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First drawn to Ron (unlike Rand) consistenly true to his own principles.

When I first made my personal discovery of Ron Paul back in 2002, there were many things that I was drawn to. Obviously, first was that he touted the importance of staying loyal to the constitution. As such, his opposition to the war in Iraq, the PAtriot Act, etc were all huge reasons to get me fired up to begin with.

What ultimately made me "Committed" to Dr Paul was his consistency. He stood up to party, he stood up to the pundits, he stood up to anyone (and just about everyone) when that person wasn't in line with the constitution. Also, he would stand with any who stood for what was right, no matter party.

Now, here comes Rand. Today, whether he said it slowly, reluctantly, or in any other way, he has proven once more that he is not his father. For those of us who were first drawn to Ron (in the 80s, 90s, 00s, or 2012) because of his consistent commitment to his principles and to the consitution, how can anyone hold us in contempt? If there was no Ron Paul, Rand would be a pretty decent conservative....but wouldn't he be like every other one who, at the end of the day, couldn't be trusted across the board to stand even for his own principles????