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Liberty Entrepreneur's Cool Project & Awesome Photoshop Job!

I started a small side-business last week selling chrome LOVE REVOLUTION car emblems to help pay for my student loan debt and to also help fund other liberty projects. So, to try to get my website and story publicized to our liberty-minded crowd, I've been putting my Photoshop skills to work!

Here's a high resolution version!

But getting an image to go viral on Facebook is pretty difficult when you don't have a following yet, you don't have product yet, you don't have capital, and not many people know who you are! I've been doing pretty good pre-selling since only being open a little over a week, but web traffic is hard to come by, and I don't want to spam the DP! If I can get a these first few orders in, I can get this project rolling! My web traffic to purchase rate is pretty high from what I've researched, but I just need more traffic!

Does anyone have any ideas for marketing my project? I really think once I can produce the first run, that people will want one. Plus, I think the Tea Party chrome car emblems will sell easily when I expand. Check out my website: www.RevolutionCarBadges.com

Here is my Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/revolutioncarbadges

Here is the first post I made on this topic here at the DP with additional information.

Thoughts? Would you buy one?

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Just one morning bump! :)

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!