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What our real opposition thinks the government does for them.

I was reading from the Drudge Report about this story. The deli owner said he created his business. Well the article is about Romney, but the comments are... disturbing.

Look at this one. Let us have a free market exercise to debunk it.

"It's really arrogant of conservatives to think they built business.

GOVERNMENT built his business. The businessman is only the last element of a long line of activity that government did to create the business:

Government produces the monetary system so trade can even happen.

Government creates the roads so his employees can get to work and deliver goods.

Government builds schools so his employees can follow instructions.

Government has the police force so people don't rob his business.

Government makes sure his food supply isn't diseased.

Government makes sure his business receives power and running water.

Government has a military so his supplies don't run out.

Government probably even paid for his student and business loans!

Private industry does not build anything.

A socialist America is a better America!

Socialism is the reason business happens."

The entrepreneur means nothing. Only the state provides. The state is god. We are all insects compared to the lords in Washington, our benefactors. Society =/ Government



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It is really frightening

to me that there are actually people that can be that ignorant to facts and even worse, that this is the mindset that has currently taken up residence on Pennsylvania Ave.!

Can people really be this stupid?! When I come across people like this I like to remind them that the government itself has NOTHING that it hasn't first taken from somebody else, and more often than not, through the use of coersion and force. They produce nothing and every dime they have was taken from somebody who worked for it.

These people have it exactly backwards. If it were not for the entrepreneur who busted their arse to build their business, there would be NO tax revenues for the government to do anything! It is not the government who is responsible for the roads...it is the business owner who's revenues provided the tax money to do so, as well as the countless number of people who have jobs because of this business owner who also pay taxes to build roads.

History itself bears this out...when government was smaller and freedom and free entrerprise were appreciated and promoted, we experienced unprecedented economic growth in this country which resulted in us being the most prosperous nation in the world. What now has caused us to be the largest debtor nation in the world with an ever shrinking industrial base and unemployment off the charts...well in one word that would be government..socialist government to be exact.

Unregulated, over-reaching, over-bloated, unconstitutional government is the problem. Freedom, free markets and free enterprise are the solutuions! That can not happen until government is put back inside it's constitutional chains.


Whaddya trying to give me a heart attack?

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.
-George Orwell

here is a nice quote

"Thank God for government... without government there wouldn't be cajun food, or music, I mean it wasn't me working 7 years in a cubicle saving my money to start my other business, it wasn't learning how to make the software for textile machines, it wasn't any of that it was government, after all without government we wouldn't even have roads, before government we all had to float from place to place on rafts made of broken dreams."

John Jay Myers