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It is time for our revolution

It is time for us to revolt against the oppression and misdirection of our federal government. Our United States government is criminal in the worst way. It:
1.) Steals from the producers and rewards the non-producers.
2.) Leverages justice toward favoring the side of its members while holding us accountable for revenue and simple crimes.
3.) Wages global warfare in countries we have no business in. Empire is the costly venture our government takes for businesses to profit using our money to do it.
4.) Infringes, diminishes and denies the truth in many ways which is discussed by President John F. Kennedy.
5.) Kills innocent Americans while violating fourth and eighth amendment rights. Our government authorizes the murder of civilians all over the globe and that includes here at home. If you read the 44 pages of Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America, you will know the danger we are in.
6.) Fraudulently and with malice intend to subvert our ability to elect true leaders that will help us to seize back our nation from tyranny and injustice.
7.) Contains members who indeed wish to kill 95% of us along with the rest of the global population. Elites erected a structure to make the claim. It is called the Georgia Guidestones.
8.) Robs valuable resources from the people in order to satisfy the needs of endless war.
9.) Is arming itself with "hollow point" ammunition for uses that can only be domestic. Its plan is almost ready to hatch and it has prepared itself well. With vast networks of underground bases miles below the surface of the Earth where the people must endure whatever is coming on the top side.
10.) Has broken and continues to violate the principles of the Constitution and individual liberties.
11.) Will elect or raise, rather, to the presidency a man whose position you cannot truly identify over a man with demonstrable character, integrity and a solid record of lifelong service to his country of origin.
12.) It is dumping chemicals into the air whose long term effects are unknown without the consent of the people.
13. Radiating our atmosphere with radioactive particles which will certainly kill by the thousands if not millions.
14.) Allows the molestation of the public in order to "secure" the safety of travelers.
15.) Actions are patterned like Nazi Germany prior to America's involvement in WWII.
16.) Penetrates deeper continuously into the lives of Americans.

At some point in time I will bet each and every one of you has spoken of the need for a revolution in this country. Not a soul can move through this life without the recognition of the need for something different from our "rulers." I ask you now: what has changed since those words were spoken or thought by you? Has the grievance that led you to feel that way been resolved or amended? Or has the government continued to take action against us, steering us in the wrong direction?

I am tired of the lies. I am tired of the unjust restrictions on this life. I am tired of government leaders making one pledge and doing the opposite. I am tired of the lip service. I am tired of worrying about whether or not the government will authorize its soldiers to come into my house. I am tired of watching this all go to hell and we have to make it stop for ourselves and most especially for the world. No government will hold accountable our government. No government will demand justice and freedom and truth from itself it is up to us to ensure that that becomes the status quo. This dog and pony show will get us deeper into the hole and non-participation is not enough. The beast must be stopped. The fate of mankind rests upon what we as individuals can do to unite, to come together at the same place, at the same time and with the same intentions of overthrowing the broken pieces of the government that is warring with us to stay afloat.

It is time for revolt people. Let us leave Tampa as a group, as a whole, as a cause for justice to be served by we the people. It is time for revolt folks. It is time for revolt. This can go no further. Peace!

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