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Unbound and loving it! My National Delegate speech!

We are now UNBOUND on the first ballot at the RNC. To celebrate I decided to post my speech from the 2012 Texas Republican convention. This is a recording of the speech I gave to become the 3rd delegate to the RNC for CD 33. Rise up and let us have the numbers in Tampa! Line the Streets! Be heard! Shout to the hills WE WILL NOT QUIT! WE WANT OUR FREEDOMS BACK! WE ARE RON PAUL! Thank you TMOT!


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If we could get judge Carter to rule before the convention then that would be good. But he would just be reinforcing what we already know and that is the Delegates can vote for who ever they please. If myself as a Delegate walks into that convention and I vote for who ever I want to then who is going to stop me? I can tell you no one is going to stop me.
We are out here hooping and hollering Gilbert. I don't need Gilbert to get me permission because I already have permission and that permission comes from me period. I am a delegate and hell will freeze completely over before I walk into that Convention and vote for Romney. I do not care if they threaten me. I do not care if they jail me. I do not care if my state has a flipping fit. So what? If any one and I mean any one thinks I have went through hell and will spend a ton of my own money to go to that convention to just play hush mouth then they have another thought coming. Every Delegate/Alternate has to have this attitude. It time to stop whining and with the what if's. Just carry your rear ends in there and do it. If they kick my vote out so what? That will better than giving it to Romney. Stop asking for permission because you do not need their permission. At the very least do it and throw the ball back into their court, make them break the rules once again. Ask your self this. Have you seen the Republican GOP or Romney ask for permission when they throw out our Delegates and commit voter fraud? So go ahead and play nice with this pack of wolves and then sit back and see what it gets you. All you will do is end up rubbing shoulders with a pack of hungover Republican big wigs and you will bring your rear end home beat.
One last thing. As much as I dislike Romney if he had been treated like Ron Paul by the Republican GOP I would be one of the first to come to his defense. That is the way I am. Fair is fair period.

I desperately want you to give that speech.

But how are you going to get the floor to do it before our delegation leader answers the roll call with Romney's name. The state rules say you will not be polled and the delegation will not caucus regarding who to nominate or vote for.


Will you...
Vote for Ron Paul even though your not bound to him?
Vote for the candidate you are bound to?

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin

i will

I will be voting for Ron Paul because I refuse to take Romney as a true republican.

If we wait too long we will surely perish!

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WOW ! Thank you... Fantastic

WOW ! Thank you... Fantastic REPUBLICAN stance !

If it's not sincerity and passion of yours in this speech, I don't know what could ever be !

You let yourself go, indeed...

Now, we've got to go fish for ears with this !

(I can't imagine someone in one's sane mind not getting more curious about such a speech's CONTENT)

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All Texas Delegates.....

If Texas really stands behind Ron Paul....they will do 2 things.

1) Motion from the floor as soon as possible that Governor Rick Perry, or anyone else, does NOT speak for them when it comes time to announcing vote tallies. The Delegates need to pick someone from among themselves...preferably a known Paul supporter....who will announce the ACTUAL votes made and NOT what the RNC/GOP party officials hands them to read.

2) No matter what...Texas Delegates who support Dr. Paul MUST vote for Dr. Paul on the first round.

And...dammit...wear your Ron Paul gear when you're there. The time for stealth is done. Being stealthy at the convention will only ensure the RNC/GOP can report any vote count they want and the media broadcasting the event will be none the wiser because no one watching will have any idea who is there for Romney and who is there for Paul.

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that's very close to me. great speech and glad you were voted in!

To all the Ron Paul Delegates..........

Give then Nazi Fu..kers hell in Tampa! Stand tall and fight for what is right tell them THAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT THEM TO HONOR THE CONSTITUTION! We want our FREEDOM and remind them what Jefferson said that the tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. We are Proud of you and stand tall in Tampa. Give them tyrants hell and take no sh.t!

In Liberty,
Matt Schutter
Jim Thorpe PA


Bump .

Great Speech!

While in Tampa, educate Romney delegates! Here's some ammo...


They need to understand they're voting for Obama with a new mask.

p.s. Please bump/share the linked post so others can find this info as well. Thanks.

just my Opinions

I know there are reasons why particular information is not being released and we all know what Im talking about. Seriously if this goes big who KNOWS what sneaky tricks The Establishment will try to pull. We need to chill out and keep Fighting!

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

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Does anyone have any updates

Does anyone have any updates on the Lawyers for Ron Paul case? Last I heard the lawyer resubmitted on about 8/10th. Has the judge said anything and if the judge doesn't come back before next week, what happens?

Richard Gilbert from the lawyers...

Commented today on his Facebook page that the judge gave a temporary opinion that is in our favor based on the historical law. However this is not a ruling and he is not sure if the judge with reconvene court before or after the convention to give a ruling. If the ruling is against the RNC they have the legal right to appeal and therefore the final judgement on the case could be months out unfortunately.

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I thought the lawyer was

I thought the lawyer was going to do something that was going to stop the RNC from being able to appeal. it was for the very reason to not let them stretch it out past the convention.
Also, if we win and they appeal, what happens at the convention?

For more information on the Gilbert case

For more current information on the Gilbert case go to...


Is that a joke or has the

Is that a joke or has the link been vandalized? That link leads to a page with a giant 403 and a bunch of pseudo-redacted text.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

No joke

DP pulled the publication.

If we wait too long we will surely perish!

Was there some release re:

Was there some release re: delegate binding that I missed? I assumed you guys would be unbound in Tampa.. just wanted to see if it's 100% confirmed before I..


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Don't run and scream yet. I

Don't run and scream yet. I don't believe this is what they meant. We don't what Judge Carter is going to do yet.

I found the comments from

I found the comments from Gilbert. I guess it's a good thing regardless, I just hope that a final ruling will be made before Tampa. It'd look seriously corrupt if Romney's lawyers could have the decision held until afterward.

Either way, positive thoughts.

totally based off a JFK

totally based off a JFK speech, awesome job.

WE cannot be excited about the news...

from the Lawyers for Ron Paul as of yet. According to Richard Gilbert this is a "temporary opinion" and that the judge has not giving his final ruling on this subject yet. And he does NOT know when the judge will reconvene in court to issue the ruling. It could still easily happen after the convention and the RNC will still have the right by law to appeal any ruling.

Really hoping for the final ruling but really shouldn't count on it as of yet as it is just a "temporary opinion".

Believe me when I tell you...

The OP is "bound" only to God, Family & Country. AND, in that order.

He WILL vote his conscious no matter who says what.

It's got nothing to do with that lawsuit.

Didn't you understand what this thread is about? Hint: It ain't about Richard Gilbert or his endless ramblings.

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Congrats and awesome job!

See you in Tampa!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Bump A+

***Stars and Stripes for exc delivery*** THANKS!

Let's stay sober and focused.

Let's not celebrate beforehand to avoid hard landing later.

Keep in mind that on the convention floor, you, as a delegate, may not have an individual voice right away. The state delegation leader or designated person will question you, then report to RNC. If RNC suspect something, they may replace delegates using dirty tricks.

I am sure RNC is now sitting with CIA experts who break elections in foreign countries for decades to borrow tricks. I am sure RNC is ready for actual voting rebellion. They may decide to "count" votes of the first round in a separate room or something ....

Not a joke folks. I remember

Not a joke folks. I remember posting about TWA800 endlessly with Rivero and others. And then they brought in the CIA to make a public tv simulation/cartoon about what "really" happened.

First airplane wreck in history to get the CIA team involved in distributing the official right version.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.


This made my heart skip a beat.

It is moments like this this where I am proud to be an American...to hear you patriots stand up for the people.


RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!


Guys and gals.. we might get some bumps along the way, but with 10 days to go we need to cut this negativity shit out, for the next 10 days anyone got some stupid negative comment must get voted out. After TAMPA poeple can chew Benton all they want. Right now we need to rally the troops and get Ron Paul to speak at the convention after being nominated, THAT IS OUR GOAL. nothing else matters. Peopel need to step up and start shutting the negativity down, 10 days to go for all our hard work.