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Who Here Does Not Own A Gun? And Why ?

Lots of good threads on here about guns, ammo , etc.. However , there are a bunch of you who do not own any type of firearm at all.

My question is..WHY? OR WHY NOT?

I am sure many of you have your reasons..just thought I would ask what they are.

I know many of your are opposed to killing etc.. but ... what about self defense? or even hunting (if need be)?


I have no intent or interest in you listing your personal arsenal, etc. The purpose of this thread is to assist and perhaps educate non gun owners primarily. As well as to show some people ways they may overcome some of their hurdles to gun ownership, if they so desire it.

(of course if you wish to discuss different weapons you may own "someday" etc.. feel free!!)

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Don't worry.

I've found that one of the best ways to remove the "mysterious killing object" aura from a gun is to simply take it apart and look at how it works. When you boil it down, it's just a machine, not to be feared any more than a tractor or electric drill. I totally understand where you're coming from, as for a long time guns were rather mysterious to me, as well.

Having someone in your house with anger issues doesnt mix

Personally I would like to have a gun, but it was never safe because of others in the home that can't be trusted to be responsible.

I have

teenaged boys running in and out of my house. So I got me one of these. You can install them at the end of your kitchen island, next to your bed, on the inside of your car door, wherever.

boop-boop-beep-boop and bam it's in your hand.


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do you want to know, Jdayh? I would NEVER answer this question on a public or a private forum.

Surely you can understand that with all the SEEMING betrayal of late, at least some people would be hesitant to give out that information?

Here's my answer: It's my business and my business alone...as to whether I own a firearm/gun (or more than one).

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you asked the best question!! "why"

A couple reasons....

1-- There are many threads about guns. People having them, the best types, the best ammo etc.. However, no one ever really asks for the perspective of people who don't own one. Their reasons...(as you can see below) are extremely varied. Many of those reasons are completely valid. However , some of those reasons are based on lack of info, lack of confidence, or just plain fear of "the unknown". By asking this question, I hope to casually allow people to express their reasons, so others can learn and become a bit more educated.

2-- If people read this and are on the fence about getting some type of weapon, after they read some of the reasons as to why some people don't have one, they may actually decide to get (at least) one.

3-- I was curious as to what are the different roadblocks to gun ownership that exists around the country (if indeed there are any)

4-- and most importantly --TO GET PEOPLE TO THINK!!

(as some people have noted below, I have no interest in compiling a list of "non-gun-owners" nor do I think the government does either. They already have a list of "gun-owners" ...so by default they may assume the rest of the people don't own a gun. )

Also, as noted in the thread. I NEVER HAVE ASKED FOR GUN OWNERS TO LIST THEIR WEAPONS, NOR EVEN TO POST THAT THEY OWN ANY GUNS AT ALL!! The purposes of this thread have nothing to do with that.

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Every household should have at least one gun/person, IMO

That is an investment in anti-tyranny. These days "the cliff" is getting closer. Buying guns & ammo is similar to buying metals, the day will come when neither will be accessible at any price.

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I spent two years buying food and metals, and the last two years keeping that up to date and studying/acquiring firearms. I really think this is the funnest part. I'm pretty addicted to it. The Cabela's catalog comes and I'm glued.

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Bad Temper

I was trained as a child to shoot a riffle. I use to be damn good at it too. But as I got older..things happened....I have PTSD..(no..I never served)..and I have a very bad temper. I stopped shooting after I got really mad and shot a beer can out of someones hands..right before he took a drink.

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I still live with my parents

My parents are liberals haha...I schooled them on much but they still think they don't need a fire arm and I can't have one in their house. When i move out though, which is soon, i'm going to be packing! First one will be a simple rifle..

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who values "basic" liberties are going to need a gun soon to protect themselves from our non-representative form of "gubbermint..."

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I would like to state for the public record...

I do not own any firearms of any kind. *wink*



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The gov't took away my inalienable right to own firearms

or even ammo!
Check this out: Because I was indicted for "failure to file".(a misdemeaner) I was arrested, fingerprinted, mug shotted, place under US Marshall probation and told my 2nd amendment rights were revoked as well as my ability to travel outside the country. My wife was scheduled to have cancer treatment in Ecuador. The Marshalls have invaded my home several times to ensure we are in compliance. They made me open my safe. Still think you are Free? We haven't even gone to trial yet! We are assumed guilty of a crime and treated like criminals when there isn't even a law requiring me to file!
Our questioning tyanny resulted in the tyrannical demand that I ignore my inalienable 2nd amendment "rights". Does this right not exist to prevent such a demand?
Ron Paul would NOT have allowed this kind of shit to get so out of control.

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.

What did you

"fail to file"?

What degree misdemeanor did they charge you with? Based on what law?

a "tax return"

We cannot find the "law" we have "broken". It does not exist.

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.

are you fricking kidding me???

they "nailed" you with a "failure to file" an income tax return? And now you have had your constitutional right to own a weapon blocked/taken away?? WHAT LAW SAYS THEY CAN DO THAT?????? (please post a link if you have owe)

And just out of curiosity, can you own at the least a bb gun or a taser?

Oh, we SO wish this were a joke!!

Its as real as a living nightmare gets.
20 years of intense researchs proves: THERE IS NO LAW!
Read about the war powers act that Roosivelt implemented with the new deal and you will have more insight into the Constitution you DO NOT HAVE.
This aint the America you were indictrinated into beleiving in. Goebles tactics have been effective. Kept the sheople docile. Military preping for the inevitable wake-up.
They "say" we cannot possess anything with lethal force...What the hell? Are they gonna take my baseball bat? ... nothing would surprise me anymore

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.

this guy

is a either a gov troll trying to find out who has guns so they can put them in their database or a thief looking for marks


Jdayh has been here for decades.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

You do realize that most

You do realize that most honest people have their guns registered right? So the government would already know who has them.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Jdayh is straigh up

Hes a troll slayer not a troll...he's ok

For Freedom!
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No this guy is not a

No this guy is not a government troll. You have not been here long enough to know this person. I can vouch for him.

I can't afford one

at the moment. I'll most likely get one when I get out of college.

Was going to start my own gun thread tonight

I want an AR 15, put it on my birthday list. Anyone have good recommendations? I have the usual suspects, shotguns, rifles, glock, 38. I really want the AR, my husband says it's a lot of $$......
PS It's no secret, they know what we have. In fact, at this point, I want them to know what we have. We are on a different list.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut


Try Palmetto State Armory if you're going to build your own.

I've been happy with their stuff so far.

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You can build your own AR15.

You can build your own AR15. Go to gunbroker.com Buy your lower and the parts. You can find instructions on how to assemble. Buy your buttstock. then find a good upper. 1/9 twist barrel. Put on your aimpoint and you are ready to go. with the aimpoint total spent 1200.00

I think that's what I'll do

Having talked to a few other Ar guys, it looks like the best prospect.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

I got mine at a gunshow

fully assembled for just a bit more than that. Nice Smith and Wesson. AR15 is a great choice for the ladies. No kick and very accurate for long distance. I would have a pistol for carry if I were you also. A shotgun is best for home protection.

any semi

in the 223. caliber. That round is the most popular round that will be found on any battle field should you run out or need ammo. They are all good and they all jam. Colt would be the best choice for low end AR.

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Never seen a Ruger Mini-14 or 30 jam and they are around 1/3 the cost if you look around.

No I'm not going to discuss the finer points of Rugers over AR-15s because if they are good enough for law enforcement that's good enough for me and besides the are based on a proven model the M-14.

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