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Court: State Secrets privilege unfortunately sacrifices individual liberties for National Security.

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Court Dismisses Case Based on State Secrets Privilege.

Yesterday, Judge Cormac J. Carney of the Central District of California agreed and he issued an order dismissing most of the plaintiffs’ claims.

“Further litigation,” he wrote, “would require or unjustifiably risk disclosure of secret and classified information regarding the nature and scope of the FBI’s counterterrorism investigations, the specific individuals under investigation and their associates, and the tactics and sources of information used in combating possible terrorist attacks on the United States and its allies. The state secrets privilege is specifically designed to protect against disclosure of such information that is so vital to our country’s national security.”

In his order, Judge Carney also reflected more broadly on the function of the state secrets privilege and its implications for individual liberties.

“The state secrets privilege strives to achieve a difficult compromise between the principles of national security and constitutional freedoms. The state secrets privilege can only be invoked and applied with restraint, in narrow circumstances, and infused with judicial skepticism. Yet, when properly invoked, it is absolute—the interest of protecting state secrets cannot give way to any other need or interest,” he wrote.

It follows that “the proper application of the state secrets privilege may unfortunately mean the sacrifice of individual liberties for the sake of national security.”

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