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How to contact delegates from the territories (DC, PR, American Samoa, etc.)

According to Rule 40, the outlying territories (DC, Puerto Rico, Am. Samoa, Guam, USVI, and Northern Mariana Islands) all count as states for the purpose of getting a candidate on the ballot. Therefore, if we work on flipping these delegates we may be able to improve our chances of getting Ron on the ballot even if the GOP establishment takes away our delegates in ME, OR and/or LA.

Here's a partial list of these delegates. If you have any names or contact information for any of the delegates I wasn't able to find, post it here! Remember, when trying to sway Romney or undecided delegates you should never be rude or do anything that might turn them off. Always be polite and hopefully we can win them over!

American Samoa:

-Dr. Victor T. Tofaeono (Chairman)
-Aumoeualogo T. J. Fuavai (Committeeman)
-Aumua Amata (Committeewoman)
Other delegates:
-Falema'o M. “Phil” Pili
-Su'a Carl Schuster
-Aofaga Mickey R. Salanoa
-Brandon Smart
-Salote Lutu Schuster
-Ali Pili.
-Bernadette Lafaele
-Sherry Ah Hing
-Va’a Tofaeono
-Natasha Ledoux
-J.R. Fa’aola
-Johnny Mapu

Puerto Rico superdelegates:
-Zori Fonalledas
-Luis Fortuno (he is Governor and has strong ties to Romney, so it may be very difficult to sway him)
-Carlos Mendez

US Virgin Islands delegates:
Note, according to Green Papers these delegates are pledged. Let's hope the lawsuit goes through and they get unbound! If not, they can always abstain on the 1st vote. All of them are currently pledged to Romney except for the one Paul supporter.
-April Newland
-Gwendolyn Brady
-Warren Bruce Cole
-John A. Clendenin
-Robert Max Schanfarber NOTE: He is already a Paul supporter. Maybe he can help us with convincing the other USVI delegates?
-Luis R. Martinez

Virgin Islands alternates:
-Joshua A. Schanfarber: Paul
-Humberto O'Neal: Uncommitted
-Geoffrey Wolfe: Paul
-George Blackhall: Uncommitted
-Dwain E. Ford: Gingrich
-Not sure who #6 is (there was a tie that needed to be broken, don't know who was eventually picked)

DC superdelegate:
-Betsy Werronen (not sure who the other two are, or who the elected delegates were)

Guam superdelegates (all currently support Romney):
-Jesus Torres
-Peter Ada
-Donna Jones

Northern Marianas superdelegates:
-Benigno R. Fitial (Governor)
-Bo Palacios (Committeeman)
-Viola Alepuyo (Committeewoman)

If you have any additional info, please share it below! Let's reach ALL these delegates; it's easy to overlook them since they're not from the 50 states, but their votes still count and we want them to feel welcome!

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Robert Max Schanfarber

Get him info on the Unbound Lawsuit and talk about how Paul won the popular vote (his only state) yet this was the only state that immediately went to delegate majority.

Jack Wagner