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Mega Death Singer Says " Obama Staged Aroura Shooting"

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Speaking as a pedigree

Speaking as a pedigree metal-head, I can tell you honestly that while he's an amazing guitar player, he's also a nutcase. He's had a chip on his shoulder for 20 years over Metallica, and he's desperately trying to stay relevant in the industry.

Not agreeing or disagreeing with his point, just trying to provide some perspective for those who aren't familiar with this drama queen.

More people are seeing the truth.

I give him credit for speaking out; but of course he is misinformed about Ron Paul.

The media paints such a false picture of every event! Many of us sensed the mass shooting were staged Mk Ultra. The Empire is now being seen for what it is in the world; psychopathic in its greed for power, totally lacking integrity, with a willingness to go to any lengths to achieve what its wants, including mass murder.

Every empire that has tried to control the world has DIED because of GREED that led to over extending itself.

This Empire that has taken over the USA, that is using the American military to conquer the world, will also fall.

This Dude is no friend of Ron Paul...

He was on Alex Jones a while back talking about how
Ron Paul was "out there" with his ideas.

I bet the stuff that throws Dave

...about Rin Paul has to do with monetary policy and sound money. Let's invite hin to have dinner with Tom Woods!

Good for him!

The comment section over there is disheartening though. Sheeple need to wake up.

Deploy the truth teams!

Deploy the truth teams!

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.
-George Orwell

Dave Mustaine endorsed

Dave Mustaine endorsed Santorum, lol.

* Megadeth (sp)

and I think he'd be a 'front man'. Not sure you can classify what he does as 'singing' lol- but yeh- the list of official story doubters is growing for sure.