ago, I got the chance of hearing my uncle saying that the PLA stationed outside of the Tibetan Hotel that we were staying at were protecting us...

I remembered an analogy to this situation, I assume you know what dimensions are.

Now, imagine there are a line of ants, we will call them the 1D ant. They placed themselves in a mind set that they can only move in forward and backwards(thus 1D)

But there are limitations to this thinking of course. Thus, when they ran into a boulder in their way, the could've get through any more. The 1D ants are stuck.

Then came the 2D ants who were among the 1D ants. The decided they could use move around the rock. The 1D ants were stunned, they could've accept the idea that they can do that. So of course, some 1D Ants decided they could do that too, but many stayed despite being talked with by the 2D ants.

However, 2D ants weren't perfect either. They are stuck with the mind set of Forward, Backward, left, and right.

Of course, when they ran into a wall that runs upwards, they were once again stuck. But then came with those that had the idea of climbing over the wall. They are now the 3D ants. Just by talking to those 2D ants, not many are willing to participate in this "extreme" action, but they marveled at what the 3D ants were doing.

So why did I bring this story up? For those that lived in the 2D world with limited liberty in their mind, they are unwilling to accept those ideas. The transition has to be slow for them if they do not discover those ideas themselves. Some will listen, others will continue to sleep. But if you demostrate to them what liberty is, I think some will be more glad to accept the notion of liberty.

Nothing like bring up 9/11 is an inside job or agenda 21 drives away people. What you need to do is have people accept the idea of liberty, and it works

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Although I understand and concure with what you are saying

How can you sell the idea of Liberty when people think they are already free?


to them how they are deceived by using less "extreme" methods. You really cannot just outright tell people that they've been lied for their whole life, that will turn anyone's head away

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.