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Open up a mind perhaps...

An analogy

Suppose 3 people were raised in a fully functioning home but were never exposed to light. They would have no idea why their eyes were in thier heads. They would be able to function with ease, never knowing there was function for their eyes...
Then one fateful day a small meteor blasts a man-sized hole through the homes brick wall.
The light that comes screaming in is unquestioningly painful to the virgin eyes. The reaction and choices of the 3 people are analogous to the choices we all make to truths we have never been exposed to.
The first person only wants to remove the pain of the new "enlightenment" so he wraps a blindfold tightly about his head and eyes and remains a willing prisoner of the dark home.
The second individual finds some dark glasses to aleviate the pain of the new experience but remains in the mostly dark home.
The third allows his eyes to adjust and ventures out to discover a whole new world waiting for him.

Which one of these people are you? Which one of these people are those you share truth with? Now you have a mirror to show them the degree to which they are able or willing to open thier eyes.

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