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Let Go of the Wheel

Broken home, distant family, voice leashed, loss of meaning
Clouds are forming, sea is storming, rain is pouring
Cold wind blowing, waves are rising, eyes are crying, spirit’s dying
Down in the pits, down on my wits, down in the rain, down with the pain

The Wheel…I take it…I assume it…I consume it
It’s mine don’t touch it, you’ll break it…It’s mine don’t touch it, you’ll break it
My heart is numb, my mind is dumb, my body grim, my soul is dim
The storms and strife have driven my life out of control
Upon my hands my skies have darkened and stricken my soul

Let Go…Let God…Let Go…Let God…Let Go…Let God

Lord, take this wheel from my weak hands
And turn this ship, return to land
Return my voice, return this man
Return to peace, return to you!
Calm the storms and heal my wounds

Now I stand on land of endless sand
Guided by a higher hand
The winds are calm, the sun is strong
Love’s all around, my voice is found

Now life has a whole new meaning!

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