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My personal tribute to Dr. Ron Paul

I thought I found Dr. Paul by accident in 2007, but I now don't think it was an accident.

This is going to sound a little strange to some, so bear with me, but I have been thinking about the people that are drawn to Dr. Paul's message and I feel there is a similarity to Christian type belief.

Those that have heard, inspect, understand, and eventually accept Ron Paul's message are very similar to how believers come to understand and accept Christ's message of salvation. (I said bear with me). I am not referring to church or religion but rather heart felt truth. I am referring to the good news that Jesus stated and of which religion has corrupted.I would be more than willing to believe that most Ron Paul supporters are believers in Christ, and even those that claim no belief fall into a category where an obvious truth envelopes them and they will never see some things the same again.

Why do some of us "see" and "grasp" these things that are so obscure to so many? Maybe because truth is so powerful in itself that it transcends all man-made thoughts and ideas to the point where those that realize it band together and fight to make it real. I think this is a gift from God. Amen. Yet again why do only some of us come to accept this truth and knowledge? Why only some that "awake" and actually search out truth and find it? Well, I don't know. haha. But I can't help but wonder if this is a test to those of us that have embraced freedom and truth and seen it and tasted it and desire it...if we are brave enough to see it thru no matter the challenge.

I think we are at that point. OK, now I'm going to let go. I have seen posts lately where some ridicule Rand and others even throw Ron Paul to the wolves because they assume he has abandoned them. Excuse me? Abandoned "you"? What have you ever done for Ron Paul? What an occasional donation you gave that you now feel obligated for recognition? You have not been trusted to be "in the know" because you WILL keep your mouth shut? NOW is the time to see who the real people are that claim to stand for what Ron Paul has taught us. NOW is the time to sift. It won't be difficult as those that don't anti-up will not be able to hide. My prayers and encouragement go out to our delegates that they will have the courage to choose well and to do what years from now they will look back and not have any regrets. I love you Dr. Paul because you are an Overcomer and we are more than fortunate to have known you. I challenge all Ron Paul supporters, NOW, in the next week is the time to band together more than ever. Strength in numbers.....we can only do what we can, but let us do our best.

Thanks for reading.