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GOP Committee on Contests disenfranchises Paul supporters in several states

"Last Friday, the Republican Committee on Contests ruled that the duly elected delegates from Massachusetts and Louisiana will not be seated at the GOP Convention in Tampa. Yesterday, those delegates from Massachusetts filed a Notice of Intent to Object. Their claim may be heard before the Tampa convention, although most Paul supporters are not holding their breath.

That same committee, which is essentially an arm of the national GOP Establishment, ruled that it needs more information before it decides whether or not the delegates from Maine, most of them Ron Paul supporters, can be seated. Maine's Governor, Paul LePage courageously threatened to boycott the convention if the elected delegates are not seated.

Today, the committee ruled that the Romney slate of delegates from Oklahoma could be seated at the national convention even though Paul supporters in Oklahoma believed those delegates were illegitimate. At that chaotic convention, Paul delegates documented situations where rules were broken to usher in a false slate that was friendly to Governor Romney.

This is a major news story that is getting practically zero coverage in the national media."


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