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Wilton, CT. Founded 1726. Abolished 2012. Cause of death Agenda 21.

Every local politician is a democrat. The republicans can only get elected by promoting "sustainable development" (This term is about as offensive as "ethnic cleansing" to me at this point).

-The Congregational church upon which the town was founded now has a permanent "go green" sign on it's lawn. (I'll save their clergy response team, Romans 13 pusing agenda info for another thread)

- Town paths have been converted to bike paths through federal grants.

-Corrupt local officials have designated forest lands 'historic', 'Rare species protected', or 'wetland protected' driving up their own property values and my property taxes through artificial scarcity.

I could go on...But I'm only 21. I'm 110% ready to fight this but I need advice along with a place to vent...

Please help. The local shoe repairman's son.

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A woman just called me

She is thinking about moving to Wilton but was afraid that "sustainable development" had taken over our town.

My response: come join the fight!

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

Start a local Facebook group

Start a website. Watch Rosa Koire's videos on Youtube and visit her site, she'll give you tools to start with...