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Hypothetical situation. Would appreciate input and/or answers

Let's say Romney wins the nomination. Between the time he's nominated and the election he's indicted for delegate fraud, but the case doesn't actually go to trial for some time. Obama is defeated in the election. Romney takes the Oath of Office, but is eventually convicted.

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Nothing will happen. It was

Nothing will happen. It was proven before Obama was sworn in that he wasn't eligible for the office. Courts ruled that it should have been dealt with during elections. Other courts ruled that they had to wait till he was elected to deal with it. Still others just bent the meaning of the law to suit Obama. In other words, everyone covered for him and no one did a thing. It would be exactly the same way with Romney. They are already covering for him by refusing to seat Ron Paul's delegates.

Our elections are simply theater to give you the illusion of choice.

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Who proved that Obama wasn't

Who proved that Obama wasn't eligible before he was sworn in?

So if I understand you

So if I understand you correctly there's no rule of law AND prosecution is dependent on how intimidating TPTB backing the administration are?

Once Romney is inaugurated

Once Romney is inaugurated I'm not sure the trial could go forward. My understanding of the law is that the President would have to be impeached by the House and convicted (removed from office)by the Senate before the criminal trial could move forward. After he was convicted by the Senate Ryan would become President.

Tampa is not over yet.

Discuss this AFTER Tampa, if there is a need.

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We do everything we can to help him get voted as speaker of the house somehow, so that he can be VP in that scenario.

It would be Paul Ryan

as president. If he is convicted after nomination, but before swearing in, I'm not sure who it would be.