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Stock Market Kiss of Death, Get Out the Popcorn, The Show is About to Begin

Friends, you are looking at the game changer for the world markets. There are several reasons why.

The first is that this tolls the death knell for the bond carry trade that has sustained the banks for so long. In essence, they could borrow from the Fed at .25% and invest in notes and bonds at 1.8% (notes) to 2.8% (bonds) and profit from the “carry” or spread. Naturally, as notes yielded less and less, banks switched to bonds for the higher yield.

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The whole scam is illegal, LIBOR fraud interest rate fixing!!

Everything about this treasonous lending program by the banks is illegal, trying to collect usury by throwing up their own yield ratings & then going backwards to loan more out. Friends I've seen enough!

These banks need to be broken up and tossed in jail, they are guilty of the very things they profess to be against. These are the usurious tyrants of our day; they have traded their souls for sixty pieces of silver & now with fraudulent, entirely illegal borrow rates they are plunging the entire financial system and people down with it.

Everything they pay and every military apparatus they purchase, is being done through fraud. They used a yield curve of fake bonds that don't even exist, there is nothing; NOTHING backing the purchase!

RICO Sue the Federal Government for class action fraud:
I'm serious!!