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RNC Delegate Badge Hijackers?

I am an RNC delegate. One of the delegate staffers in my state has added to our daily agenda that he will pass out the delegate badges at breakfast every morning. I infer that he will collect them every evening. Have delegates from other states or from previous conventions heard of this policy?

I have been told that it is customary for delegates to share their badges with alternates as a courtesy. In my state many of the delegates are Ron Paul supporters but almost none of the alternates are. How is this working in other states? I don't want to miss the chance to nominate Ron Paul because I don't have my badge.

Any advice from other delegates?

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Make a copy of original , and give copy to staffer !

Take the original out of plastic holder and put copy in plastic slot. Keep original hidden away. Always carry original with you somewhere but neatly . Do not fold. Use bathroom excuse to go change real with fake or make some such plan. If they catch you, apologize and do what they say. Find out where there is a copy place when you first get to Tampa. Make sure it is close to the RNC , but do not let anyone of GOP see you there. Badge hangs around neck. Maybe the Office supply places have extra plastic holders with attachment to hang around neck. OK, Pink Panther----GO !

On this we heard that

they like to keep the floor full for the cameras so if you wish to get up then you can arrange to trade with alternates "to allow them to experience the feeling of being seated on the floor". I take it there are speeches that go on for hours on end and you wouldn't skip out during the vote. Still. Keep your eyes and ears open.