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Who Here Does Not Own A Gun? And Why ?

Lots of good threads on here about guns, ammo , etc.. However , there are a bunch of you who do not own any type of firearm at all.

My question is..WHY? OR WHY NOT?

I am sure many of you have your reasons..just thought I would ask what they are.

I know many of your are opposed to killing etc.. but ... what about self defense? or even hunting (if need be)?


I have no intent or interest in you listing your personal arsenal, etc. The purpose of this thread is to assist and perhaps educate non gun owners primarily. As well as to show some people ways they may overcome some of their hurdles to gun ownership, if they so desire it.

(of course if you wish to discuss different weapons you may own "someday" etc.. feel free!!)

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Too young to have had enough

Too young to have had enough time to make considerable savings(I'm 20, unemployed, but looking hard for work). Maybe when I get a job I'll get myself a pistol.

For your edification, here is

For your edification, here is the web site that describes the process for applying for a gun license in Nassau county, New York. Read it, follow the links, and weep.


Note that you must provide four character references unrelated to yourself or each other, all living in Nassau county, and all willing to sign a notarized form. You must provide fingerprints. You can then wait 6 months for the privilege of being able to defend yourself. (Although you can not list that as your reason for wanting a gun -- it must be for hunting or target shooting. There is no option of selecting "self defense".)

Anyone Wonder Why This Post Keep Going Every Day

Makes you wonder why people's guns are important to this poster.


look you damn smart ass.. I WILL TELL YOU WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and for various reasons some people don't. I wanted to know why.

Is it psychological? economical? is it government red tape? is it family? local laws? age?

For every problem there is a possible solution, and this thread is to help people find those solutions..either in their head/belief systems, or in their immediate surrounding , or even in their finances. Whatever the problem that's stopping them. Of all the people in this Nation I would want armed, it would be Daily Paul people. So ... hopefully it helps a few people out!

Safety First with firearms

A free man doesn't have to justify peaceful intent or action. The desire to own firearms is all the justification needed, but, for the record I own firearms, first of all to defend myself and my property and second, I love to shoot just for the fun of it.

For all of the liberal, anti-gun boneheads out there, we have avoided death camps in the U.S.A., BECAUSE, we are an armed people. The Nazis disarmed the Jews with gun control laws and look what it got the Jews. So back off.

If you are new to firearms and are interested in owning one, I strongly suggest that you take a firearms instruction course first. SAFETY is the number one concern when shooting or carrying a firearm. Novices handling firearms are like letting a child play with matches--not too bright.

There is no such thing as a firearm accident. Guns go off for one of two reasons, stupidity or intentional discharge, never, ever by accident.

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

Tell The Government On This Post

If Obama gets elected it will not be long that they will come to disarm you. IMO


This cracks me up!

The thread say's Who here DOSEN"T own a gun and why? Not who here owns a gun, and what is your address. LOL! Chill people.

"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry

There are hurdles that we need to develop a plan

to deal with before getting a gun. The hurdles are basically a kid who is very intelligent in a lot of ways but challenged in others and parents who can be a tad forgetful. Until we get a plan in place where we as the parents can trust ourselves to make the gun inaccessible to the smart, but obsessive kid, no exceptions, no procrastination, no "oh, we'll just put it on this high shelf for now" business, procrastination will be embraced in the form of not getting one yet.

Defend Liberty!

heres a possible solution!!

get whatever guns you want/need and ammo etc..

then get a cheap storage unit somewhere close to you home. (and you can get a safe or locker for them too if you want) store the gun/s ammo and any other items you dont want smart kid to get into .

problem solved. for now.

I don't like guns

I don't like guns personally(my friends do) but I do like a well armed society for my protection.The main reason I don't like to have guns is because of my kids.I do have a 80lb recurve bow though that my kids cannot draw.

I have friends

I have friends

Have A Non-Psychological Medical Condition

That precludes my ability to discharge one.

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Lol- non psychological so

Lol- non psychological so nobody thinks you're crazy? ;)

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Got diagnosed with the good old PTSD

as of recent Jdayh, good to hear from you by the way, had to hand them over but still feel pretty safe, if someone comes after me, I have just decided I will eat them. If the poop hits the fan I know how to get another. I think they may have put me on the no gun list now, but I am not sure. They did however diagnose me with PTSD. I hit a dull spot and could not seem to come up for any air. It used to be anxiety problems, could not sit still ever, and then it became not wanting to move. Oh well, I am the kind of guy you will want in your foxhole if it gets dirty out here. Keep kicking arse Jdayh, you always make the best topics, I know where you are leaning. You seem to be just perfectly twisted slightly, I would love to have you in my foxhole someday if needed as well.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Construction has been very

Construction has been very bad last 5 years. had to sell ALL my guns just to survive..



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Frankly I wouldn't trust myself with one.

Although I don't believe in legal restrictions on the mentally ill (or anyone) bearing arms, I am schizo-affective, and can occasionally exhibit uncontrollable paranoia (extremely rarely). I live in a rural area with very low crime rates, and I know there is a lot of gun ownership around here, so I feel safe.

Also, I don't really have the heart to kill anyone, even an attacker. We are, after all, supposed to "turn the other cheek."

I would, however, take up arms to defend against an external or internal threat, if that ever happens, assuming I could be useful doing so.

Had two old rifles that have been trashed.

Plan to get another very soon for safety. We live in an area with bears, wolverines, coyotes, wolves, and there was even a cougar seen around my area. I am out hauling wood all winter or in the garden all summer. Also a rifle is a useful deterrent to strangers with no good in mind.

If you live in the country the provincial police tell us it is our responsibility to protect ourselves and our property. They are not about to drive out here to protect us. Self defense is allowed. You need to take a training course and apply for a permit to own a gun.

Hand guns are not allowed in Canada. It works here, but the USA is now in the grip of tyranny; a president who signs executive orders that:
- allow people to be arrested without a warrant,
- detained indefinitely without a lawyer,
- and executed by presidential whim without a trial!

Surreal! Unbelievable, but true! How ever did America come to this?

Well, I don't own "A" gun.....

I have more than one! Reloading them one at a time takes too long!!

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sorry for mispost

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Are you crazy?

I had one of those little "cap" guns when I was just a "sprig" and that was good then, but I've grown up now and don't have a need to get one of those dangerous killing machine.
Guns are bad and only bad people own them, that's why when I go hiking in the woods I only take my cell phone for emergencies.
If a bear attacks I will call the authorities, If my family is threatened by the dregs of society, I will call the authorities. If a burglar comes in the middle of the night, I will call the authorities. They are trained and I would not want to hurt an innocent person...Don't you watch T.V.? and don't you remember what happened in Florida when that nice young man was just walking around in his neighborhood?
Only bad people own guns, Guns are BAD.
Heck NO, I would not want one if you tried to give it to me.

Tell me: "Two Dog F-ing, Why do you want to know?"

I seriously hope this is sarcasm.

If it is not, it should be.

guns and ammo are real money

Just like gold and silver. They are great non depreciating assets, which offer safety as a side benefit.

They can be used easily as collateral from any local pawn shop. Here in Texas, they are easy to sell at near retail and track inflation.

Appreciation can also happen, given whatever stupid law is passed, or stupid politician is elected.

Plus you get to enjoy whatever watered down second ammendment rights you still have.


i dont have one because i dont wanna be in the database. i'd have to drive 5 hours to buy one anonymously and even then i think its illegal cause im not a resident of that state, and it would be illegal to bring it across state lines anyway i think

Get a friend too buy one for you.

private sales don't require any registration (at least here in MN). Friend buys the gun from a retailer. You buy it from him and you wont be in any database

You'll think I'm stupid

but it's because they cost money. We just bought a house by the skin of our teeth. We just went for broke to go from renting for $900/mo to owning for $750/mo.

We really, really want to buy a shot gun, then a revolver, then a pistol, and then a rifle..in that order. The truth is, we're only just barely starting to earn some money again, and we expect to be armed starting within this next two months.

Also, for what it's worth, I've known first-time buyers to make bad purchase decisions. I want to make sure we research each purchase. Plus, a friend of mine does concealed-carry classes, and we'd kinda like to get through those first.

We want to be armed, but it's a purchase decision, and we have to be careful as with any other purchase decisions.

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Never bought a gun, but I support the right to do so

I do have a compound bow though. Oh BTW, this looks like a good close quarter personal defense weapon, LOL

The right to bear arms

inversely means that one has a right not to own one, for whatever reasons. Which really is nobody's business. If someone is truly afraid of guns, has no interest in them, or is a genuine pacifist, that's fine with me. Ownership of a firearm is not necessarily a mark of virtue.

Be careful with questions like these. It's the flip-side of anti-gun crowd asking "Why do you need so many guns?" Answer, "Because I can and I choose to do so."

Inalienable rights is about freedom to choose, not an obligation.

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Don't like them personally, but

would feel a lot safer if I knew everybody else had one (or might).

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Haven't got one yet

They absolutely terrify me, but I do plan on eventually getting a shot gun and then perhaps a rifle and a handgun. And besides any safety training and practice to feel comfortable using them, I would hope to put them away and never see them again.

At this point, I couldn't logically say that owning would protect my liberty:

- If govt operatives singled me out, some kind of shoot-out or stand-off would be lost and unsustainable
and probably suicidal.

- If things declined into a govt-vs.-citizen insurgent war, being able to participate in guerrilla tactics makes me a soldier on the run, not somebody with liberty.

As far as shooting prowlers or ducks, I don't see those as being at the core of the gun liberty issue, even though they may be dandy things to shoot and the govt policies on them might be wrong.

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