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Soros says there is little difference between Obama and Romney

I've been challenged lately as to whether I should just cave and support Romney. He may not be perfect, but he's certainly a world of difference from Obama...


Soros' opinion is not something I generally have any respect for, but I found this... telling. Check out his comments on Romney vs. Obama early this year.



I also found this old video from around the same time on the same subject, but from someone I do highly respect (as do the rest of you I'm sure).



Whatever happens this election, I will sleep easy beneath my flag and before my God knowing I did not choose to squander the blessings of liberty in support the atrocities that these two represent.

Think I'm crazy and foolish if you want to, but still I plan on voting for Ron Paul.

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Photo evidence of Romney and Obama being the same!!


Here's the original DP post!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!



Here's a guy with more power than the president saying there will be hardly any difference between the two. And he's right; he is still a scum-sucking manipulator and killer of the innocent.