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Look Over Here. William Blake Tribute day for all libery loving phrygian cap wearing patriots.

August 12 1803

William Blake Returns to London
August 16 1803 Trial.

William Blake got into a small altercation with a British Soldier while trying to exit a garden. Soon after charges were brought against Blake upon information that he had been caught using seditious language. William Blake who was a painter, was declared a "military painter" who was using art in treasonous acts.

Blake got lucky and his lawyer persuaded the judges to accept a monetary fine. The penalty for sedition at the time was death. Blake wrote of his lawyer, " A god in every wind and a blessing in every blast;" Dude must have been persuasive.

The quotes on Blake from his bibliography, show us modern patriots, just how bold you can speak your independence.

According to the Soldier Schofield, Blake said, " If Bonaparte should land in England he, Blake, would side with him, and that he had said, "Damn the king and the country and all his subjects. I have told this before to greater people than you."

The link for this story is that the death penalty is back on for talking shit on your government.NDAA KING OBAMA. So down with the Dictator and all who vote for them, and if we are invaded after monetary collapse, I will defend my family and my friends, not this government. This post is for all those days I felt crazy wearing my Phrygian Cap and did not know of William Blake. By 1792 Paine was unleashing the Rights of Man and being more Patriotic to the American Revolution than anyone else, by continuing the effort until monarchy was destroyed. While Hamilton was persuading Adams and Washington to install a new monarchy here in the land of the free, Paine went to free the next nation, the one that gave us military victory. William Blake my new friend and a source to expand your curiosity. He was by Paine's side in 1792 with the phrygian liberty cap. That reminds me that the true spirit of the revolution was global, we had help. This is 1760 fighting the good fight for us in 1803.

All it took was one mention that Blake wore the Phrygian Cap to get me interested. As a history buff Ive got my work cut out with this new mind toy.

Bump this, if your really revolutionary.

Patriotic Senex

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Dont know about the Guy Here ya go



and complete archive have fun liberty lovers

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