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Raising Funds For Liberty

Hello Everyone,
My Name is Lazzaro Tantalo. I have been a regular reader at the Daily Paul for about 18 months now. I have been intrigued and influenced by the Liberty Movement for well over two years now. I have always been one among many people in our country to shrug off any interest in politics mainly because it seemed pointless to take interest in a 2 sided corrupt system. I thought only "idiots" actually thought it was logical to argue a Republicans agenda over a Democrats and vice versa, simply because they both are boldy corrupt and sponsor awful policy.
Once I was put on to Ron Paul, it was safe to say that my attention to politics was aggressivly grabbed. Iv learned so much about just HOW corrupt the 2 party system is, ALOT about our domestic monetary policy, and how a majority of the poor policy sponosored by our representitives continues to occur because of the elastic corrupt monetary system we have in place.
Im now at the point where i am ready to begin actively pushing the Liberty movement to the forefront of every citizens attention in this country. Nothing is more irritating than speaking with folks who fully support Obama because he is giving the whole country healthcare?? I want to bang my head off a wall when trying to explain to people how terrible a government program is for any private sector service, including healthcare.
Anyhow, it has been VERY obvious this election year that despite the efforts of Hard working Liberty supporters donating out of their own pockets towards Dr Pauls Campaign this year, campaign for Liberty, and other Liberty Minded candidates, that those efforts (while impressive and surely something to be proud of) pales in comparison to what the likes of Romney is able to earn from big backers.

I wanted to present an idea of constant money flow that doesnt burden the Liberty minded supporters pockets. I would obviously need leadership help and support in organizing this team to really execute across the region to get this going. For the last 2 years I have worked in the Energy Deregulation business as a personal producer. I basically shop around for business and residential customers to find an electric supplier who can lower their monthly electric bill. Simply put, I can lower peoples electric bills from the default price they currently pay with their local provider. I earn commission on this service and after building a book (similar to a car insurance agent) over 2 years, Iv done quite well for myself. It occurred to me that with the right help and organization, we (COLLECTIVLY) could start a network (book) and reach out to those in the eligable areas to contribute our electric bills. Every month we pay our electric bills, $2 a month from each bill will be paid to an account which we forward to the fight for Liberty. I would want to network with the must trustworthy individuals and get to know those willing to participate.
Someone would have to be in charge of handling the funds. Basically as a treasurer. Preferably Id like to make sure the majority of funds goes to someone who has handled treasurer type duties for similar groups in the past. Any how, with the strong presence the Liberty movement has, Im positive we could band together and raise thoasands of dollars a month simply by paying a utility bill we already pay!! Id simply like to help get it off the ground and running.
LIke I said, Id prefer to have someone with a trustworthy reputation with experience handle the funds. This way, it takes the burden of digging into our own pcokets in order to contribute to these campaign funds. We would essentially be contributing by paying a utility bill we already pay.
I intend to get a video made featuring myself to more easily help spread the word and get the ball rolling. But first I was hoping to hear from members who feel they could lend experience in raising funds so that I know we have a netowrk in place to get the ball rolling. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Im looking forward to hearing from fellow supporters of Liberty, answering further questions about the details of this fundraising cause, and making a positive impact of giving our leaders the money they need to push forward against the establishment.

Lazzaro Tantalo

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