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The most revolting attack ad ever.

This ad attacking Kurt Bills was endorsed by his opponent, David Carlson:


Gee, who knew that Ron Paul was a pro-slavery Nazi?

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HE WON!?!?

ROFLMAOROF!!!! Take that Carlson!

Kurt Bills wins big! Toss that crook Carlson out of the u.s.a

Kurt Bills wins big, here's three cheers for liberty's unending success across the nation. Now we need the same one to challenge John Boehner for speaker of the house.


Kurt Bills Wins!

The attack ad musta backfired. Kurt Bills has defeated Carlson by almost 20 points.

Sometimes the good guy wins.

Sometimes the good guy wins. Apparently the public had enough sense to see that that ad was so horrible that they couldn't vote for Carlson.