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What Will The MSM Say After Ron Paul Wins The GOP Nomination?

The media can blackout Ron Paul, but they can't blackout his delegates in Tampa Bay.

What if he wins?

What will the talking heads all say?

Britt Hume: "Did this just really happen?"

Bret Baier: "Uhhh yeh, it did Britt. I look like a complete ass now."

Juan Williams: "I told you guys, what can I say? We are living in the age of Ron Paul. Now kiss my ass!"

Sean Hannity: "I knew this would happen, I really did, I interviewed his son many of times, blah blah, bluh bluh, blabla babla."

Bill O'Reilly: "$(*k Paul!"

George Stephanopoulos: "I think I just lost a bet."

Diane Sawyer: "What just happened? I'm dizzy. Am I on right now?"

Anderson Cooper: "I like older guys, I really do, but can Ron Paul be my daddy and America's too?"

Rachel Maddow: "I freaking knew it! This is going to be AWESOME!"

Tim Russert (live from heaven): "Go gettem Ron Paul!"

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