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What's Happening with Iowa Ron Paul Delegates?

I was just listening to an earlier radio interview with Jim Condit Jr. of votefraud.org and watchthevote2012.com state, that Drew Ivers, the Iowa Campaign manager is pushing Ron Paul delegates to stay away from the 'unbound' status and vote Romney at the Convention. Is there any truth to this statement? I have heard Ivers has always been a sabatuer since the '08 campaign by failing to monitor the primary votes in Iowa in a sufficient manner, and hasn't stood strong for the Paul majority of delegates in Iowa in '12.

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I wouldn't be surprised. We all know Benton is a traitor to the Liberty movement and a supporter of Romney as he is suspected of double dipping and being on the Romney payroll. That's what Rove does. Double dips.

Keepin' it real.

I Heard That Broadcast too!

I listened into Reense tonight also and heard the same thing. Jim also stated that Jesse Benton was pushing the Mass. delegates to back off also! (My words).....

Could any of the delegates from Iowa and Mass. confirm for us please?